What sort of development model is this?


It is becoming increasingly difficult for the fisherfolk of Tanjung Tokong to go out fishing, thanks to the 760-acre land reclamation and property development project off Tanjung Tokong and the 130-acre reclamation project along Gurney Drive for another property development project and an eight-lane highway, with Gurney Wharf thrown in.

So, much of our fish has to be imported – and this in a state that is almost surrounded by the sea.

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And this is what’s left of the Runnymede property, the area where Stamford Raffles once lived:

Photograph: George Town Heritage Action
Photograph: George Town Heritage Action

The photo below is from a Teluk Bahang hill-top, taken from a Star report:

Teluk Bahang hill-top - Photograph: The Star
Teluk Bahang hill-top – Photograph: The Star

And what’s happening to the trees here along Lebuhraya Thean Teik (near the Caltex and MacDonald’s, parallel to the police quarters)?

Botak trees - Photograph: A concerned resident of Paya Terubong
Botak trees – Photograph: A concerned resident of Paya Terubong

The photo below shows a hill-slope near Jalan Chan Siew Teong in Tanjung Bungah, where almost half the road appears to have given way. What do you think is the gradient of that slope? I thought they are not supposed to mess with slopes with a gradient of more than 25 degrees?

A hill-slope road under construction appears to have partially collapsed - Photograph: A concerned Tanjung Bungah resident
A hill-slope road under construction appears to have partially collapsed – Photograph: A concerned Tanjung Bungah resident

And check out this botak hill on the mainland, somewhere not far from Juru. What’s going on there?

A botak hill near Juru
A botak hill near Juru

I am just showcasing a smattering of what is happening with our natural and built heritage. (I haven’t included in this post the original Botak Hill, the Paya Terubong hill-cutting, all the other hill-clearings you can see and the impending massive land reclamation off southern Penang Island.)

As you can see, what is happening affects the land, the sea, the hills. It is not as if the population of Penang is increasing rapidly and there is a great demand for more land to be cleared. So what is driving all this?

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I am highlighting what’s going on in Penang because this is where I am, but you can see the same thing happening in many other parts of Malaysia, including the BN-ruled states.

Perhaps there is a philosophical or metaphysical angle to all this. Where do we see ourselves in the larger scheme of things? Are we called to subjugate Nature or live in harmony with it? Have we lost our balance?

This is not being anti-development. The question is, what sort of development do we want? And development for whom? Who profits financially and who bears the social and environmental costs?

Is the solution political change or does the change first begin with how we view ‘development’ and what kind of development model we want? 

Do we want a development model that is in harmony with the environment and tries to keep the ecological balance or do we want a model that allows corporations and others to trample all over it?

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  1. Is fishing environmental friendly? over 70% of the world’s fish species are either fully exploited or depleted. even the cockles are depleted and smaller in size because of over-harvesting of cockles.

  2. There are many reasons and requirements house sell or dont sell. The market forces proven to us that the nation’s economy structure is not suitable to support everyone or cannot be equal to everyone. Same or sama sama everywhere in the world, not just happening in Penang or Malaysia. There will always be unhappy and unfulfilled citizens. If we say price of house increase to the point of uncomfortable level then what about food, transportation and etc.. These are also essentials for life and living to happen. Everything increase and it is not just because of housing developer or distributor or retailer greedy of profit. It is supply and demand issues. The only way out is to double our effort to chase after the inflation rate. For me the one thing i notice which is still affordable or do not increase that much is beer and stout. Beer and stout used to be for the privileged but now “everyone can drink”. A bowl of fish porridge cost more than a small bottle of beer. Can called it upside-down or inside-out but this is happening. The point is if want to compare and complain then there are millions of things to compare and complain.

  3. Push for affordable housing
    According to Rehda’s Property Industry Survey, a total of 1,022 units of low-cost units with a built-up area of 650 sq ft priced between RM35,000 and RM42,000 were launched in the first half of this year. None of them were sold. A year ago, 650 units were launched, of which 450 units were sold.

    “People don’t live in low-cost homes because the don’t want to be associated with them. If they can afford it, they would prefer to purchase something bigger,” he says.

