Penang Structure Plan review: Yes to more public participation


I attended the 8 December briefing on the review of the Penang Structure Plan at Komtar, and it was immediately apparent that there are serious questions that need to be answered.

Those of you in Penang, please try and take an interest and participate to prevent any unsustainable development.

As the deadline for public feedback is end-January, Penang Forum has come up with the following statement requesting an extension. Most people are not even aware this review is taking place, that is if they even know that the Penang Structure Plan exists.

The Penang Forum statement:

In response to YB Jagdeep Singh’s concern of zero public feedback following the public briefing on 8 December 2016, we would like to suggest the following:

  1. Give more publicity to the review and organise more briefings to engage with the general public;
  2. Extend the deadline for submission of public feedback by another two months in view of the festive period;
  3. During the 8 December 2016 briefing, questions raised from the floor could not be satisfactorily answered. The consultants of the outsourced Report of Survey should be present to respond.
  4. Apparently diverse issues of major concern such as the protection of environmentally sensitive areas, the housing needs of low-income groups, open spaces and recreational areas, universal accessibility to transport and other amenities, and strategies to upgrade the skills level of our workforce are not adequately addressed to ensure that Penang becomes “sustainable, liveable, international and intelligent”.
  5. Public participation in the planning process is enshrined in the Town and Country Planning Act of 1976 (Act 172). People have a right to know and participate in planning decision-making which could affect their communities and the neighbourhoods in which they live and work, even the price of their property.
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Penang Forum steering committee
11 January 2017

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  1. The planners have no clue how to plan Penang. Question should be asked ‘who are you planning for’? Sustainability are done on apiecemeal attempt. Town Planning is determined by Politicians, who have no clue about planning, and not by Planners. I predict that there will be many social problems in the years to come.
    As for feedback, Politicians and Civil Servant think we serve them rather than the other way round. Wake up, election is round the corner. Jagdeep don’t communicate with the public. He thinks he is too good and above all of us.

    • On-line means more eyes, more fine combs with Anil Brand & more objections!
      On-line audience have more thinking caps & are not easily swayed by euphoria.
      And on-line means controversial stuffs can be copied, bookmarked, saved as pdf files, or simply shared by many.
      More eyes, more critics, more fine combs.
      This is the fear of any politician (angle or devil) who has something to hide.

      • Yes they should put it online. And the RM46bn SRS Consortium transport infrastructure and land reclamation proposal should go online too so you can see what ‘wonders’ lie in store for Penang.

      • then a 13 year will also said the report can be seditious and investigatef by tax payer law enforcement.soon will be do re mi fa so from 14 to 90 years, she, he, shehe will be making reports and enforcer busy with reports and thieves robbers havr their field day. good thinking calvin and worshippers of penang forum

  2. As many have said before, if you are financially sound then it will bewise for you to stay on, on the island.

    Expect cost of livng to be on the rise on the island.

    Nevertheless, its not the end of road as many can put their “bin chui” aside to SERVE the Masters of he Corporate Entities.

    • Hawkers in the island must be very rich. Otherwise why cost goes up? If all Alam flora and cleaners stay off island, who is to keep island clean?

  3. Most Penangites are now having more immediate concerns on how to cope financially during baring nail era, such that (sadly) Strutural Plan is of no urgency to them. Blame it on our social-education system that do not encourage head-on challenge over administrative policies.

    Don’t believe me, next time BR1M application there will be long q at Beach Street for the Dedak. All very long q to get free food CNY open house not bring up Structural Plan matter but more eager to get hold of free oranges and food.

    • very good eg is tun lang blarring why stucture was not released. But. since released one year ago in 2016 now he delays in letting us know his view on the plan even after asking a few times. only a dedak has no faults.

      • You are still confused between Structural Plan & Local Plan!
        Go ask Mr Anil for your sake of better education!

      • You are confused. No comments from you when all the reports are released. But all kinds of comments when they are not released. This is how dedak works

  4. Paramit’s new Penang site addresses the unique characteristics of the Malaysian climate to create maximum energy efficiency, creating what is being called an experience of a “Factory in the Forest.” The site uses canopies of trees to create shading and in-slab cooling to reduce power requirements. In addition, it incorporates gardens and waterfalls on multiple levels throughout the building to help cool the space.

    The site will be the region’s largest manufacturing facility for complex medical devices and life sciences instruments, realizing sophisticated systems for genetic and molecular testing, robotic surgery, cancer treatment, and will also serve its current industrial products customer base.

  5. With Malaysia emerging as the number one country in the world for healthcare, the Penang government is working to secure RM1 billion in investments to expand its medical industry. Already doing well in medical tourism, Penang would be focusing on turning itself into a medical city, chief minister Lim Guan Eng said.

    • Medical tourism will replace manufacturing (no longer competitive) to bring in money for Penang.
      Future jobs lies in medical and pharma tech industries.

      • Yes more armchair and keyboard critics putting comments in blogs. Btw what happen to Sai Boey after all the complains to UNESCO? Why UNESCO don’t respect Penang forum the originator of the complain? Penang forum should explain what happen if it claims to uphold transparency.

    • Penang govt and CM are deluding themselves if they think the healthcare industry will replace manufacturing as the main driver of the economy. Unlike manufacturing, healthcare doesn’t bring much in terms of quantity and quality of jobs, technology transfer, spill over effect or even economic impact.

      As for the Rm 1 Billion investment, what will happen is some well connected developers will rush into turn prime lands into super high-class residential and commercial projects and to fool the rakyat they will throw in a medical facility. This is just a smoke screen to further over develop and sell the state lands. Brace yourselves for further sales of state lands and more reclamation and swap deals.

      Nobody invests Rm 1 billion for health care especially in Penang.

      • Like that plot of land between Jalan Yahudi & Lorong Selamat facing Jalan Burmah.
        Accountant politician would not stand to see a prime land reserved for Penangites of lower status.

      • federal collect all taxes and gst. open medical schools and create unemployed docs. federal is not helping to solve what it has created. but shows state with little from federal try to do something. here you have people adding fire and … doing monkey business for self interest

  6. Penang urges Federal Government to expand airport as the passenger capacity at the Penang International Airport (PIA) has reached the maximum of 6.5 million passengers:
    2014 – 6.1 million
    2015 – 6.25 million
    2016 – 6.6 million


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