Landslide at Tanjung Bungah – this time no rainfall (updated)


A landslide has struck Tanjung Bungah somewhere in the hills near Lorong Lembah Permai 3 in Tanjung Bungah not far from TAR College at around 8.30am today.

Residents heard sirens from rescue vehicles from this morning.

It is not immediately confirmed if there has been any casualties or fatalities. About 14 people are believed to be buried in the landslide. Ambulances and fire engines are at the scene. They are unable to see the landslide from ground level because the view is obstructed by hoardings.

Tanjung Bungah landslide 21 October 2017

This time, there has been no rainfall to blame. So what caused the landslide?

And did the state government’s hill-slope monitoring group detect any prior problems with this slope?

It is understood that the nearby area is under a high-density “affordable housing” project – 980 homes in a 50-storey tower block, including a 11-storey car park!

The Granito project comes under BSG, which also has a 20% stake in SRS Consortium. [SRS Consortium is hoping to create three artificial islands in southern Penang Island totalling 4,500 acres for mainly high-end property development to finance its Penang transport infrastructure shopping list.]

This hill-slope case was originally highlighted in a Penang Hill Watch report last year undertaken by Penang Forum and submitted to the local authorities in January 2017. See the extract below:

So there was ample warning. The MBPP responded on 26 January 2017: “Kerja tanah dalam pemantauan.”

Attention is also being drawn to quarry work further up the hill:

Some serious questions are going to be raised about the nature of development in Penang in the days to come, including upcoming projects in Sungai Ara.

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Activists at the scene have already called for a royal commission of inquiry into today’s disaster and for an immediate stop to all hill-slope development.

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  1. Did the earthwork contractor Kamsen cut the slope properly? Was the slope properly protected by the earthwork contractor Kamsen? Who are the geotech engineers? Did they monitor and supervise the cutting of slope? Did they check the site monthly as required by council?

  2. Greed , ignorance , lacking in common sense and poor knowledge in science are perfect brew for disasters.

    Since this happened in Penang, all is too happy to point at DAP.
    If this happened in say Kelantan , all too happy to point at “Allah” (which is often in any case).
    During the time of Samy Vellu, it is all about act of God.
    Some mentioned that Penangites got shafted by DAP.
    But how to explain new stadiums, airports,schools and govt buildings collapsing?
    When the truth is that we Malaysians got shafted by numerous political parties and people in power.

  3. May their souls rest in peace.

    My friend who had visited Penang recently told me that it has changed horribly, with lower income people, including small business people being driven out of Georgetown, which is being bought up by Singaporeans and other foreigners, he told me.

    Whilst there has been no rain recently, however this landslide could be the after effects of softening of the earth by heavy rain earlier.

    How is the Penang State government going to answer for this.

    Not that a BN state government would have been any better but after 9 years of rule, the current Pakatan state government has proven to be not better with regards hillslope development or perhaps even worse than the previous BN state government.

    What is the meaning of “Competency, Accountability & Transparency” to those who died and also to Penang residents living in the area.

    Shove “CAT” in the face any Penang state or federal elected representative who mentions that.

    If they are so “accountable” and “transparent”, let them come clean on this.

    • The Koreans engaged to build Karak Higway were either unfamiliar with sandstone or too greedy. After a few years of exposure by excavation to tropical rain, the slopes of 60 degrees or more collapsed, leading to very expensive rework. Today, we see new highways cutting 60-degree slopes or worse through soft hills. When a collapse occurs, the authority concerned announces “high alert” and “monitoring” for a while.

      In capitalism, this is good because it means higher GDP. Exploitation (of buyers and workers), cutting corners (efficiency) and deceit are fundamental to capitalism. The dedak continues to flow. Would all these developers take such risks if they have to pay heavy compensation for each person killed or injured, or to repair damage up to 10 years later?

      The mouthpiece mass media is trying to represent the current trajedy as an Opposition flaw from which BN is free.

      • You want more free and cheap land from BN. You love the finger in magazine road sticking out in the built in 70s. CM at that time ask his relative a … architect to design the sticking finger. Yet no complain for design …

  4. If you look up at the first lock of hill right behind, you will see the part of Penang Hill where the Botanic Garden reservoir is located. It’s not more than one kilometre from this ‘killing field’ below.
    How the authorities approved this massive hill development is beyond us.
    As a rule, how wide should be the no-development hill zone around a reservoir?
    The hills are fragile, but the fengshui water element is depleted by the days until doomsday?
    Perhaps, we already have vampire developers who suck the life-force of these hill’s “Shui” for self-enrichment.