    My Questions: Why not take up of low cost units launched this year? Very stranger than paranormal houses indeed!!!
    Is it because the target buyers were not informed or is it not a state initiative to select from a ready list of genuine & qualified applicants (of low cost units) to help them buy these low-cost houses?
    Of course, those whose household salaries are way above the low-cost units application condition are not qualified for low-cost unit, even if they wanted to buy.
    Mind you, low-cost units with a built-up area of 650 sq ft priced between RM35,000 and RM42,000 are to many (including the middle income), heaven sent!
    My suspicion is REDHA is trying to put up a false scenario for low-cost units so as not to build them in the future.

    Go ask any middle-income fella would he buy one priced Rm35K to Rm42K, most likely you will get an immediate response: “Where got? Are you kidding me???”

    • Well, depends on the location too. If in the middle of nowhere with poor public transport or faraway from jobs…

      • Rehda is trying to tell you indirectly that please do not expect cheap and good, or in pasar term cheap and fresh when buying fish. Rehda is giving excuses on behalf of developers that prime location has premium pricing. Ironically lower income folks have to buy cars on top of their affordable homes due to the inconvenience of public transportation and their ‘ulu’ location, as Anil as pointed out.

      • Snake oil and pasar Malam trader thinks and wants everything cheap cheap. Go and wait for the durian to fall.

      • Ringgit dropped, airport tax went up.
        More drama next year?
        What do you think the 2017 budget going to be? Sweeteners ahead of next GE?

  4. …..love it …when the people on the receiving end ask that question of those who plan and study urban development! <3 Go Penangites …get inlvoved in your state's development!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Helen.
      Some of us Penangites have seen the unpalatable since 308 (March, 2008 Election Euphoria ala DAP).
      Instead of the Rainbow UBAH as promised for the better, we witness one after another unbelievable development by CAT, headed by Niao Kong (male arrogant cat entity) that can turn the stomach upside down.
      Swap deals, unpalatable as they are for selling state lands in exchange for unchecked development, are justified in the perennial blame game against the Feds for pittance of development fund, so to speak for swap deals. In the course of such deals, environmental damages & lop-sided property development of high-end properties are the norms of CAT pursuit of Cosmopolitan Penang vision. A vision that benefits only the haves (the rich & wealthy) & that leads to social engineering of bo bin-chui Penangites to other places such as Sg Petani, a district of Kedah. Also alarming is the whole scale buy up of prewar houses by Singlanders in the hundreds which will forever change the socio-economic landscape of Penang. That CAT gomen has betrayed Penangites of a better future. Instead we Penangites now have to figure out a way to survive, forget about thrive.

      That Rainbow UBAH is just an illusion that equals to a snake oil salesman’s sleight of the hands (or more precisely paws) dip in slippery snake oil marketed by Developers Association of Penang (DAP).

      • Willing selling and buyers even in swap land. If state has land but no money, the land will be sitting there. It is like tun lang has a lot of money in normal bank account earning almost zero interest. So who benefit with tun Lang’s money in the bank? It is the bank. So why voters like tun lang want to vote a Gomen doing nothing when they have physical assets and no money? Anyway tun lang can be rich but not generous to lent to Gomen. But not all are investors. There are a few who dares win. They are willing to buy. With money, now Gomen can do more social benefits. In West, there are libraries in every district. Senior citizens on low pension and income are given subsided utilities bill. Even low quit land. But state Gomen get paid from federal Gomen as tun lang and all pg lang pays income tax, gst to federal Gomen.

    • No one is above law and this includes pg Gomen. Why not bark over and over again? Pg forum and other Ngos can go and Sue pg Gomen like setting letter to UNESCO. Tun lang contributes here and can contributes to court case against pg Gomen or developers. Tun lang can even take the witness stand. If no action, means tun lang is little .. and tries to roar.

  5. Anil, If you have a place to stay please wish that others have the same. Population increase so does building of new homes. It is a need not a luxury or unnecessary. Land developers are not stupid, if there are no needs they would not build. Dont sit at a nice comfortable place then write negative or political comments about Govt, new buildings and botak hills. Go out and start encouraging and promoting for every PG people to plant trees and recycle. If you are genuine go do the job of planting trees, dont just talk (write), complain and compare. You are not known to work on the subject that you write about. Paid political comments are not needed.

    • Paid political comments? The only contributions are from members of the public.

      The key question is, are the developers building homes that the average people can afford? No need for me to answer. Please go around and ask people on the street.

