Our addiction to growth and tech fixes spells doom


I read this thought-provoking article the other day, which confirmed my gut feeling about the source of our environmental problems.

The source of our biggest problems isn’t climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution or deforestation. It is economic overshoot – our addiction to economic growth at all costs – without considering the damaging effect it has on our surroundings. Simply put, we are probably consuming too much that we will need a few planets to sustain our lifestyles.

Technology will not save us. It can mitigate the impact for a while.

Solar panels, hybrid cars, electric cars etc will not solve the problem of resource depletion, deforestation, air and sea pollution. Climate change is a major symptom of our addiction to unsustainable consumption – and growth.

There is a limit to ‘growth’. We cannot go on the same way: there is no way we can have infinite growth in a finite planet – unless we want to move to another hospitable planet a zillion miles away. If we are to change the system and save Planet Earth, there must first be a moral awakening in this world, as this article exhorts from EcoWatch.com exhorts us: Systemic change driven by moral awakening is our only hope

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  1. In 2012, when the proportion of Americans who own smartphones surpassed 50%, leading to abrupt changes in teen behaviour and emotional states.

    In the big national surveys of teens, there started to be some pretty sudden changes in the ways teens use their time and how they said they were feeling in their mental health.

    Among other things, teens are not hanging out as much with friends, in no rush to drive, dating less, having less sex, and getting less sleep. Most alarming, despite their continual connectivity, they are lonely. And rates of teen depression and suicide have skyrocketed since 2011.


    • Again another race-based carrot!
      How to inspire all Malaysians???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      Another Blue Ocean Strategy to Holland!

    • Baba Nyonya and Mamaks could be bumiputeras soon if they vote for MO1 to ensure BN victory in GE14?

      A quarter of local graduates mostly bumiputeras from IPTA is currently jobless. Obviously their sills and qualifications are not relevant to the market needs. How to command RM20K salary, when they could not get the RM2K job? Better go to Singapore to work as cleaners.

    • Very frustrating to have Ringgit that has very low purchasing power for imported gadgets. A RM2000 smartphone is now considered as mid-range phone as Samsung Note8 is RM3999 minimum.
      Young generation may not feel it as they have no idea that Ringgit used to be on par with Singapore Dollar, or USD used to be only RM3.20.
      Our nation has regressed under BN, still want them to fool you another 30 years with the TN50 bait?

  2. It is not just growth. The factors include capitalist motives (greed, insecurity), capitalist methods (exploitation, short-cuts, planned obsolescence), capitalist effects (growth, illnesses, devastation, poverty), fascist collusion (rigged competition, tyranny), social inertia (including population growth), and propaganda (climate denial, economics, communalism and censorship – all brought to you by the “free” press/world).

    Leading capitalist governments still want to stimulate growth – through ever more outrageous concessions to the “job creators”. Colonisation is getting difficult to disguise, expensive and poor in returns: see Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. As realised in the early 20th century, it is cheaper to devour domestic populations, as in Southern Europe. The model is similar to what happens when you are old or sick – you get “treated” until your money runs out. A limited war might still be necessary to reverse low, popularity ratings or to start another round of armament purchases. Bolehland officially dropped plans to limit population some time ago. It is vague on whether its stated population includes immigrants and refugees.

    The limitation of greenhouse gases was first postulated in the late 19th. century. This and the limits of resources were confirmed arond 1974 (Club of Rome). Inertia (business as usual) entails irresponsibility and delusion: that one (or one’s community) is exceptional or exempt from reality. A favourite modern term is “hack”: a short-cut, fix or solution to a problem – preferrably proprietary. In motivation, this is similar to “cepat kaya”. Enjoy the delusion while you can.

  3. Buzzing today in high tech world that as GE14 is nearing, many social bloggers have been warned to toe the line.

    Expect Anil to write more on food, drinks, arts and avoid local politics ?

  4. Perhaps better have Birth Control;.. there is no secret Malaysia is Barang naik nation and slowly following Zimbabwe, Sudan-somalia, pakistan….Good for the break up and let each 12 nation find their own Path to riches like Singapore!!…keep najib in power and have Lee choong Wei represent MCA in GE14….Like a stupid blogger suggested……Seriously who likes the UMNO-PAS-BN(…Barang Naik) team??

    • Nothing wrong to assume a sports personality like Lee Chong Wei (might run) as MCA GE candidate, it has happened before:

      Ex-footballer towkay Soh Chin Aun once tried to make it in politics by contesting to be the Member of Parliament for Kota Melaka representing MCA of BN in 1986 but he suffered a defeat of 17,606 votes to Lim Guan Eng of DAP.


      Hint: LCW is in the MCA’s ThumbsUp4Msia campaign.

      • Lin Dan can be in the final but Chong Wei is knocked out in first round. BAM can explain why?

  5. Are iPads turning babies into insomniacs? How touchscreens are costing infants sleep
    Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2017/08/23/are-ipads-turning-babies-into-insomniacs-how-touchscreens-are-costing-infants-sleep/#7o3pmP2XESlYuHjQ.99

    Why not ask tech moguls, such as Steve Jobs, who famously limited his own children’s access to technology while the rest of us often fall under the thrall of the screen.

