Images from Penang Stop Lynas gathering


  1. Anil: Just to add on to some of the positives:
    – Majority of those who participated in the protest are from the 20’s to 30’s age group. Penang’s young people are coming out.
    – This is probably the biggest gathering of people in Penang (apart from poltical ceramahs) protesting in years.
    – when I asked several youngsters how they came to know about this protest, nearly all said from Facebook. Social media and politics are here to stay.
    – a pak cik went round and thanked the organisers after the event

  2. Shame to the news segment on TV1, TV3 and Astro Awani, instead of giving the due coverage on rakyat’s wishes on Himpunan Hijau, they choose to focus on the ‘capability’ of the police in ‘maintaining order’ of the peaceful event!


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