True to form, the Umno-BN-led government is adopting a ‘give-and-take’ policy with respect to workers. It has included foreign workers in the minimum wage policy but then forces them to absorb the foreign workers’ levies.

This shows that the government is pro-employers rather than pro-workers.

Employers may be providing accommodation to workers, but what kind of accommodation is that? Also, accommodation may be provided but it could also end up restricting the workers’ freedom of movement and association.

When it comes to local workers, you have all kinds of handouts – 1this and 1that, BR1M1.0 and BR1M2.0, etc. But when the elections are over – and if the BN wins – you can expect electricity bills to go up and GST to be introduced, no? Let the BN government deny that this is the case – if they can.

So don’t think that this is an issue that only affects foreign workers.