      • private developers are businessmen. even glc like sime properties wants to make profits. developers have to try to meet all kinds of demands imposed by tun lang. tun lang has to bark but developers and engineers have to stand in the hot and do the work. shareholders want to have a good return in their investment. is ngo going to help them when they are getting old and their savings eaten by bn’s inflation? can their epf cover them? instead you should press bn federal gomen for better senior citizens’ social benefits like transport, free admission to public places or even doles.

      • some public housing are like ghettos and residents dont pay their maintence like in kl non bumi in bangsar. instead they rent out to foreigners 3 or 4 times the rent with dirty.dozen living in a unit. how to perfect the world?

      • Yes you earn a living by writing (paid writing). When they cannot afford to buy home like yours or earn like you is the one of the reasons they have to buy houses that are build outside mature town or area that land is cheaper which usually are hilly or need to cut trees. If you keep saying all development must be eco-friendly or sustainable or build on flat nice land or no cutting of trees and hill then houses will be even more expensive. The increase price of house is not because of developers profit only. It is also because of increase of cost of labour, material and land and for that you have to ask the Fed. Govt the reasons. If you have nice flat land would you sell it cheap?

        There are multi-reasons for house/home price to increase and are you barking at the right tree? People on the street cannot afford to own house is because of the country economy, wages structure and mind-set. There are people that earn enough but they dont declare so they dont have the necessary document to justify their loan and if they buy cash then Income Tax Dept will come after them.

        If you know business or doing business, developer would prefer to build and sell affordable homes if it can be done. It will be easier and faster to sell meaning better cash-flow but conditions do not allow them to do it. Every businesses like profit but beautiful cash-flow is very important too.

        Anyway if people expecting Govt to provide cheaper home and other services then frustration and disappointment is a sure thing. The same everywhere in this world, Govt cannot fulfill everyone expectation and take care of everyone needs. It is up to individuals to take care of themselves. If you want to be a good and forward looking activist then stop comparing and complaining instead start programs that can help those in need of help to buy homes. Or (joking only) use your money to buy for them or be a loan guarantor for them.

        Just an opinion and no intention to hurt anyone.

      • Ngo can make noise but they need not to solve the problems. Like transport and public housing woes. Gomen can close an eye on these issue? Gomen needs money but all taxes, gst, income tax are given to federal Gomen and distribute to the state and state are getting peanuts as compare to pm department and number of ministers in pm department. further much land belongs to the state?

      • Yes state get peanuts. Taxes go to Fed. Govt. and then half got loss into some connected person’s pocket. Barking at wrong tree is favorite pass-time for many people.

      • Barking is one thing, some frustrated ones even … on the tree to leave the stench to make their point.

      • If Penang state start selling assets to Singapore, what’s your say?
        If it decides, 250ft limit to hill development is obsolete & continues more botak-ing, still keep quiet?
        If Money is still not Enough, decides to raise Assessment Rates, Quit Rents plus Water Rates, sing along with Komtar Garfield?
        If it wants to do anything, not for the people, deposit your vote for life?
        More ifs than it is unpalatable now.
        If want UBAH in Putrajaya, UBAH from the inside out first, i.e. UBAH whatever are unpalatable in Pakatan Rakyat or more precisely DAP.
        Popular sentiments won’t work in politics. Much less worshipping.

        The Georgie Bushie mantra of “You’re either with us, or against us” is outdated & Absolute Vodka Moronic.
        See what has happened to Iraq since the end of the last Iraqi War – absolute anarchy!

      • Not everyone is botak and if you are botak we are not going to blame you for botakness. Likewise if hills are botak why so concern to those in heritage area as one get used to botak head men sound the city. But traffic jams affect everyone wasting time and affected by smog. They do not have boundaries like botak hills but smog and car pollution affect everyone through smog and pollution. Where are the priority

      • Is it the responsibility of the government to build affordable homes, or to provide good education and to create good paying jobs so that people can afford the houses at market price?

  6. Penangites find it tough to own a house

    GEORGE TOWN: For some time now, housing has been the bane of Penangites.

    They find houses in the state getting more expensive to purchase or rent, while affordable housing projects are hard to come by. To purchase one, potential buyers need to wait in line and to follow the criteria set by the state government.

