Jesselton residents object to property development near Penang Turf Club


Over a hundred residents in the Jesselton area, and nearby areas such as Casa Grande, have objected to the proposed development around the Penang Turf Club (lots 403, 28 and 278).

The petition dated 31 October 2016, initiated by the Residents Association of Jesselton, was submitted to the authorities just before the recent Lunar New Year celebrations.

Among the concerns listed:

Higher density

The petition claims that the original plan was for 208 bungalows over 58 acres (four units per acre) but the revised plan on parcels 1,3 and 4 is for 1,170 homes and 16 shoplots.

For parcel 2, it claims the density would be 120 homes/acre (69 bungalows, 126 terrace houses, 342 apartments in two 26-storey towers, another 228 apartments in two 22-storey towers, 389 affordable homes in a 24-storey tower, and 16 shop lots.

Obstruction of natural waterways

The petition claims the project would obstruct natural waterways: two tributaries of Sungai Air Itam: one of the twers would be located over one tributary and the terrace houses and bungalows would be sited over the other tributary.

It also claims the removal of trees and vegetation had contributed to muddy flash floods in October 2016.

Traffic impact

The new project would result in 2,266 new car park bay and 5,000 new residents crowding the area. The petition claims the revised plan made the traffic impact assessment for the original plan obsolete.

The petition also complains that two new access roads on Turf Club land, allegedly not yet approved, have suddenly emerged to link the new development with Brook Road and Scotland.

Sustainable development

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Proper planning is needed in the area if the race course eventually is moved. Schools, public parks for suburban development would then be needed, the petition says.

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  1. I always think of Mahatma Gandhi’s saying,
    “This planet can provide for human need, but not for human greed.”
    And that is so right.
    Quote by world renowned British primatologist Dr Jane Goodall

  2. Inevitable sign of progress, if not now but will happen in the future so everyone has to adjust. The only issue I have is with the snail pace in fixing the public transport despite the small size of the island.

  3. Approvals for access roads not given but already linked to the project. Penang is truly a developers’ paradise.

    • how can owner start the construction if all plans are not approved. so you must be spinning road plans are not approved.

  4. Bad times ahead!

    Federation (MEF) believes that more people will get the axe this year due to the current economic challenges.Apart from the weak economy, contributing factors include the introduction of “disruptive technology” in some industries. Economic challenges would see bosses reviewing their workers’ requirements.

    So GE is not happening soon?

    • Most Malaysians have meager savings that could sustain the current lifestyle for 6 months if retrenched and without any active income. Young people ought to start saving now from young as we cannot count on BR1M support.

  5. Denmark – a progressive nation with deep-rooted basic values

    Benedict Lopez is drawn to the simplicity, integrity and passion for the environment on display in Denmark.

    Although I have visited Denmark several times since 2010, I always look forward to my next visit.

    I feel comfortable being in the home of Carlsberg, not for the beer alone (although I enjoy a pint or two occasionally) but also for the core values of this country of 5.5m people – values I cherish as a human being.

    Like in Sweden, discrimination is prohibited on the grounds of race, colour, religion, gender,
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    On each visit, I observed as many things as possible as to what makes Danes the happiest people in the world. I personally believe it is the sense of security given to the citizenry by the state.

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    • Why don’t you go and stay, instead of staying here and complaining? Kindly move there if they want you

      • So, are you confirming Niao Kong’s vision of slippery Cosmopolitan Penang Frenzied (reserved) for the Rich & Famous like you???
        People like your kind are so horrendous… as to condone this exercise of state social engineering of the bo bin-chui Penangites out of Penang, out of sight.

        As the Hokkien saying goes: ” Oo khi, oo loh” (what goes up must come down)
        So, don’t be so arrogant & confident you will stay rich, titled & famous for life!

        Pls tell this to your [email protected] for its political survival.

    • Please emulate the Danes who use public transportation and have little aspirations to own personal cars or 4wd.

    • putting up trash and rubbish and nothing to do with jesselton.. good look at yourself for all the barking and acting like tua pek kong.

    • In Bolehland binchui or face value vely vely important lah!. How can an executive ride a bicycle jatuh standard! Flashing car boost ego until big layoff R a reality check happening now.
      Like tlang, many awaits 2017 property bubble to burst so as to afford a new home.
      Meantime, we try datuk kong luck to hit jackpot so maybe can move to Jesseltons instead of PayaTerubong 🙂

      • You are not learning the reality check but just repeating the lessons to learn & suffer.
        Anyway, Paya Terubong & Farlim has a better planned township for the masses.

  6. Nobody complaints about crazy number of motorised vehicles on the road ? This is more damaging to the health with carbon footprints !
    It appears to me the readers like to complaint and not offer constructive practical executable solutions.
    You blame Soo Koon now Guan Eng, who’s next ?

