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Another theme park for Penang; more to come (updated)


Update:(30 December 2013): Not being a real estate lawyer, I didn’t realise that a private company can actually lease the sea from the state! Like most people (including the fisher folk), I was under the impression that the beaches and the sea are supposed to be public property. These comments from a report in The Star today:

Theme Park Concepts and Services Sdn Bhd, the operator of Wet World Wild, described the comments (in this blog) as “strange”.

“We’ve had about 800 visitors so far and they all loved it,” said its regional account director Melvin Kuo.

Kuo also said two fishermen tried to cast their nets next to the park’s floating ramp yesterday.

“They don’t understand that we took a lease for the sea off Moonlight Bay and kept insisting the sea is public property,” he said.

“We are paying almost RM8,000 a year to the state government to lease about 1ha of land and sea surface,” he said.

RM8000 a year? That’s about the annual rental for a small basic apartment.

Some of you commenters are also mentioned in the full report in The Star.

Original post (27 December 2013):

The RM3m Wet World Wild Adventure Park had its soft launch in Penang on Christmas Day.

The Wet World Wild theme park in Batu Ferringhi
The Wet World Wild theme park in Batu Ferringhi

The park can take some 800 people per day. The project is reportedly spearheaded by Theme Park Concepts & Services Sdn Bhd in collaboration with the Penang Global Tourism Board.

These are the ticket prices:


What do you think of such theme parks? Will they be beneficial for ordinary Penangites in the long run?

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  1. clamouring for free access to beach, free this, free that… and without limitation. where does the money comes from? only way to keep things free is to leave things as they are, ie. undeveloped (ie. live on tree houses with jungle surroundings).

    when development is needed, money is also needed, a compromised position is also needed. yes, there Must be free beaches (with fair amenities) and also beaches which are developed to attract tourist dollars. For these elite places, locals can’t just complain about cut-throat access at the same time not able to offer better solutions as to how the govt gets to make money to fund for other amenities (ie. maintaining the free beaches). if can’t afford the elite price, go for the free ones. if nothing is free anymore, kick out the govt and get someone else who can do it with a balanced development.

  2. It has been quite a few months since this article surfaced. I finally took time to read as much as I can on this topic and feel that for the heck of it and for the love of Penang (since I was born there), I will also contribute my 2 cents.

    I wanna clarify that the Beach at Moonlight Bay Batu Ferringhi was a Public Place and still is. The lease was for the small plot of water where you see those “blow ups” set-up. The public or anyone for the matter is free to enter the beach or water anytime, without cost. Anyone who wants to play on those “blow ups” will have to pay a minimal fee of RM40.00 and RM30.00 respectively.

    The “blow-ups” as one of you lightly put it is the best money can buy from Germany that is the only TUV Safety Certified “blow-ups” available in the World to date. How much does it cost? Well, I leave it at your discretion. It is definitely not cheap.

    The park can accommodate up to 800 customers per day but realistically, do you think business is that good? You think WWW makes RM32,000 per day and reaps in RM11,680,000.00 per annum? Using “blow-ups” floating in the water? Get real.

    Someone also mentioned filthy jellyfish infested waters. You got that right! However, for a man that spends 12 hours a day at Moonlight Bay for months during the duration of building WWW, I can tell you that 7 to 10 days a month, Moonlight Bay gets clear water as deep as 5 feet. The waves and currents at Moonlight Bay is one of the mildest you can get along Batu Ferringhi. Did you also know that a 1,400 feet long jellyfish netting (height of 18 feet) was set up to prevent jellyfish from entering the bay? How much did you think that cost the company? That is by far, probably the longest jellyfish net ever set-up in Penang or anywhere else.

