Poaching crisis at Belum-Temenggor


Wild animals at the Belum-Temenggor forest reserve, famed for its priceless biodiversity, are being threatened by illegal poachers.

Less than a dozen rangers are on hand to patrol an area double the size of Singapore.

Not only that, on a trip along the East-West highway a couple of years ago, I noticed dozens of lorries, laden with timber, trundling freely along the route. Where did that timber come from?

Read about the poaching crisis at the Traffic website.

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  1. Perak MB Dr Zamry doesn’t want to gazette all forest land in the state. In that case how to effectively protect forest such as Belum?

  2. More manpower is needed to protect the area…Only 9 Rangers patrol the area – Malaysia’s National Treasure – The Royal Belum Rainforest.
    This is truly absurd and unbelievable.
    What about our soldiers? Can’t they be deployed there as part of routine jungle training just like the Polis Hutan (Police Field Force)? During the Emergency and post-Emergency of 60’s and 70’s, I could still remember seeing army trucks at Changkat Jering and army personnel carriers at check points approaching East-West Highway which was usually closed to traffic after 6pm. And I could still remember in the 70’s / 80’s police recruits were required to further train as PFF in search of communists in Ulu Kinta after 6 months in Pulapol.
    There are many fellas like me who enjoy the lifestyle of rainforest, the trekkers, the hikers, the bikers and the 4×4 wheelers. Maybe, the Gomen can initiate a ‘Rela’ type of paid volunteers on scheduled duty rotations to supplement the Ranger manpower. Give adequate survival & trekking training, knowledge of the jungle, weather, fire arms and knowledge of poacher’s habits, snare types and favorite haunts. Only volunteers with passion for the jungle need apply.

    Seeing the trapped tiger is a heart-breaking feeling rather than natural fear of this King of the Jungle.

  3. tunglang
    anil tahu u suka sama Belum sebab itu dia dengan besar hati memberi nasihat jangan jangan di telan harimau dekat Belum sebab Harimau Malaya kadang kala bila lapar ingat tunglang itu tulang 🙂

    Kerjaya jadi Ranger di Perhutan Belum mungkin lebih sesuai untuk anda yang suka rimba. Siti tak pakai kredit kad juga.

    Boleh minta Tan Tee Beng buka jalan sampai ke Belum menerusi lubang nibung tebal !

    • Any job available as forest ranger?
      I wouldn’t mind taking on for a couple of years with tiger-attack insurance.

      At least it will give me ample priceless experience of the floras and faunas, terrains and weather pattern for an eventual life time of adventure and homesteading come 55. And night time is eee-oorr orchestra for nature music lover like me. At least in the dark without night vision binoculars (of the helpless richie and over-equipped adventurers) I can rely on nature as my alarm sensors – once the orchestra stops suddenly, it means 2 things: a tiger is passing by or a Langsuir (Pontianak) is fly-dancing like Michael Jackson above the trees.

      BTW, harimau (Panthera tigris jacksoni) is difficult to encounter face2face, more difficult than striking 4 ekor 1st prize. Only fresh paw prints (the biggest was 5 inch width in Kelantan), that’s the nearest to any sense of tiger I had seen/smell/touch in my past 4×4 adventures in Sedim, Mahang, Sg Rui and Kelantan. My 4×4 buddies are scared like freak out old-ladies of tigers as taboo subject and we whispered and nicknamed it ‘Maybank’. Elephant = Fumakilla! Maybe one day in the rainforest I will just break that taboo and call out loud ‘Harimau keluar’ and see what happen!

      BTW, in Chinese astrology, Dog + Tiger are 2 compatible friends/companions/business partners.
      I am a old Dog, so maybe a young female Tiger is ready and waiting for me!

      Dah cuba cari kerja renjer rimba Malaysia tahun lepas tapi susah sampai macam kerja ni dah extinct! Di USA dan Europa, kerja ni senang dicari.
      FYI, Malayan Tigers are mostly found in Kelantan and Perak. Jeli is a nice place to wait for Tigers or for Tigers to wait for you!

    • Harimau Malaya kadang kala bila lapar ingat tunglang itu tulang!!!

      Nur, next time do visit Taiping Zoo and do bring along tulang-tulang of any mammal that you know and give to the 2 harimau to makan-makan shiok shiok. If they hesitate, give them false teeth. Maybe, if you are lucky enough like kena May Day lucky draw at Tesco, the 2 harimau will bark like ChiHuaHua to your delight.
      Malayan Harimau love tulang kau kau!!! Something wonderfully new in National Geographic. Hehehe!!!

      • tunglang
        in Indonesia last week hungry dogs left unattended for days alledgely attacked and ate the owner on his return to the house.
        a domesticated dog can go crazy if left hungry !

      • Those dogs acted on pack instinct just like wolves or hyenas. The leader dog must have had bad treatments from the deceased owner in the past to react in such ghastly (to animals it holds no meaning or emotion) manner reinforced by 6 other hungry canines. All it takes is one dog to bark and charge and the rest will turn Attila the Huns.
        I am a serene, dreamer Dog person with a weird sense of humor but when I am upset or angry, I will just bark (once) and go on a withdrawal binge of Kopi-O kau kau cum meditation to turn negative energy into hope of new alternative/option possibilities – that’s how I handle the Street Food Museum proposal still hovering in the deep subconscious of Tham Chiak Kuis, both earthly and ethereal!
        Just learning the 80/20 Principle (of what is workable, what’s not) to manage my over-optimism of everything passionate or so-called vision.


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