LIVE – SMOG EMERGENCY: Muar hits choking 750


Smog conditions in Muar and Malacca worsened today as API readings surged well beyond the hazardous threshold.

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  1. The haze problem has been around for decades, yet there is no improvement at all but getting from bad to worse. Looks like the BN/Umno government has not actually carried out any serious steps to remedy the situation. What is it Umno/BN government has not hidden from its citizens? Everything that shows their incompetence is kept tightly wrapped. A very irresponsible government.PR will raise a bill in parliament next week to penalise Malaysian companies in Indonesia which practise open razing to clear land for plantations. Let’s see if the Putra Jaya will support or improve on the bill.

    The Indonesia’s environment ministry has identified eight companies with Malaysian links in Riau and Jambi that may be contributing to the haze that is now smothering Malaysia and Singapore. A NGO has given Natural Resources and Environment Minister G Palanivel 48 hours to name the Malaysian companies said to be responsible for causing the haze, or it will take the government to court for negligence.


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