    The criteria are that the potential purchaser must be a registered voter in Penang, has resided in Penang for at least five years from the date of application, holds a bachelor’s degree or diploma, has a minimum two years’ work experience to fit in the talent and skilled category or be a Penang-born working in the state.

    While Penangites are made to wait in line to purchase an affordable house in the state and have to meet the requirements set, little do they know that 30 per cent of the affordable housing units are sold in the open market at slightly higher prices. Last year, the state government through its executive councillor overseeing Housing and Town and Country Planning, Jagdeep Singh Deo announced the measures following the high loan rejection rates by banks from potential house buyers.

    “Many new affordable housing projects could not take off due to less than the minimum 60 per cent take-up of the units, so we need to do something to stimulate the market,” he had said.

    According to a source in the property business who wished to be known only as Tan, a project could not kick off if the purchase rate was lower than 30 per cent but the opening at 30 per cent is actually a double-edged sword.

    “Developers cannot start the project if the take-up rate is not at least 30 per cent and the step is taken to encourage sales. But indirectly, the people who are waiting in line will have to wait longer because the 30 per cent have been sold in the open market,” he said.

    According to Penang Property Talk, a website that announces any latest update on the property market in the state, affordable housing units are sold in the open market at 10 per cent above the controlled price in the South-West district, and the entire mainland (north, south and central Seberang Perai).

    Meanwhile, in the North-East district which covers the city centre, the price of affordable housing is at 20 per cent higher than the original price.

    The purchaser of a housing unit sold in the open market must be a Penang- registered voter and the purchased unit cannot be sold within five years of the vacant possession date, and the buyer can only purchase one affordable unit.

    However, checks at several affordable housing units across the state have shown that one purchaser could buy three units and are currently being rented out despite being warned not to by the state government.

    However, the bigger question that arises is that, if the loan rejection rate for affordable housing is high, why is high-end property development booming across the state?

    High-end projects are seen to be approved across the state even if they are located in packed areas or on hillslopes above 250 feet.

    The majority of the high-end properties have been sold at above RM1 million and Penangites are left wondering the houses were built for whom.

    As the property market has dampened for many reasons, the sale of houses priced above RM500,000 has dropped drastically.

    According to the National Property Information Centre (Napic) statistics, out of 5,334 units of housing, 1,218 remain unsold and 1,040 of them are high-end units.

    Among the Penangites who question the approval for high-end property development is project planner and property surveyor, Siti Haslina Harun, 46.

    “Currently, there are too many high-end properties in the state such as in Batu Maung, Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bungah, Bukit Jambul, Paya Terubung, the city centre and many more,” she said.

    Siti Haslina said the state needed to control the approval for high-end property development as there was already an abundance of such projects and many units were left unsold.

    “Penangites, especially the young generation, are losing the opportunity to own a house. Land here is getting scarce and the prices are spiralling,” she lamented.

    Another Penangite, Han Khar Key, 38, said he was worried that his children would not be able to buy a house in future.

    “Houses are getting more and more expensive here and the worst part is that hills are being cleared to make way for high end-property development. What will happen to the next generation of Penangites?” he said. –Bernama

    © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

    Note To DAP: It’s high tike to do something for Penangites, otherwise you will lose (miserably) more votes in the soon coming GE.
    Expecting: More Knee-Jerking comments from those enamoured of we know who.

    • For retiring Island Penangites, recommend you to move to Sungai Petani. You can come to visit your families or friends on the island via the KTM electric train departing every hour punctuality.

      If the ferry service can be ad predictable and efficient, working people can daily shuttle by train to work in the island. No need cars as KTM fare very affordable and can take free Rapid if you happen to work in heritage area.

      Seeing is believing. S Petani a nice cozy (not costly) township with food quality that rival Penang at cheaper menu prices.

      If not, continue to be haunted by niaokong for some who insist die die must live on the island.

      I am not a fan of DAP or Gerakan or MCA or UMNO etc.
      Politics divide people.

      • too many interchanges. you have to be 10 min early to catch train to bw. 10 min early to catch ferry and 10 to catch bus. so 1/2 hour waste. how about travelling time and caught in jam. if ferry dont wait your boss will not wait then one gets fried sotong. too many dependencies. that is where the tunnel helps. sp express bus straight to komtar or sia boey

      • Tun lang says wait, houses prices will drop. So listen to him. He is an old man and gone through slumps. he has no worries maybe he has many properties when he buys when property prices are down in his time.