    WWW is Asia’s 1st Open Sea Water Park. Why did I suggest it be built in Penang of ALL places in Malaysia? Simply because I love Penang. I really thought by doing this, Penangites will appreciate the goodwill. Apparently, not everyone feels the same. Do you know how many countries in the World are dying to attract tourists? Now that Penang is booming with tourists, I hear people bitching about having “too many” tourist. Traffic Jams coz too many visitors to the island. If 6 million visitors per annum visit Penang spending RM100 each per trip (which is ridiculously low), that is almost RM1Billion contribution to the economy of Penang. It is not all about making money BUT it is about keeping the economy afloat, making sure that Trishaw uncle at Penang Road has income, about making sure that kids stay off the streets and have a proper job. 50% of the customers at WWW are tourists, walk-ins. All the staff at WWW depends on them. YOU depend on tourist, everyone does. How is opening Asia’s 1st Open Sea Water Park bad in any way for Penang?

    If you have any knowledge at all about dealing with nature, you will know that it is never cheap. How much do you know about maintenance of the park? RM3Mil is a lot for “blow-ups”? Did you put into account the facilities built on site? In Europe, these “blow-ups” businesses are only facilitated by a plastic table, an umbrella and wristbands as proof of entry. There is also ONLY 1 staff (he is the ticketing officer, the lifeguard, the watchman). No life jackets provided either. At WWW, there are Changing/Locker Rooms, Surau, Ticketing Counter, Storage, Security & First Aid Station. There are up to 10 lifeguards in the water during peak hours. IN THE WATER, not up on a tower or on the beach. Did you guys know about the big car park space available on top of the hill before you get to Moonlight Bay?

    Parasailing cost RM180, Jet Ski cost RM80 and Banana Boat cost between RM20 to RM50 depending on how many people get on it. Name me one of those three you will willingly let your 7 year old go alone? I thought so. Name me on of those which is NOT DANGEROUS. Name me one of them that puts lifeguards in the water to look after you. Name me one of those activities that hasn’t witness a fatal accident. I thought so.

    One day, I witnessed a family of about 20 visited WWW. The oldest was a 75 year old Uncle and his wife, a 65 year old auntie. They came with their children and grandchildren. They all went in and you should see their faces and excitement. You want photo proof of a 75 year old who rock climbed the Action Tower? Let me know. From 6 years old to 75 years old. It was one of their best family outings ever. Name me one other activity that caters to this. Yes, they are all Penangites!

    Anyways, there is much more I wanna say but I think I will stop short now. Tired…..late for my golf…:P

    PS. Please note that I do not represent the company that built WWW Penang. What I mentioned here has nothing to do with them whatsoever. Not worth my time.

  3. Penangites still go entertained themselves at Pesta at Sungai Nibong?

    Sad to see a tragic accident at the Ferris Wheel.

    • Penang people now more sophisticated in taste and are willing to pay for entertainment.
      Pesta however should be kept for the benefit of those who are nolstagic of old days and do not like development, and not willing to pay for new things.

      • Be very careful of what you said. Many who visited Pesta Pulau Pinang at Sg Nibong were majority Malays from Pulau Pinang, Seberang and Kedah. Have some respect irrespective of social class. Paham tak?

    • Don’t get jealous or anxious. Just dig deep into the state coffer of ‘Gau Chan Boh Looi’.
      All things BN used & Proton reminder must go. Bad Feng Shui mah.
      Next, we may see Komtar Tower also go to be replaced by Darth Vader’s Kucing Lookout Tower.

  4. What’s the law? Can anyone prevent someone else from using the beach and the sea? I know we cannot enter restricted areas with sensitive government installations or private properties. What’s this “lease” thing? OK, it’s a creative enterprise and sport generating income and jobs. But, for how long is the lease valid and why is the cost of the lease so low for such a large area of land and sea?
    The way I see it is the area is leased to the party to conduct the activities and charge users for using the facilities. Anyone should be able to continue to use the beach and sea free-of-charge. The proprietor can only charge people who use the structures they put up by leasing the land and sea.
    Let’s challenge their interpretation that people have to pay to access the beach and sea. Nobody, not BN, not Pakatan can prevent people from accessing our public beaches and sea. And it’s time to re-examine the beach and sea at the Penang Swimming Club. There must be public access to the beach and sea. And what’s the assessment rates for this swimming club and all other clubs in Penang. Are they still very low? When were the rates last reviewed?

