Update:(30 December 2013): Not being a real estate lawyer, I didn’t realise that a private company can actually lease the sea from the state! Like most people (including the fisher folk), I was under the impression that the beaches and the sea are supposed to be public property. These comments from a report in The Star today:

Theme Park Concepts and Services Sdn Bhd, the operator of Wet World Wild, described the comments (in this blog) as “strange”.

“We’ve had about 800 visitors so far and they all loved it,” said its regional account director Melvin Kuo.

Kuo also said two fishermen tried to cast their nets next to the park’s floating ramp yesterday.

“They don’t understand that we took a lease for the sea off Moonlight Bay and kept insisting the sea is public property,” he said.

“We are paying almost RM8,000 a year to the state government to lease about 1ha of land and sea surface,” he said.

RM8000 a year? That’s about the annual rental for a small basic apartment.

Some of you commenters are also mentioned in the full report in The Star.

Original post (27 December 2013):

The RM3m Wet World Wild Adventure Park had its soft launch in Penang on Christmas Day.

The Wet World Wild theme park in Batu Ferringhi
The Wet World Wild theme park in Batu Ferringhi

The park can take some 800 people per day. The project is reportedly spearheaded by Theme Park Concepts & Services Sdn Bhd in collaboration with the Penang Global Tourism Board.

These are the ticket prices:


What do you think of such theme parks? Will they be beneficial for ordinary Penangites in the long run?

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  1. clamouring for free access to beach, free this, free that… and without limitation. where does the money comes from? only way to keep things free is to leave things as they are, ie. undeveloped (ie. live on tree houses with jungle surroundings).

    when development is needed, money is also needed, a compromised position is also needed. yes, there Must be free beaches (with fair amenities) and also beaches which are developed to attract tourist dollars. For these elite places, locals can’t just complain about cut-throat access at the same time not able to offer better solutions as to how the govt gets to make money to fund for other amenities (ie. maintaining the free beaches). if can’t afford the elite price, go for the free ones. if nothing is free anymore, kick out the govt and get someone else who can do it with a balanced development.

  2. It has been quite a few months since this article surfaced. I finally took time to read as much as I can on this topic and feel that for the heck of it and for the love of Penang (since I was born there), I will also contribute my 2 cents.

    I wanna clarify that the Beach at Moonlight Bay Batu Ferringhi was a Public Place and still is. The lease was for the small plot of water where you see those “blow ups” set-up. The public or anyone for the matter is free to enter the beach or water anytime, without cost. Anyone who wants to play on those “blow ups” will have to pay a minimal fee of RM40.00 and RM30.00 respectively.

    The “blow-ups” as one of you lightly put it is the best money can buy from Germany that is the only TUV Safety Certified “blow-ups” available in the World to date. How much does it cost? Well, I leave it at your discretion. It is definitely not cheap.

    The park can accommodate up to 800 customers per day but realistically, do you think business is that good? You think WWW makes RM32,000 per day and reaps in RM11,680,000.00 per annum? Using “blow-ups” floating in the water? Get real.

    Someone also mentioned filthy jellyfish infested waters. You got that right! However, for a man that spends 12 hours a day at Moonlight Bay for months during the duration of building WWW, I can tell you that 7 to 10 days a month, Moonlight Bay gets clear water as deep as 5 feet. The waves and currents at Moonlight Bay is one of the mildest you can get along Batu Ferringhi. Did you also know that a 1,400 feet long jellyfish netting (height of 18 feet) was set up to prevent jellyfish from entering the bay? How much did you think that cost the company? That is by far, probably the longest jellyfish net ever set-up in Penang or anywhere else.

    WWW is Asia’s 1st Open Sea Water Park. Why did I suggest it be built in Penang of ALL places in Malaysia? Simply because I love Penang. I really thought by doing this, Penangites will appreciate the goodwill. Apparently, not everyone feels the same. Do you know how many countries in the World are dying to attract tourists? Now that Penang is booming with tourists, I hear people bitching about having “too many” tourist. Traffic Jams coz too many visitors to the island. If 6 million visitors per annum visit Penang spending RM100 each per trip (which is ridiculously low), that is almost RM1Billion contribution to the economy of Penang. It is not all about making money BUT it is about keeping the economy afloat, making sure that Trishaw uncle at Penang Road has income, about making sure that kids stay off the streets and have a proper job. 50% of the customers at WWW are tourists, walk-ins. All the staff at WWW depends on them. YOU depend on tourist, everyone does. How is opening Asia’s 1st Open Sea Water Park bad in any way for Penang?