    • Go to Taman Lau Geok Swee (Paya Terubong) opposite the cemetery, you will not miss the Shroud of Bukit Kukus. There is a huge display of white tarp to cover the ‘sins’ of greed – a never-ending digging, exploding of rocks & more cutting of hill trees.

      • No pointing fingers and meowing at quarrys in hillslopes. No coarse aggregates mined from hillslopes how to build condo you are staying.

  5. Life of these living is cheap: foreigner construction workers, Penangites facing hill cuttings, hill entities, hill floras + faunas, people who protest against hill land development, ADUN Tanjung Bungah Teh Yee Cheu, your life is also cheap but we pray for you.
    Life is cheap in Penang, but houses are not.
    Life is cheap in Penang while some greedy nyiamaks make bundles.
    Life is cheap in Penang as nobody listens, rain or shine (like today).
    Life is cheap in Penang, as cheap as the dogs but not the ARROGANT CAT.

    It will be sleepless nights for some, the arrogants & the sufferers of Cosmopolitan Hill Frenzies.

    • Why complain now? You guys were responsible for putting DAP into power for two freaking terms. In a way , most Penang voters are also indirectly responsible for the deaths in this tragedy. Semua salah Penang lang, don’t just blame Teh Chee Hau. Continue putting DAP in power la. You guys deserved it, padan muka!

      • Who says politicians are angels?
        Given a choice, we would still have to vote a lesser evil, paham kah?

        308 was about getting rid of an ultra-racist grip on Penang, which was discriminated against since the early days of MadHatterism.
        DAP is not perfect, not angel, not clever to steal in the name of Arab donation, not bold enough to kidnap pastors or NGO guys, not herd of bigots to stifle people lifestyle, not dare to influence judicial process, not stupid to remain helpless with trickling Federal fundings after state paying more taxes than others.
        DAP has given Pulo Pinang its unique multiculturalism an opportunity to shine as in the pre-Merdeka days. Old dilapidated buildings a chance to breathe life. Investment coming in as the preferred choice of doing business with an honest state gomen. And we as given-a-choice-of-DAP voters feel happy there are more cultural activities to reflect our beliefs, values (tolerance is one of them) & honest sharing. No … chosen race to lord over others of different races, who from time to time are labelled as pendatang.

        If you think we regretted voting DAP for the recent mishaps, you will be dearly disappointed. Now, that we are given alternative choices like Pakatan Harapan, which DAP is part of, we have no qualms nor doubts to still vote to get rid of the same evil walking the power of Kleptocracy corridors.

        Critical of DAP is to improve its acts to strengthen its team to better manage Penang as a place for all Penangites, not to kill it off like what you fantasise in your Lego play.

      • Don’t talk crap la. How is DAP lesser evil than UMNO? The reality is DAP is the most evil party in this universe. They are just wolf in sheep clothing, (fooling) all Chinese voters while they get all the plum positions in state governments with nice salaries while their supporters get … in return. They are in fact devils from hell pretending to be angels from heaven. As I said many times, padan muka to all Penang lang. You guys and greedy DAP politicians deserved each other. Now go embrace each other, bodoh!

  6. Awesome!!! Let’s build more overpriced apartments on fragile hillslopes!!!

    Burn Penang. Burn in the cesspit you have made for yourself.

  7. The HILL NAGAs & entities have finally struck!
    They may have chosen a time & place to show their no-funny business.
    Next could be Bukit Kukus (Paya Terubong) where unprecedented massive hill cutting just for a hill road is on-going.
    The supposed rain during 9-Emperor Gods (9 days) has no come yet but may also choose a time & place to show displeasure.
    Shriek for all the wrong reasons, shriek for Tokong as blameless Venerable Penang Deity above all Deities including 9-Emperor Gods! CAT will sure send Mr. Chow Chow to deliver another CAT sermon.
    Btw, who will want to take over CM’s job when this predictable Nature calamity has happened? Residents associations protested days earlier b’cos they have nothing to do (as suggested by a cat-lover)???

  8. So much construction going on in the area. Hillslopes being cut left, right and centre. Unless the victims are locals, this news will be forgotten soon enough. Nobody will care if the victims are faceless, nameless foreign workers (likely since the area looks like a construction site). People will visit the site to gawk and post selfies. Politicians will visit with suitable grim looking faces and offer the usual platitudes. When everything is forgotten, hillslope development will continue as usual.

      • Welcome UMNO. See UMNO is next gomen of Penang. Engineer will be getting cheap land like MCA, MIC, Gilakan and tai loh itself


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