    • The CAT laws will sue you, if not in favour of its “lawlessness” of regulation, selling or leasing of public spaces at questionable rates. It is not a question of providing employment, creating business opportunities or serving the tourism industry.
      It is questionable issue of this leasing to the wild, wild world of recreation that calls for questioning.
      Need we be any wild at it?
      If fact, those fishermen can sue the government for restricting their livelihood.

    • Yes, malaysiafreepress, you are right let the rakyat and in this case, the penang people to re-examine Penang Swimming Club and all other clubs how much they are paying for the rates and the tenure of lease.

      Why is it that the public properties can be manipulated and be used by the rich only? Let’s protest and make our voices heard.

      Let’s flood lim guan eng’s mail box which i just did and i also sent one to tg bungah adun, Teh yee chiew abt the water theme park at bf as there is no point of us just making noise here.

  5. … people of Penang have been cheated of their rights to use this part of the sea and shore with a pittance

    • Yes, you are right Yang. If we keep our silence, we are inviting DAP to charge when the next time we go to Botanical Garden or Youth Park.

  6. RM8000 a year? That is RM22 a day to lease the sea and part of the foreshore. It is cheaper than renting a hawker stall. We should lease part of the Batu Ferringhi beach and set up hawker stalls, reflexology and what not. The State govt is selling off Penang bit by bit. God save Penang.

  7. If the law indeed allows a private company to lease the sea from the state, then why not open it to all businesses and theme park operators who feel they can carry out such a project. A few malls and shops might also attract visitors. Then our shores can be filled with such theme parks. If it is legal then I cannot say it is wrong, but why is it given to only a select few. Was there an open tender for that piece of sea? Was there an RFP?

    And you are right. RM 8000 a year for 1 hectare of beach plus the sea thrown in, are they serious? Even poor me could afford to rent the place. Even rental for small apartments cost more than that nowadays. Even the installment for a car is sometimes higher than that.

    • Rental or no rental of beach front + sea, it should not have been secretly done in the first place.
      If Cleaner, Greener Penang is a mantra of sincere publicity & practice, this seaside fiasco is exactly the opposite of what the state gomen is championing. Who are the fools?
      Even the fishermen were not told of this segregation of public sea, a domain of fishermen decades before the appearance of CAT gomen.
      And, I surmise the rental rate speaks volume of the desperation to implement theme parks at ‘all cost’ of environment degradation, higher cost of recreation & deprivation of free access to public beaches + sea.

      Be prepare for more speedy surprises esp. Penang Hill of unrelenting Darth Vader’s itchy fingers.
      Side note: heard that Citizens Awareness Chant Group (Chant) advisor Dr Jimmy Lim Cheok Siang is going to be sued for speaking out about unsatisfactory state of heritage conservation. A gomen that can’t stand critics b’cos of Bin Chui? Well, no different from a polis state.

  8. The CAT is nothing except scary jokes of the decade !!! RM8000 lease for such a huge area. The world #1 record only by the Cheap Minister.

  9. GK,
    Hoarding money for syabas take over? You are now over friendly to Pakatan. Khalid don’t ever bother about cleanness.My Adun is blind maybe since he don’t bother or don’t perform.

    rajraman. “Don’t like leave the country” is cheapest way to get publicity like this country belong to her. Najib … you are keeping silence about this statement.

    • rajraman,

      during ancient time dating/courship, there is popular chinese saying, “if you silent / no response, then it means an implicit yes”

  10. Some of the readers here they say they love the nature but i am just wondering during the weekends how many of them go to the beaches and have picnic or they would rather venture into the shopping malls?

    • Maybe if the beaches were good for swimming and there were more public parks, fewer people would hang out at shopping malls?

  11. Kevin, actually i was asking about Penang sports club, why there was no sound at that time? Whatever that was done by Gerakan, the penang people just condoned. Why? The rakyat are charmed by Dr mahathir and now najib???

    Yang is the worst now, he even said DAP is worse than Gerakan. Honestly, i cannot imagine if today penang is still run by gerakan !!!

    The penang people complained so much about the bad traffic, and at the dialogue some people from air itam they did agree to the undersea tunnel as they said the traffic at air itam and that part of the area was indeed v bad so there is the need of the tunnel to divert the congestion, and also some of the proposed highways.

