The changing face of the Tanjung Tokong coastline


This is the changing face of Penang Island along the northeastern coastline off Tanjung Tokong – part of phase 2 of the Seri Tanjung Pinang project undertaken by E & 0.

The plan is to create a 760-acre artificial island on waters that fisher folk once used to work on.

Mind you, what you see in this photo is probably only an early phase of the reclamation – ie part of the island – with more to come.

This is on top of another 131 acres being reclaimed along Gurney Drive, making it a total of 891 acres being reclaimed.

Then, there is another 4,500 acres to be reclaimed to create three more islands off the southern coast of Penang Island’s under SRS Consortium’s proposal to finance a mind-blowing RM46bn in transport infrastructure.

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  1. Homes just aren’t that affordable, Bank Negara tells Malaysians

    Banks are being “prudent and responsible” in providing finance to buyers, an association of Malaysia commercial lenders said in a statement this week.

    It was seeking to refute claims by developers that house buyers are finding it harder to obtain a housing loan and that approval times are increasing.

    Developers should instead be looking at their own industry, said Paul Selvaraj, secretary general of the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations.

    “The focus should be on building houses which people can afford, not building expensive houses and then trying to push them, and then complaining that the banks are not giving loans,” he said.

    “The reason people are having problems getting loans is because the houses are not affordable. It’s beyond their repayment” ability, he said.

    • The average Malaysian mentality is to buy a car first.
      As well as getting the latest smartphone.
      Maybe this is where they are “stuck” at and remain to be so.
      Paying the car , maintaining the car, road toll, insurance , fuel , paying the illegal parking touts samseng and paying citation or summon.
      Malaysian motorist love to accumulate traffic summonses.
      Many Malaysians would be having a house if they didn’t bought a car.
      For this, many thanks to BN and Tun Mahathir and all subsequent PMs and Finance Ministers.
      In Singapore, it is the other way round.
      First they get a HDB unit.(and NO Bumi discount)
      It’s the govt policy, not bankers nor developers at fault.

  2. Overheard Gelakan folks propose renaming Tanjung Tokong as Tanjung Tokong Lim as friendly gesture in return to the naming of Jelutong coastal highway as Lebuhraya Lim Chong Eu by the rockets.

  3. Tanjung Tokong’s Tua Pek Kong gives Penang economy prediction every year.

    The intensity of the flames provide indication.

    Developers better don’t encroach in the Tua Pek Kon’s turf to disrupt the traditions.

    Even Hindus believe so.

    • Actually, there are many of these deities (of different pangkat) in the hills, along the coasts & in the seas.
      But some of these ‘dislodged’ deities are angry at the way we treat their immediate fragile environment.
      Recalling the Naga of the hill article, we are now seeing more flash floods as repercussions of our recklessness, arrogance & greed.
      If we think we are masters of the earth, we are indeed fools.
      Before Man was created, the planet earth was a dark place full of dark waters, & of course entities & creatures beyond our imaginations & comprehension. These first inhabitants are not extinct, neither are they sent to hell.
      Most of these as disembodied entities still dwell in our present days, in our forests, deserts, canyons, caves, ocean abyss, even the blue & night skies.
      We are ‘lucky’ to have million years rainforests to invite us into the unknown world of our planet earth’s first inhabitants. It takes a great deal of respect if we wanna live peacefully with them, who easily zip between dimensions into our space like our bedrooms.
      Be very afraid if we offend them. The same caution for Penang CAT Deity!

  4. Actually, during BN control many many years ago, this reclaim of the sea around this area was approved together with a ‘sea world’ type of entertainment park.

    • He is checking on the PJ prime land that MCA (allegedly) bought cheaply at RM1 PSF, far below the market price?

      • Chew Mei Fun in denial mode in this matter. MACC should investigate since MCA could possibly purchase below market price, as precedence already set in Pinhorn case.

      • MCA in social media with
        Insinuating yet creative portrayals of their leaders LeowTL, WeeKS, ChongSW being friendly with PAS neglecting the critical issues in multicultural Msia.

  5. Hi author, you gonna slow slow wait…..federal government won’t approve PTMP and the 4500 acres land reclamation plan

  6. The north coast of Penang Island is ecologically screwed. The only hope is the developers will realise a “dead” sea is no good for their profits and then hopefully they may put in some money to rehabilitate the seas around them.
    The south coast of Penang is still alive ecologically but is threatened by politicians who only looked on the monetary side of things.
    They forget the south coast is a rich fishing ground for Penang and had supplied most of Penang’s fresh fishes for over 100 years.
    If it’s gone, the only fresh fishes we will enjoy will be from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand.
    Dolphins are frequently sighted frolicking in the seas there near the 2nd bridge.

    • Developers build for their wishes or demand from the public? Public wants to buy their home sweet to face penang road, hospitals, factories etc? Sea view is anytime better

  7. Land reclaimation around the island ll surely aggrevate siltation along the coastal front as well as the Penang Channel. Expensive desilting works are then required.

    • Quanzhou in Fujian was well known seaport mentioned by Marco and can see Arab mosque. There is no land reclamation but the port faces siltation. Now only a small port.
      The buyer of pg port and ferry is supposed to dredge. You better remind him to dredge


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