      • Price mechanism of properties is an up & down swing according to market sentiments without surrealism.
        When developers can increase prices of houses, even to the point of surrealism, DO EXPECT the prices to come down some days.
        It is no exception to the Law of Gravity. What goes up must come down (eventually).

      • You have been peeping at times square condons for two years and no change in no of house lights. Has the price been dropping to basement value?

      • Times Square is slowly but surely becoming choice airBnB destination for those travelers to save costs.

      • Rehda will tell you construction materials and wages have gone up, so do not expect prices of houses to go down.

      • Price may stay the same but you may get inferior ingredients. Also check the volume or weight as they could have been reduced although no change in price. Small packet milk used to be 250ml, now only 200ml although price no change. Also roti canai has shrunk in diameter and thickness, although price no change.

    National House Buyers’ Association (HBA) Secretary-General Chang Kim Loong says the government must put a stop to developers calling the shots and dictating prices.

    PETALING JAYA: If the government can control the prices of rice, sugar, cooking oil and other daily essentials, it should also be able to control prices of houses.
    In stating so, National House Buyers’ Association (HBA) Secretary-General Chang Kim Loong pointed out that as it stands, the prices of raw materials such as cement, sand and steel were regulated by the government.
    The fees of architects, lawyers, engineers and surveyors were also regulated and processing fees standardised, he noted.
    The price of a piece of land, Chang claimed, could also be set by the Finance Ministry’s Property and Valuation Department.
    “If the pricing for so many items and services can be regulated, there is no excuse not to regulate certain sectors of the housing industry which affect the majority of the nation.
    “If engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, skilled workers, foreign labourers and building materials can be regulated, why not developers?”
    Chang was responding to a statement by Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Noh Omar on Sept 11 that Putrajaya was mulling price control over houses under the government’s national housing policy.
    Noh said under the current policy, the government could only control the price of low-cost houses — those costing not more than RM42,000 and 600 sq ft in area.
    Price controls, he argued, might be necessary to allow people, especially the middle- and lower-income groups, to own their own homes.
    Chang went on to suggest that the government cap the profit margins of property developers constructing “affordable” houses.
    This would lead to a price reduction by those involved in the building of such homes, including sub-contractors, suppliers and vendors, he said.
    Chang predicted the prices of houses, for instance a terrace house in Cheras priced around RM750,000, could go down significantly to about RM350,000 to RM400,000.
    “The government should seek suggestions of quantity surveyors who know the housing industry well.”
    Chang lamented that for many years, industry players had been calling the shots and dictating prices and profits.
    “It is worsened by speculators who snap up properties put up for sale and deprive genuine house buyers, especially the low- and middle-income earners, from owning their first home.”
    He said the association had warned the government on many occasions that property prices were beyond the reach of the majority, resulting in many young adults not being able to own a home.

    • Property developers will definitely lend to housebuyers at at least 12% for secured loans or 18% for unsecured loans, because they would need to borrow money from banks. TA Research believes the proposal was not an effective initiative to improve home ownership among low to middle income groups.

      TA Analysts Thiam Chiann Wen said: “Based on our analysis, a buyer will need to pay 138 per cent more in monthly installments if he or she takes up a developer’s 35-year loan that offers 100 per cent financing at 12 per cent interest rate, compared to conventional banks’ 35-year loan at 4.5 per cent after paying a 10 per cent downpayment.”

      The problem lies in banks refusing to approve loans. Borrowing at high interest rate of 12% or 18% is not the solution but will instead create more problems. If housebuyers have difficulty paying up at bank interest rates of 4.5% to 6%, they will go bankrupt and their homes sold within a year by borrowing from property developer. Instead of stopping such an irresponsible and illogical loan lending scheme, BN is still willing to risk becoming a Ah-Long” society by considering this.

  8. iProperty.com’s Home & Property Fair heads up north to Queensbay Mall, Penang from September 29th – October 3rd 2016. Highlights of the five day event include new and upcoming developments by prominent developers across the region.