    Sometimes i just cant understand the mind of the pg people they complain so much this and that and the present state government wanted to solve their problem, to improve penang, but they lament again ??? They even say, Gerakan is better !!!???

    And to solve the traffic problem, one way traffic was implemented for kelawai and burma roads which was excellent but kau peh again because of a bit of inconvenience for some people.

    To be honest and fair, i would say penang has been ruined during gerakan time, the most obvious is gurney drive is gone with the reclamation of land by E&O…

    And, if you drive up from tg bunga to batu ferringhi, you will notice that opposite the floating mosque there are so many blocks of apartments that literally block the hills away. These apartments are indeed eye sore, so ugly, the hill views are gone. Why there was no sound then?

    And, i was also given to understand that Gerakan was the one who lifted the green belt area in tg bunga and batu ferringhi to the developers for construction.

  12. The RM8k lease is a pittance but the operator still has to plonk down a RM3m investment and run the risk of it being a failure given that it is a new concept here.

    Throw in the employment that it generates and the additional attraction for locals and outstation visitors alike, I am all for it although I personally will not want to dip my toes into the filthy and jelly fish infested water of Batu Feringghi.

    • Well, Yang, if you have any proof that the theme park operators are fiddling their capital expenditure figures, I am sure the Inland Revenue will be delighted to hear from you.

    • The investment the operator puts in is its business and nothing to do with the state. They are putting in the capital because they have calculated that they will be able to make a profit. These people are not out to do charity.

      Let me put it to you this way. If you own a shop house and I wanted to rent it from you to open a restaurant. Can I say that my capital will be very high, my restaurant will generate a lot of visitors/tourists to Pg and to your shop, plus I will be providing employment for many people. Because of all of those factors, can you rent the shop to me at a ridiculously discounted price, say 8k a year? Also, the shop is not enough because I would like my customers to enjoy al fresco dining, could you throw in the public space for my use?

    • Kevin, your contention that the state has no stake in the investment is naive, to say the least. It creates employment and provide additional attractions for visitors and locals alike. Surely this must be good for the state.

      Under the political ostrich, we have been in the backwaters of development for far too long. It is time to move on.

  13. The fact that Penangites are willing to pay RM40 for such theme park shows that the people are in need of entertainment?

    Gone are the days (30 years ago) when people are contend with watching RTM (Rihat tunggu mati?)shows on TV at home for amusement…

    • Quramie : OK fair enough No problem but certainly not using public domain for a pittance to serve the interest of a few. Remember Penang does not belong to LGE DAP or BN but to the people of Penang.

    • Quramie, gone are the days (30 years ago) when I could moon-walk (tks Michael Jackson) the Moonlight Bay with my fair+sexy leg girlfriend under the half-moonlight & starry-starry night. Gone are those wet + wild days of courtship at this lovers’ beach FOC but now replaced by Wet World Wild theme park of Got Money Can Enjoy Wild!!!

  14. My goodness RM8k per year and that will be only RM666.66 per month. That is even less than a 30 sq ft kiosk many are paying for in a supermarket. Penangite have been taken for a ride by the CAT that catches the mouses (Penangite) The theme park can accomodate 800 person per day. Lets put it that they have an accupancy of 25%. That will be 200 and only children rates of RM30/= and that will be RM6000 per day x 30 days per month = RM180,000/= per month. Wow a business of RM180k for a pittance of RM666.66 depriving the people of precious recreation areas. No wonder Penang has gone to the devil advocate.

    • RM8K for 10,000 sq metre?
      That’s dirt cheap and exclusively yours! What accountant’s (CFO) job is this?
      CAT is overworking?
      Penang lang ah. Lu boh tat chi!

    • Public beaches unlikely have paid lifeguards. Swim at own risk.

      in a way, RM40 fee at WWW can safeguard swimmers at sea; and any mishaps can claim insurance from theme park operators.

      Anilnetto.com in page 8 of The Star today on this theme park. Looks like grievances from the readers should be able to reach the ears of CAT administrators; and hopefully English print media do publish feedback from state gomen as normally reported in Chinese media.


      English readers got to depend on anilnetto.com as they are not able to digest many local (penang) issues covered daily in local chinese papers.

