Say NO to making Penang a federal territory


The suggestion by a federal minister that Penang should become a federal territory is ludicrous…

or, as constitutional expert Gurdial Singh puts it, “preposterous” and “immature”:

“You cannot just take over a state. There is no provision for that,” the former Universiti Malaya law professor told FMT.

“The state and its institutional governance structure is prescribed by the constitution itself. You cannot change that. It’s the basic structure mandated by the constitution.

“There are also prescribed functions of state jurisdiction. The state has exclusive jurisdiction in matters like land tenure, which even the federal government cannot interfere. You can’t change anything on this exclusive list without state consent,” he said.

States have power over matters not listed in the Ninth Schedule of the Federal Constitution, which details the specific responsibilities of the federal and state governments. States can make their own laws on matters such as land tenure, Islam and local government.

“Also, the federal government cannot alter the state boundaries without the state legislature and the Conference of Rulers’ consent. The same applies if the federal government wants to carve out a territory within the state,” Gurdial said.

He said the constitution could not be amended to make Tengku Adnan’s idea possible because it ran counter to the fundamental structure of a federal-type constitution.

“Even if Barisan Nasional was able to win back Penang through the general election, it still would not be possible to cede the entire state to make it a federal territory.

“There are things even a ruling government cannot change.”

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Gurdial said the idea of making Penang a federal territory and dismantling its entire structure was “so preposterous”, describing it as an “immature, not well-thought out comment”.

Attempting to make Penang a federal territory would be totally a step in the wrong direction. Malaysia is already an overly centralised federation, no doubt about it. Even local bus services like RapidPenang are controlled by Putrajaya.

Whereas in many parts of the world, especially in progressive federations, the trend is towards even greater decentralisation, here it would seem that the BN government in Putrajaya wants even more control over state matters. The proposal to take over Penang is so out of touch with the global trend in progressive democracies, it isn’t funny.

Look, I am no fan of the Penang government’s (over)development policies. There is plenty wrong with the kind of damaging development being carried out in Penang. Some of these policies have been terrible for sustainable development. Let’s not even talk here about the proposals for three large artificial islands to fund over-the-top transport infrastructure. For many people, housing – even so-called “affordable housing” – is increasingly unaffordable.

Yet, isn’t it true that some of the companies involved in these projects have federal interests or connections or shares held by federal GLCs or institutional investors or they might even receive federal funding (eg the redesign of the Penang Hill Railway)?

Moreover, such development policies invariably affect all ethnic groups, not just the Malays. This phenomenon of marginalisation or unaffordable housing is also happening in KL and Johor. How many young people entering the workforce can afford a home of their own? What more the unemployed.

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Isn’t the concentration of wealth in fewer hands, along with the higher cost of living, the real reason for the marginalisation many are feeling? Isn’t this caused by the neoliberal economic model of development and the crony capitalism we have?

The solution is not less democracy and accountability by taking away state elections – for that is the implication of making Penang a federal territory. Then we would end up like the residents of KL who have no say in what Kuala Lumpur City Hall does or how it spends their money.

We wouldn’t want a group of out-of-touch bureaucrats in Putrajaya, far removed from the realities on the ground, making decisions that will affect us here in Penang. This would go against the principle of subsidiarity, which “in its most basic formulation, … holds that social and political issues should be dealt with at the most immediate (or local) level that is consistent with their resolution” (Wikipedia).

What we need is greater participatory local democracy, especially through the reintroduction of local council elections, which are now being blocked by federal laws. Reintroducing local council elections, suspended in 1965, would help to promote the interests of the people – and give them a voice.

At present, local councillors feel answerable mainly to their political bosses who appointed them. Conversely, most local residents don’t even know most of their local councillors.

If councillors are elected in council elections, even if their candicacy has to be first approved by their political bosses, they will know they have to face local residents in elections. This will make these councillors more responsive to the people rather than slavishly supporting the party line every time. They will know their jobs are on the line at the next polls if they don’t uphold the public interest.

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Local council polls would also provide an avenue for local residents who might feel marginalised by the type of development in the state; they can then vote for alternative candidates in these polls.

So say NO to making Penang a federal territory, YES to greater decentralisation, and YES to bringing back local council elections in Penang, KL and elsewhere in Malaysia.

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  1. now tua pek kong here wants more building chopping of trees and making hills botak in order to angkat kaki gilakan federal gomen…

  2. Give fast-track approvals for all federal affordable housing projects, Penang told

    GEORGE TOWN, Feb 16 ― The Penang state government must give fast-track approvals for all federal affordable housing projects, Datuk Seri Zainal Abidin Osman said today.

    The Penang Federal Action Council chairman said that the federal government, through its seven agencies are planning to build a total 56,569 units of affordable housing units in Penang.