      • Do you know majority of Malaysians cannot what properties are built & sold?
        This is the reality of the situation.
        You may be rich, but pls have human empathy for others.
        Note: Housing is a social need, not so much or solely a speculative commodity or even worst, a cartel priced product.

  9. Congrats penang voters. You get what you wished for. Oh you didn’t wish for this? Tough luck then. I’m sure you’ll vote DAP again then whine about it all over again. Padan muka

    • no they will vote gilakan and bn back in power. talk much sent then to kamunting resort enjoy kopi kau kau.

  10. Property speculators partly to be blamed for this.
    i) Trees have to give way to development projects;
    ii) Drive up property prices to an affordable level; and
    iii) Create ghost condo blocks when construction of condo completed
    iv) Over-speculation and overheating in the property sector may cause financial crisis as speculators are likely to be highly geared.

    Speculators, please think of our environment and future generations

    • penang only? penang world city? your relatives in china are buying everywhere. sydney and melbourne propertie double in few years as chinese are paying in CASH.

    • I still saw Times Square condos less than half the number lit at night as I passed by Jalan Gurdwara in Rapid Penang.
      This was exactly 2 years ago.
      Wondering how those speculators could manage without any turnaround.

      • If they lose money, did they ask you, rakyat or pg Gomen for money? If they make money, they paid tax to bn federal Gomen and hopefully trickle down to tun lang and pg lang

    • No buyers no sellers. You want to zoology or archeology in uni? Friend was send to study zoology in local uni which is none of his choice.

  11. Meanwhile, it is good to benchmark how Singapore is developing its new Tengah HDB Township:

    The 700ha town will be bordered by a forest fringe, include a 5km forest corridor and a 20ha Central Park and feature community farmways with gardens, farms and more. There will also be a car-free town centre set in a park with traffic running underneath instead. And all roads in Tengah will have walking and biking paths on both sides.



      • 90% of Singaporeans live in HDB, paid with their CPF. HDB is a success story that most Malaysian politicians dare not acknowledge.

    • Some people will get “sensitive” if you compare us to Singapore. Beginning with a “senior statesman” now claiming to be in the opposition.

      On a more serious note, this excellent article covers many aspects of “development”, as it should. This is just one state that we know of. Don’t imagine it is not worse elsewhere. Greed is limitless. In Brazil, they have managed to destroy so much of the world’s largest forest that the atmospheric currents of moisture above it – needed for the wet season, glaciers, etc. – are almost gone.

      As to the question “what model of development”, it is the “cepat kaya” model. After all, how much “donation” can a politician expect from helping a shopkeeper, fisherman or farmer? Max RM 100? It will go to the party, not enough for “discretionary” expenses – even a gathering to emphasise his importance.

      • With people like you, there is no hope on earth.
        No courage but to flow with the flow of greed & excesses.
        Using money to corrupt the world from politicians, religious figures to anything just to trample others in the name of self-interest.
        Hope in a moment of silence, you can reflect indoor soul what you have done for humankind other than to flow with the money>greed>power insanity.
        I am not talking of your reality which sucks, but to help you reflect the present state of society.
        No need to compare with or covert other nations but to have a meditative mind of reflection.
        If you are to reborn again, I wish you good luck as a poor family child.

      • Reality of comment may hurt some who may be in denial of deeper consequences of “cepat kaya” whether in politics or business.
        We are all here temporarily. Not for “cepat kaya”.

      • You can’t seem to read what’s the implication of Lee Shien Loong fainting after he wished 3 things from God in public.
        In the spiritual context, there must be something foreboding or a caution to this leader.
        I won’t judge what he has done, but I am sure the Law of Karma is consistent regardless of who.

      • You are behind time. Read his father’s singland don’t depend on tun lang and one man show. Karma for a person living up to 91 years. Your kama much better? over a century?

      • Instead of repeating the grouses over and over, we never hear the solution. Tun lang cannot tell us. Can’t you? What is the solution then?

      • You are a confirmed Troll…
        Worst…, you spew incoherence just to satisfy your empty brain by parroting anything just for a spin.]
        My advice: don’t waste reading space.

  12. Penang is all about condos n developers but can’t b sustained without focusing on income fr industry. Worse is dey r killing some

  13. Penang is all about condos n developers but can’t b sustained without focusing on income fr industry. Worse is dey r killing some

  14. All those words here count for nothing if the commentators reluctant to show up at next Green Clean official event yo voice out their concerns.