    • Private motorised vehicles should be banned in the heritage zone, to befit its historical nature. Only public mini bus or tuk tuk can ply the roads there.

    • So, are you confirming your Komtar Deity is soooo-arrogant & cannot accept critics?

      Constructive alternatives/suggestions already offered by Penang Forum & other NGOs like CAP, what else do you want from Penangites? Drink kopi with your Niao Kong & play 9-lives poker?

      Koh Tsu Koon’s time is not about massive traffic jam, widespread environmental crimes & flooding. And he listened to Penangites. So, be mindful of what you compared between the two.

      • Of course you love tsu koon to listen to umno. See how much cheap land as confirmed by Anil has given to to those said. not much land left except those in hills and sea. Tua pek Kong can only spin.

  7. In my opinion Jesselton residents deserved it, in bahasa, “padan muka!” They deserved to be shafted by DAP state government since most of them are likely DAP voters and most likely will vote DAP again next GE. DAP state government won’t care about the concerns up there la. I’ll say it again, “padan muka!” hahaha.

    • How about shaft by gilakan federal Gomen? Kun Nan wants to build more houses. Where are central Gomen cheap houses?

      • You are right, Gerakan, MCA & DAP shafted the Penangites. So it would be anything but Gerakan, MCA & DAP (Asalkan Bukan Gerakan, MCA dan DAP) since all these three parties are the same and one. If BN returns to Penang, I hope the CM would be from UMNO instead of Gerakan. And I’ll say it to Jesselton residents again, “padan muka korang”! Muahahaha.

      • tua pek kong’ dream come true with them building more houses and giving cheap land away

      • Tua pek Kong will be very happy and concur with you as he wants CM will listen to UMNO like Dr Koh.

      • Jesselton residents please do not behave like Donald Trump to ban new migrants or new residents to your area.

  8. I think more development should be carried out in that area as it is sparsely populated. Houses there have big land, there is a nice hill behind, it can accommodate much more people. I would encourage more buildings in that area. I would object development in Air Itam or Greenland as it is already densely populated.

  9. .. LGE … throw him out come PRU 14 to stop all these mess!

    We are not against development but proper and sustainable developments.

    LGE had tasted the good life, come on naive Penangnites, do you think he will fight for you all? Now he is greedier than Najib

    …reportedly Najib allegedly had USD25.5 million. How much has LGE?

    We call upon the MACC to double up their efforts to check on corruption in Penang.

  10. Selfish people. Other areas are more congested and with more cars. Why object development? The developer is building access road. I would say to DAP, just ignore them

    • The said development is according to Penang Local Plan?
      Or is CAT Gomen just ignoring it & continuing to translate (as an excuse) the Plan in developers’ fancied language?

      • No wonder thare is too many Datuk with $$$ to be close with Politicals Traders to trade their ideas for extra $$$.
        With this title they use their cloud to make more $$$.

        rajraman.Even Organized Crime Gangster also DATUK nowdays.Give me free the title also i dont want.Pay me to use the title also i dont want.Too many cheapscate DATUK around.Embrassing only just asking DAP to ignore peoples rights to appeal.

      • Datukship nowadays is highly questionable.
        Any word they speak is highly questionable.
        To deal with them is also questionable.

        These immortal titles have made a bad name for Datuk Kong, which helps, protects & bless the worshippers with honesty, integrity & principles.

      • The record of his blogging start with Loh ,then YB Loh,Datuk YB and his latest Datuk Sri YB.
        rajraman.Anything possible,maybe later at Tan Sri and Tun added.
        Hopefully he is not questionable character,if not we are in trouble.Penang have 2 cases already point blank.
        Lets have some fun out of topic Tunglang,since Anil might not notice the same character keep adding title each posting.
        We talk facts we get less votes or no votes or more negatives votes.One guy ask me to stand for election and he said he will votes me.He think his 1 votes can make me as CM.

      • I know that might sound like fun, but please keep to the topic so we can have a meaningful discussion about the subject matter.

      • Datuk Seri in Penang can be linked to triad like agent 24 seeking protection money. Most of them operates KTVs and bring in foreign GROs.

      • Just a little bit of fun, ok, Anil?

        Tun Dr Mahathir took a long time to achieved his Datuk Seri & now Tun title.
        Some characters in Malaysia can take a short-cut!
        I would say this is a ‘smart’ business move but the means are highly questionable.

      • People with dubious background and low education can get Datukship. HA ha! Many had illicit business to get rich at young age and hope datukship with some charity work could redeem their past wrongdoings for better karma. But some of them cannot escape the past misdeed with gangsters after them as in the case of Datuk M?


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