    If you have any knowledge at all about dealing with nature, you will know that it is never cheap. How much do you know about maintenance of the park? RM3Mil is a lot for “blow-ups”? Did you put into account the facilities built on site? In Europe, these “blow-ups” businesses are only facilitated by a plastic table, an umbrella and wristbands as proof of entry. There is also ONLY 1 staff (he is the ticketing officer, the lifeguard, the watchman). No life jackets provided either. At WWW, there are Changing/Locker Rooms, Surau, Ticketing Counter, Storage, Security & First Aid Station. There are up to 10 lifeguards in the water during peak hours. IN THE WATER, not up on a tower or on the beach. Did you guys know about the big car park space available on top of the hill before you get to Moonlight Bay?

    Parasailing cost RM180, Jet Ski cost RM80 and Banana Boat cost between RM20 to RM50 depending on how many people get on it. Name me one of those three you will willingly let your 7 year old go alone? I thought so. Name me on of those which is NOT DANGEROUS. Name me one of them that puts lifeguards in the water to look after you. Name me one of those activities that hasn’t witness a fatal accident. I thought so.

    One day, I witnessed a family of about 20 visited WWW. The oldest was a 75 year old Uncle and his wife, a 65 year old auntie. They came with their children and grandchildren. They all went in and you should see their faces and excitement. You want photo proof of a 75 year old who rock climbed the Action Tower? Let me know. From 6 years old to 75 years old. It was one of their best family outings ever. Name me one other activity that caters to this. Yes, they are all Penangites!

    Anyways, there is much more I wanna say but I think I will stop short now. Tired…..late for my golf…:P

    PS. Please note that I do not represent the company that built WWW Penang. What I mentioned here has nothing to do with them whatsoever. Not worth my time.

  3. Penangites still go entertained themselves at Pesta at Sungai Nibong?

    Sad to see a tragic accident at the Ferris Wheel.

    • Penang people now more sophisticated in taste and are willing to pay for entertainment.
      Pesta however should be kept for the benefit of those who are nolstagic of old days and do not like development, and not willing to pay for new things.

      • Be very careful of what you said. Many who visited Pesta Pulau Pinang at Sg Nibong were majority Malays from Pulau Pinang, Seberang and Kedah. Have some respect irrespective of social class. Paham tak?

    • Don’t get jealous or anxious. Just dig deep into the state coffer of ‘Gau Chan Boh Looi’.
      All things BN used & Proton reminder must go. Bad Feng Shui mah.
      Next, we may see Komtar Tower also go to be replaced by Darth Vader’s Kucing Lookout Tower.

  4. What’s the law? Can anyone prevent someone else from using the beach and the sea? I know we cannot enter restricted areas with sensitive government installations or private properties. What’s this “lease” thing? OK, it’s a creative enterprise and sport generating income and jobs. But, for how long is the lease valid and why is the cost of the lease so low for such a large area of land and sea?
    The way I see it is the area is leased to the party to conduct the activities and charge users for using the facilities. Anyone should be able to continue to use the beach and sea free-of-charge. The proprietor can only charge people who use the structures they put up by leasing the land and sea.
    Let’s challenge their interpretation that people have to pay to access the beach and sea. Nobody, not BN, not Pakatan can prevent people from accessing our public beaches and sea. And it’s time to re-examine the beach and sea at the Penang Swimming Club. There must be public access to the beach and sea. And what’s the assessment rates for this swimming club and all other clubs in Penang. Are they still very low? When were the rates last reviewed?

    • The CAT laws will sue you, if not in favour of its “lawlessness” of regulation, selling or leasing of public spaces at questionable rates. It is not a question of providing employment, creating business opportunities or serving the tourism industry.
      It is questionable issue of this leasing to the wild, wild world of recreation that calls for questioning.
      Need we be any wild at it?
      If fact, those fishermen can sue the government for restricting their livelihood.

    • Yes, malaysiafreepress, you are right let the rakyat and in this case, the penang people to re-examine Penang Swimming Club and all other clubs how much they are paying for the rates and the tenure of lease.

      Why is it that the public properties can be manipulated and be used by the rich only? Let’s protest and make our voices heard.

      Let’s flood lim guan eng’s mail box which i just did and i also sent one to tg bungah adun, Teh yee chiew abt the water theme park at bf as there is no point of us just making noise here.


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