      Yang, sunny got their names mentioned in The Star today. tunglang needs to be more mainstream media friendly to get his messages appear in The Star or NST.

      • Couriered words from tunglang:
        “Awareness Mission accomplished. Thanks to Mr Anil + anilnetto.com
        Cheers Kopi O kau kau kau.”

      • I am not against so call “free public facilities”, water is something that one should play lightly about. Unlike first world country take care of the beach seriously, Bolehland seems taking it for granted. And the best part? Correct me if I am wrong, I don’t recall Penang Island has anything call Beach warden. Nope, it is nothing to do with municipal councils, but professional to know about the tides, what to do and not to do.

        Privatisation part of the beach doesn’t solve the problem either. Unlike typical park, water activities must be constantly monitor like sport facilities, you never know some joker do dangerous stuff that will bring harm to others. (should I remind people about those death and injuries run by “private beach operators”). And I haven’t come into the part of clean up , lifeguard,etc.

        Are Penang people and the state government serious about its seas and beach beside the $$$$$ talk ? I will keep my finger cross.

  15. Penang Gomen can declare earnings from WWW venture; and how the money can be used to improve the lifestyles of typical penangites like offering true fast speed wifi (not just at commercial areas), free public bus rides (apart from rapidpenang) , free tuition for the needy, free recreational activities eg community centres for the elderly and retirees.

  16. .Demi God commercialized the State of Penang. UMNO commercialized Malaysia.Both DAP and UMNO are same.Double blow for Penangites.

    rajraman. Penang is most expensive City to live, its more expensive than Kuala Lumpur.

    • @rajraman666,

      Come migrate to a better place, Selangor welcomes you !!! Cheaper cost of living and freer too.

      • GK,
        All this while i am staying in Selangor.I am not Penangites.I am interested in Penang Politics because DAP govern this state outright.Majority win.For your information Selangor MB hoarding a lot of $$$.Potholes everywhere.Common property not maintain, but out a sudden pay increase but service sucks.This stingy MB save money even from Public money to get a pay rise.

        rajraman. No wonder dengue is highest in Selangor from the rest of Federation of Malaysia. I can’t find a blog like Anil in Selangor to whack Khalid.Anyway GK nothing is free in Selangor except a bit of drinking water.My quit rent this Khalid collect but don’t maintain.

      • @rajraman666,

        I meant more freedom in Selangor. Tomorrow I’m going to pay one of my premise license fee totaling RM 450++ to the state coffer, but I feel good about that because of the way the state admin doing their jobs. The same cannot be said when I was paying for MPPP.

        Regarding to money hoarding, I heard that they are preparing for Syabas acquisition, so too cautious and stingy when spending money. As always, you can always pinch your local ADUN regarding to potholes 🙂

        p.s. Another “tak suka, keluar” statement coming from the rogue coalition. That statement alone will boost PR another few % of total voters support !!!

      • Both also sama sama but I believed Penang under DAP LGE is become worse than Gerakan KTK

    • @tunglang,

      personally I do not believe such story. Just another illogical / idiotic piece of cyber warfare article. I would say it’s comparable to Awang Selamat’s daily nonsense. Too many unbelievable figures. But as the popular Chinese saying: “up to you to believe it or not”

  17. Cheap and tacky. The Penang government must work out what kind of world we want to live in. Turning a beautiful bay into a plastic fluorescent eyesore for what? Saying that, the bay was ruined by the last government, which allowed someone to build a tom yam shack on the beach.
    Truly 1Malaysia at its worst: finally we have BOTH parties displaying how little class or taste we have.

    Does it benefit Penang people? NO. This eyesore is affecting what it is to be in Penang. This needs to stop because why do people visit Penang? A big part is for the island feel. If things like this keep going on, people will stop coming. Take Cameron Highlands for example. A great case study for a “how NOT to” for managing your resources. It is now a shell of what it used to stand for. Sure the tourists go, but what kind of tourists are they? How many go on the weekdays? Also, what about the people who live there? Why did they have to sacrifice their home for this?