    A proactive measure is to get the state government to plant more trees right next to every new concrete development created. Can get locals to adopt the trees by putting eforts to care for them if not to physically plant them.

    I am sure those got bin chui Penangites dont mind sponsoring giant tualang (not tunglang typo so dont be mistaken) trees species from our rainforest national parks.

    • Pls plant your first tree(?) & post it here with selfie. Can or not???
      Cakap tanpa buat sendiri tak kan mask åkål orang lain!

    • Have you been to our Malaysian rainforest to truly appreciate Nature’s wonders & understand sustainable living of the Orang Asli?
      Talking green here, green there is just that – without true x-perience of what Nature is all about & its potentials.
      If you just read about them in the internet, I suggest you go to our National Park (Teluk Bahang) for a start.
      Go out & x-perience Nature & you may write better comments.

      • Anil, tun lang has rights and freedom of speech but others are banned? Tun lang talk so much if that place then better for him to stay put there. He can insult others but we can’t. I just saying since he speaks so great another the place, then he find peace there rather we hear grumbling and negative ions . So green that he can built tree top house.

      • Guys, focus on the topic.

        Pls refrain from insulting each other. Those comments will be deleted. Pls try and add value when commenting.

      • He is just another old man grumbles. By right we should look up to him for his vast experience and wisdom, instead he throw tandams around. Very disappointed.

      • I think one of the issues is a poor understanding of English. Look at the response to my comment above.

      • Anil, is it OK for a troll to ‘piggy back’ on others’ comments?
        Trolling for no other purpose than to criticise & create incoherent noises wasting reading spaces?
        You decide.

      • Targets for global warming has been decided in Paris last year. You are against what is agreed? Then go and tell your relatives in China to live like days of Mao tse tung. Chinaman must use bicycles but tun lang and Yankees can use 4w drives and cars. Go and tell bn federal Gomen who signed the agreement on Penang Lang’s behalf if Malaysia and not pg breaks the agreement.

      • Anil, you are the owner here and please remove the “reply” if you do not want further replies. If you do not remove then we are not trolls. Tun lang does not understand English. It is too difficult for him. There is a “report comment” he does not understand or does not know how to use it?

      • The “reply” is for people to add meaningful and thoughtful comments and responses related to the topic of the post – not to have a running battle with each other with no further insights into the post.

      • Anil, thank you.
        Anyway, I will not report any comment as I am not like some kia su bent on killing of free speech against CAT, DAP or Lim Guan Eng.
        But I allow a particular type of comment to fester until it will eventually show its intention as to who is the troll.

        Also, Anil. Is it mandatory for every single comment to give a suggestion / solution, even if it is a mere expression of exasperation e.g. the Botak Hill fiasco? Some are technical in nature beyond our layman sans expertise.

        Like it or not, I will still comment in line with anilnetto.com purpose.

      • No need to give solutions all the time … just share thoughts and feelings about the subject.

      • Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to Anil!
        Clarification for all including the kia su, worshipping supporters & knee jerks.

      • When people disagree you call them trolls as if you have the only rights to speak and no democratic rights for others to comment back. You can show your feeling but since you make the statements, you mean you want others to accept them blindly? If there are problems which everyone us aware and need not to be like Polly patriot to repeat, we would like to hear practical solutions. Like trams, is one solution but readers do not think trams are ideal. Damien talk about storm braining but never from tun lang.

    • Tualang Tree species are among the tallest trees in the world, and also one of the most prominent trees in the tropical rainforests.
      It is suitable for parks, forest reserves & farmlands where bee honey cultivation is pursued.
      NOT a good idea to plant such humongous trees in urban settings with their huge outspreading above ground trunk-root extensions.
      (Go see one of these trees in Pg Botanic Gardens @ narrow entrance to Lily Pond).

  15. What sort of development model is this?
    A Makeover of Penang for the rich & famous, a slow death kneel for those fishing in the way of privatised coastal seas.
    Never mind that the (all too apparent) dangers are there, but Money to be Made is 1st Commandment of Cosmopolitan Penang Frenzied.
    Greener & Cleaner Penang, My Foot! A Bluff without blinking of CAT’s Eyes.
    Short lived for the 10+ trees along Jalan Thean Teik. Hills with no 9-lives to hope for.