    Personal Q: How many adults have access to or own an expensive iPad?

    • iPad is only expensive because our Ringgit is low in value. Those working in Singapore can get discounted iPad when signing up 4G data plan with SingTel or Starhub, pretty affordable as SingDollar is strong.

      New 10th anniversary iPhone 8 launching next month will cost you almost RM5K (5 month salary of minimum wage earner!), even without endorsement from local selfie ambassador like Vivo. Expect diehard Apple fans to queue up overnight to be first to own the fancy gadget to show off on social media!

    • There are many Apple fanatics, who take pride being Mac fans who must get hold of latest e.g. iPhones.
      Iphone 6 stock clearance as merdeka lelong now. Next iphone 7 to be cleared when ios11 iphone 8 on the way.

      Version 8 to be above RM5K as ringgit diving in exchange vs US dollar.

      Because of Apple binchui, price is not a problem with ease of loan via credit card instalment plan.

      • Many Chinese idolise Steve Job (iPhone) and Paul Walker (fast & furious) more than their parents who raise them.

    • Not only ICT, also any form of constant stimulation including TV, background music, etc. This is part of the global experimentation for profit aka “modern human sacrifice”. We have no idea how these children will develop mentally. Youth already log their own activities and thoughts, as well as those of their associates, in great detail; the concept of privacy seems alien to them. Other experimentation includes food (fake, processed), additives, household chemicals, home materials including furnishing, nature of work, transport, ambient pollution, and … climate change. No one may challenge this situation in any serious way. Your duty is to (a) be productive (increase profit) (b) consume (spend to increase profit) (c) conform. If you are in a region that the masters have written off in relation to potential profit, too bad – don’t take it personally.

    • Samsung Singapore has already revealed the official recommended retail price of the Galaxy Note8 and will begin taking pre-orders starting 25th of August 2017.

      Samsung Singapore states that their Note8 will be priced at SGD1,398, which if you directly convert to Malaysian Ringgit, comes up to a whopping RM4,394. And this is for the base model with 64GB of internal storage as Singapore will not officially receive the 128GB or 256GB variant.

  6. Live Simplicity Life, curb the Consumption Desire, do More Manual Tasking & relying less on hi-tech, exorcise the Kia Su Spirit (covetousness), skin the Bin Chui of Ego+Status, be Authentic You to the opposite sex or potential in-laws, break the Bondage of Social Media’s To-Be-Seen-To-Be-Too, Dream Not Big but Aspire To What Matters To Your Heart, & care for the fragile environment as the only liveable sanctuary in the entire Universe.
    Anil, going back to Nature is one way to live a full & balanced life again.
    I still wonder how the Nusantara Bunians are perennially happy & contented & full of wisdom without iPhones loaded with games, iTunes’ meditation music & volumes of e-books on self improvement, empowerment & enrichment.

    • How do you keep your family or lover satisfied with just hawker food during outings when you cannot give them a treat at the air conditioned restaurant offering the latest fancy food? This is a sad reality in modern times. No offence to you.

      • Many become unhappy when seeing others posted their vacation and dining photos on social media, feeling depressed when cannot afford to keep up with others.

    • Unable to cover their families’ basic needs with their monthly wages, an increasing number of Malaysians are instead racking up credit card debts as their final lifeline before resorting to borrowing money from loan sharks and money lenders.

      The Ministry of Finance recently reported that out of a total of 3.6 million Malaysians holding credit cards as of last June, a total of RM2.7 billion had been chalked up as overdue payments.

      According to a New Straits Times report, 845 people aged 30 and above were declared bankrupt this year for failing to repay their credit card debts.


  7. Lee Chong Wei is knocked out by world no 31 Brice Leverdez (France) in World Championship. Time for him to retire and represent MCA in GE14?

    • LCW should retire while on top now legacy tainted.Nicole David plays on to earn living as she does not have godMAHter to ensure ROSy life..

      LCW lost his grace attributing his loss to his opponent having good luck. Sore loser?

  8. DATA is the new scientific frontier. As you read this blog or Twitter, someone is snooping on your personal data.

    If you go back to watch The Matrix trilogy movies, such privacy invasion technique already happening to spell gloom if not doom for human civilisation.

    However, more gloomy outlook as GE14 approaching as more scandals and unruly incidents waiting to happen in 7th month of hungry ghost festival.

    • Anything personal data and pictures you place on ‘cloud storage’ however encrypted will no longer be private and become tools for big data analysis. More worrisome today is addiction to social media, posting pictures to show off to peers, from dining to overseas travel.

    • User data for the popular social media service Instagram has been leaked and is being sold online on a website for US$10 (RM42.70) each, according to a report by the technology news site Ars Technica today.

      The news portal said it had been contacted regarding the website by a person who claims to have scraped together the data of six million Instagram users and compiled it into a searchable database.


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