    So now think very hard, can this government be trusted to manage anything on Penang Hill? The answer is of course NO. Get ready of a Penang Hill that will be a big hawker centre, pollution, rubbish, portaloos, full of tacky shops selling mass produced trinkets, and probably traffic jams of golf buggies. It will be destroyed.

    I’ve said it before but this is another example of what happens when there is no vision, passion, or leadership. You need to have a clear vision as to what we should be aiming for, and then get everyone on board to achieve it. If something deviates from this, then stop it. THIS IS LEADERSHIP.

    Sorry to say LGE you need to raise your game. You may be a decent administrator, but you need to go and sit under a tree (if it hasn’t been cut down yet), and meditate or something to get some inspiration. Maybe you need to take a year off and go find yourself.

    This “attraction” is so 3rd world … And it shows how far we’ve regressed as a people if we think this is better than preserving natural beauty. The Penang Tourism head should be fired if he thinks this is something we should be proud of.

  18. Nothing is free, you guys should know, more so in Penang.
    Penang is only going to get more developed and more land scarce whether it is LGE or someone else at the helm.
    You cannot have development and still wish it will be like the good old days. It won’t but a lot of good planning helps.
    Penang needs more great thinkers to help it to develop well.
    We can then have theme parks and also free open spaces for everyone to enjoy.

    • The big question is: What kind of development (for public consumption) on a small island?

      Is it for Penangites or businessmen or developers? ‘No Excess Money, No Enjoy’ should never take precedence over affordability, not in the excuses for more tourist attractions. Btw, Pg is already, long ago, a unique tourist magnet but wasn’t planned for a plastic, gaudy Disneyland for speedy-noisy-tourism beyond its own capacity. In thy holy name of Cosmopolitan Penang, this has gone a bit tad too far for money-making for a selected few.

      Is it complementary to an environment or just a plastic eyesore trying to be ‘exclusive’. What we are seeing is typical of a 3rd world class development mentality, not integrated development with a vision but hap-hazard pasar-malam display of high-end development at the expense of locals’ rights to free recreation spaces already shrinking per square foot from the hills to the seasides.

      How much of private commercialisation, how much of public free space? Trying to justify economics of limited supply (of public spaces) predestined for commercial pursuits or worst, private consumption is preposterous, not much different from selling one’s own home-sweet-home for fast money over a sustainable future.

      It looks more like a ‘Garish Make Over’ by a Melakan accountant who has no soul for Penang uniqueness but arrogance. Who can see a dream vision in a bag of cosmopolitan beans?

      Btw, where is the still hiding Local Plan?

    • Wouldn’t you say that Singapore is very developed and land scare? Why is it they have more public parks and beaches than in Penang? Why is it that every suburb has a large local park? Why is it that almost their entire coastline is reserved for recreation (not condos and hotels) and open for all without any charge? Why is it that they have the longest coastal park in the world despite having one of the highest population densities? Why is it they are so developed yet so green and pedestrian friendly? Let’s not even mention they have a population 5 times the size of ours.

      We don’t wish it to be like the good old days, which weren’t very good in the first place. We want it to be better than that. For our future generation to have a more livable place to call home.

      Where good balanced development practices are concerned, Sg has shown us that it can be done. When they developed Marina Bay, they included a 250 acrepublic park (yes 250 acres) called gardens by the bay which is equivalent if not larger than the total built area. We could have done that with straits quay but instead we silted up Gney drive and included a 2 hectare garden they call a park. The rest (about 1000 acres) was given to a developer to make money from. As if that is not enough, they are going to do the same thing at The Light and Penang World City (bayan mutiara). And what do we get in return? A linear bicycle lane. What a good deal don’t you think.

      An aerial view to prove my point

      On the other hand this is what we get

      See the difference

      • Straits Green – these rich-not-enough developers think Penangites are Kitty-CAT kindy kids.
        Blame the authorities for allowing such swap-deals Penangites have to swallow after the fact (which was hidden from public knowledge till launching day).

  19. It’s a pity, arrogant and hypocrite DAP .Whats free those days the seas also become commodity to make money from citizen.

    rajraman. I noticed the voting pattern of who against the Theme Park and DAP almost negative.It’s looks like DAP cyber-trooper or DAP Political Trader are reading this and they very unhappy to accept criticism.