    Insidious development in George Town:
    Drives away Penangites from the core of George Town in the name of Cosmopolitan Penang.
    Drives away small local businesses, hawkers & kopitiams so more cafes, restaurants & slippery up market establishments can be seen as Penang’s measure of ‘success’.

    To cap it all: Unprecedented Social & Environmental Engineering of Penang in the 21st Century since circa March 2008.

    • How many gen y is looking after kopi tiams as boss? Why kopi tiams owners employ Burmese, indon and Burmese workers with permit issued by gilakan minister in bn gomen? You expect Don’s and grandsons to eat in kopi tiams of go big Macs and finger licking good.

  16. We are moving fast towards the Hongkong Model, where only one crop of greenery is left. But it will be climate calamity basing on the intense hot temperature of Malaysia as compared to that of Hongkong’s placement on semi-temperate latitude. But do they cares?

  17. The disappearing trees along Lebuhraya Thean Teak :
    First they brought in the huge concrete pipes.
    Then they cut all the branches till what’s left of the main tree trunks.
    Then they barricaded the road sides.
    Which took more than a week or two.
    And finally, one by one (of more than 10 trees) they terminated the lives of these once cooling trees from the surface of Farlim.

    Greener & Cleaner Penang?

    • Yeah, absolute madness.
      But the CAT / Niao Kong minion’s caveat: All comments must come with suggestions! Esp. for those who speaks against CAT.
      Insidious Vibes, isn’t it?
      Not even for people’s freedom of expression & exasperation & disdain!

      • free to speak is there. speaker’s corner. see if you can convince or they think TR or kemunting resort is more suitable for you.

      • So, your Niao Kong controls Kamunting?
        What future is there for freedom of speech if ever DAP or Deity march to Putrajaya?

  18. if you are so good suggest your models to share. everyone can say how bad but what can you can do better? i am 110% sure you will do the same or worst.

  19. bn with its top guns know as father of development. of course after botak hairs grow back. look at petaling jaya penang town in selangor.

  20. ….how can we guarantee the Development lobby does not influence the government……even if we can dump the DAP?…

    • How? Change the rules of Malaysian General Election where corporations (big + small) are forbidden to donate any sum of money to any political party.
      Change the rules of political donations by any entity (corporates, societies or individuals) towards buildings (of party HQs), media productions, sponsorship of road shows or dinners, & billboards.
      Change all these & there will be no Kam Cheng or I Owe You.
      Development is mostly undertaken by corporations via tenders, private initiatives & joint ventures. Without the above ‘political-corporate tango’, there is a slim chance of influence or arm-twisting (esp. in swap deals where the political party that hungers for Money are at the mercy of cash rich corporations).

      • Anilnetto.com, NGOs & concerned Penangites are not profiteering businesses entities, some of which are bent on doing damages via insane development.
        Do differentiate those who care for sustainable development (read development, not no development, paham kah???) for a better future for all.
        The Difference:
        There are no swap deals, no behind doors nego, no arm twisting. It’s all in the open of public domain.
        Telling the state gomen what is going wrong is absolute rights of the people & organisations. No money to be made unlike corporations.
        People votes for a purpose, for a reason one of which is UBAH in the right direction. So, to exercise their rights.
        Corporations don’t vote, so what rights are there to lobby for?
        People are here to stay (unless we have no qualms to be social-engineered to other states). Corporations can relocate like some from KL or SingLand.

      • bn macc will go after political parties who make financial gains. you no know registrar of society and acts party has to follow? how can kopi kau. kau go and sell properties? you are not only person has right. the state has to consider the RIGHTS of MILLIONS. in the end majority out vote you. still not happy leave penang and stay in tree top in Belun. you can say No no no. but no solutions.

      • Talk soon much about belum valley, you better to be there and font come back to this hotspot place.

      • chliew, you have not been following the many articles before this one in anilnetto.com.
        Take your time to read them if you are new here.
        One key phrase: a balance of development + environment + socio-cultural-economic.
        Development for a section of the people is no development but a recipe for implosion of society
        such as multi-racial, multi-cultural Penang. No matter how popular the political party is at the helm.

      • Another troll. All abstract and general words. How? How you do it? Don’t know how? Just another snake oil and pasar mlm trader.


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