Update:(30 December 2013): Not being a real estate lawyer, I didn’t realise that a private company can actually lease the sea from the state! Like most people (including the fisher folk), I was under the impression that the beaches and the sea are supposed to be public property. These comments from a report in The Star today:

Theme Park Concepts and Services Sdn Bhd, the operator of Wet World Wild, described the comments (in this blog) as “strange”.

“We’ve had about 800 visitors so far and they all loved it,” said its regional account director Melvin Kuo.

Kuo also said two fishermen tried to cast their nets next to the park’s floating ramp yesterday.

“They don’t understand that we took a lease for the sea off Moonlight Bay and kept insisting the sea is public property,” he said.

“We are paying almost RM8,000 a year to the state government to lease about 1ha of land and sea surface,” he said.

RM8000 a year? That’s about the annual rental for a small basic apartment.

Some of you commenters are also mentioned in the full report in The Star.

Original post (27 December 2013):

The RM3m Wet World Wild Adventure Park had its soft launch in Penang on Christmas Day.

The Wet World Wild theme park in Batu Ferringhi

The Wet World Wild theme park in Batu Ferringhi

The park can take some 800 people per day. The project is reportedly spearheaded by Theme Park Concepts & Services Sdn Bhd in collaboration with the Penang Global Tourism Board.

These are the ticket prices:


What do you think of such theme parks? Will they be beneficial for ordinary Penangites in the long run?