    It’s common with Powerful people in Politics and Business don’t accept criticism from common people’s.This people’s always rights.

  20. While we are at it, let’s also demand for the bridges to be demolished, airport closed and ferries sunk. That will ensure Penang will stay natural and exclusive to true Penangites.

    Next phase would be to revoke all private land titles so that we can all share penang equally and fairly.

    Finally it would be the responsibility of the state to manage food production and guarantee each Penangites the right to be born into retirement.

    p’s. …..I hope penang is suitable to produce coffee so we can continue to enjoy kopi o kau kau.

    • You lament like an alley cat. Sorry, cat doesn’t & can’t possibly drink kopitiam Kopi-O kau kau.
      My advice: Go to Starry-Eyed Buck, order a kitty cat’s milk @ designer’s price tag to drown your sorrows. As a last resort, get 3 joss-sticks from Carnarvon Street & pray-pray facing Komtar Tower.

    • I’m afraid you’ve missed the point. What people are demanding is for a space that belonged to the public to remain with the public and not awarded to a private company so that it can make money out of public land. Let us put it this way. Wouldn’t it be wrong if I were to come into your house, enclose it and charge money each time you want to enter. Doesn’t it sound absurd.

      On the other hand if I bought the house from you then I have the right to charge you rental for staying in the house. It is that simple. We must distinguish private vs public property. In the case of a beach, it is public space and public property.

      Your suggestion of revoking private land titles does not apply here. We can’t confiscate a property which is privately owned from the owners to be given to the public. But at the same time, we should not confiscate what is public property and then give it to a private company in order to make money. Hope this clears things up. Democratic socialism is very different from communism.

    • Sunny,
      If you want to (criticise) people’s (criticise) them direct and name the person.That’s gentleman.What you say is insulting like we expecting freebies.The people’s have says but the Government always ignored.Another UMNO in the making.

      rajraman. I always like the comments by tunglang.

  21. As if Cosmopolitanisation of George Town is not enough, notwithstanding the extending Coast-Mud-Politan of Gurney Drive, Penangites are yet pushed thro’ their throats another cut-throat theme park now @ the sea.

    The arrogance of such speedy+silent recreational development (for fear of outrage by concerned Penangites) shows what kind of leadership we have. [email protected] end cost is contrary to:

    1) what average Penangites are earning to stay afloat in the already chest-deep household debts. Who can afford such high-end theme park recreation but the gaya raya & 1% richie?
    2) what was once an entitled public space for everyone’s rights to recreation. Privatisation or pirate-tisation of seasides is uncalled for in this “No Money, No Entry” to public beaches + seas.
    3) already sensitive sea + beach environment with receding beach front at the mercy of higher tides. Imagine the thousands of rushing feet on the beach daily causing faster erosion of sands from the beach surface which is no different from the African Serengeti wildebeests rush into the muddied waterholes. Tis no different from the botak-ing of our pristine hills! Poor Batu Ferringhi beach crabs, you better emigrate to Pantai Kerachut, the last frontier of beach serenity (hope + pray to the right gods or deities).
    4) highly congested coastal road that can barely support single lane-2 way traffic. Imagine what traffic congestion this coming Chinese New Year of the Galloping Horses. Not even Clint Eastwood & his hundreds of cattles of Raw Hide can match this mad, mad rush of Speedy Gonzales tourism mania.
    5) the Pearl of the Orient fame, a reputation for quiet beaches, Malay kampung & emerald sea so obsessed by well-travelled romantic British, Australians & Japanese.

    There was a seafood restaurant called “The End Of The World” which is now extinct to make way for Teluk Bahang Forest Reserve office & car park. The recent development along the northern tourist seafront belt is spelling ‘the end of the world’ of fine sand beaches, toe-tickling crabs, emerald sea, lazy-lapping waves, singing coconut trees & lovers’ hiding-rendezvous rocks.

    Someone must be practising singing for GE14 at the helipad of Komtar Tower of Cosmopolitan Madness:
    “Don’t cry for me, Batu Ferringhians.
    The truth is, I never care a damn for you.
    Not for your beaches, not for your siput.
    I kept my promise, don’t stop your praying.

  22. Too many wet and wild theme parks in Malaysia 🙁 Penang should leverage on its historical and natural bounties and create more world-class unique eco-tourism attractions that will interest higher spending tourists from Europe

  23. Public places like the beaches, sea and open space are the peoples` domain and any development must be for the peoples` benefits and not to be exploited for the benefits of a few cronies. By closing this area for … exploitation, the people will have less one area for their rest & recreation. DAP LGE has gone too far this time and must be sent back to where he belong.

    • We have theme park in the hills, by the sea & most likely, more like, going to be likely a Kitty CAT Deityland, this time in inner city George Town’s Sia Boey Heritage.
      Moew, meow, meow for Fatt Tatt Choy, Fatt Tatt Choy, Chan Hai Fatt Mao Choy 🙂 🙂 🙂

      If you visit typical Chinese businessmen’s shops, you will most likely bump into golden, right-paw-welcoming ‘choy’ smiling cat statues.
      Penang’s Carnarvon Street & Kimberley Street Chinese prayer shops should think out of the prayer-box to sell Pg Tokong CATs dressed in Shanghai accountant suit for blessing of San Nyin Fatt Tatt Choy. ‘Tis one is different: 3 joss sticks per day facing Komtar Tower.

      • you can’t expect younger generations of island penangites to continue to seek jobs/career at FTZ electronics industry ? longer term is to seek tourism revenues so that the public in the island can continue to afford ever expensive cost of livings.
        my neighbours’ son & daughters earn good decent commisions selling branded perfumes this holiday season at Penang Malls (customers from abroad and rich locals who would have gone to KL/Spore to make purchases). This is unheard of in the 90s or early 2000s.
        Tourism is the future for island Penang BUT need to be carefully planned out not at the expense of environmental decay.

  24. Theme Parks are a blot on Penang’s natural environment and a con to extract as much money from families as possible. More than that, they exploit the natural relationship between people and their environment. Instead of encouraging families to visit naturally formed beaches and bring a picnic lunch with them, they encourage just another form of elitism by creating a boundary around a area of sea and/or land, then label it special and charge the earth to go there.

    Was this area in Bati Ferringhi previously open to the public?

    What return from the privatization of this beach front does the public get?

    Theme Parks are no different than the exclusive condominium or the exclusive mall with security guards to ensure those without the means are excluded.

    Right on Penang…roll on Singapore.

    • I couldn’t have put it better. You are certainly right. Beaches and seas should be public space free for all. How can one enclose a particular area that belongs to the public and charge people to enter. If it is a piece of land that you buy and you rightfully own then you can charge the moon for people to enter and I will not care. Not only is this elitist, it is to me illegal.

      Exactly the same with Penang Sports Club. They are given the land at a rate so cheap you can’t even buy an affordable home with the money. And they have been allowed to continue to lease that piece of land for a song for the past 50 years. Then they enclose everything and only the rich members who can afford to buy a membership that costs more than 20k are allowed to enjoy the facilities and premises which belongs to the state and to the public. How is that fair? But this is life. If you complain about that, they will accuse you of being a communist, terrorist and whatnot.

      • How to make noise? There was very little if any news on this. There wasn’t even a public consultation session nor any notice asking for objections. This is the first time I’ve heard about it. We don’t even know which company was awarded the project, whether they are charged a rental or given the sea and beach free of charge and what safety precautions they have taken. It is ok. Let us just wait for someone to get injured … and then information will be dug out. When it is time for BN to do their job as an effective opposition, they want to keep quiet. I think we need Rafizi Ramli in Penang.

      • The same with Botak-ed Relau Hill. Botak it first, “Keep Calm, Penangites” later.
        This is a sneaky cat burglar tactic of robbing & short-changing the people of public recreation spaces.
        Otherwise, how to push thro’ Cosmopolitan Wildness & Greed with many concerned Penangites Batu Ferringhians in anilnetto.com?
        In fact, not many Penangites knew of this wild, wild, wild idea of a water theme park in a sensitive sea+beach environment.


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