    “Between 2008 and 2016, we have already completed 34 projects with a total 5,950 units of affordable housing in Penang,” he said in a press conference today.

    The 5,950 units were part of the 20,887 affordable housing units that were announced by the state government recently.

    “We still have 10,000 units of affordable housing pending approval by the state government since the last three to four years,” he said.

    Zainal said the federal government through its various agencies are now in the planning stage for 46,602 units of affordable housing in Penang.

    He accused the state government of delaying federal projects by not giving them fast approvals.

    “They have a special lane with fast approval for some private developers, a normal lane for other developers and for us, we are the pending lane, all our applications are always pending,” he said.

    He said the state should cooperate with the federal government so that these projects can take off as soon as possible to benefit the people of Penang.

    “All these projects are priced below RM400,000 on the island and RM250,000 on the mainland, within affordable range,” he said.

    These projects will be implemented through various stages by federal agencies including PR1MA, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB), UDA Holdings and Penang Regional Development Authority (Perda).

  3. If you believe in Snake Temple and Tanjung Tokong TuaPekKong’s prophecy through the fire flames ceremonies, this year unprecedented average, average, average for next 3 quarters in Penang ( basically saying not good at all! in gentler way).

    So SAY NO to wasting times commenting on matters that bring no $ income to sustain life getting tougher as days go by due to all sorts of Barang Naik phenomenon.

    SAY YES to be more productive to earn more RM to sustain life necessities like food, shelter and some say fragile ego.

    • You are right. This blog is becoming a site for many to vent their frustration likely due to poor economy and depreciating value of our Ringgit? Price for crude oil and oil palm have gone up but Ringgist is still suffering from ED?

    • Edelman: More than half of Malaysians lost faith in institutions, system

      KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 15): The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer Malaysia findings revealed that 52% of Malaysians have lost faith in the institutions and system as a sense of injustice, lack of hope, lack of confidence and a desire for change brew within the community.

      The findings are consistent with a survey entitled How to Fix Malaysia? conducted by The Edge in December last year, in which respondents said corruption and poor governance were the two most urgent problems that Malaysia needed to fix.

      The Edelman Trust Barometer said 2017 also saw Malaysia slipping into distrust for the first time, as the trust index for Malaysia dropped to 48 points in 2017 from 51 points in 2016. The three-point decrease in the trust index is a reflection of the global trend as well. According to the survey, trust declines in 21 out of 28 countries, the broadest decrease since beginning general population tracking in 2012.

      The levels of trust placed by Malaysians in all four institutions — government, media, business and non-government organisations (NGO) — have all dropped slightly in 2017 as compared to 2016, in line with global trends.

  4. No to making Penang federal territory?

    Well, has DAP done any good job governing Penang at the moment? Flat NO! An F grade for “Fail”.

    Is the DAP lead government super clean? Flat NO! (This is the funny part because the shameless CM is charged with corruption himself)

    Does DAP leadership has any freaking principle at all? Flat NO! That DAP dinosaur Lim Kit Siang actually work with Dr Mahathir, the man who sent him to jail many years back; what a freaking hypocrite that dinosaur has become!

    Did DAP treat their compatriots any good? Flat NO! See how they treat people like Lim Boo Chang, Lim Mah Hui and Roger Teoh when they didn’t agree with that shameless CM?

    Did DAP treat their former DAP compatriots any good? Flat NO! See how they treat people like Sim Tong Hin, Goh Leong San, Lim Jack Wong and Chin Choong Seong?

    Has Penangites life improved under DAP? Flat NO! Just more traffic congestion on the roads, no new parks being built, just more and more lands being sold to developers, paid parking over the weekends and many more; just tell me one freaking good thing DAP has ever done for Penang, just one will do, ok? Wake up people. Wake up and rise against DAP.

    I say make Penang a Kedah territory, make all Penangites become Kedahan and eliminate the Penang CM post.

    Anything but DAP!

    DAP membawa padah.

    • thanks for making gilakan and bn’s view known to make penang into FT when bn is in power. unlike dedak tun lang hiding behind and like snake oil pasar mlm trader crow… with irrelevant outside points. he does not know the local discussion is on FT but bragged about pg local plan

    • Federal governments gets tax revenues from rakyat, so building low cost home is an obligation. No need to shout about.

    • dedak you dont understand local plan? the discussion is on FT but with anil as mate where is the river of justice?

  5. ‘Inappropriate’ to call four Malacca reps a cancer, says Teng

    It is inappropriate for DAP acting chairperson Tan Kok Wai to call the four Malacca elected representatives a “cancer” to the party, after they quit DAP, said DAP’s Sungai Pinang assemblyperson Teng Chang Khim.

    The Selangor executive councillor said it is not proper to make “abusive” remarks against former comrades, especially those who have contributed greatly to the party.

    “One may agree or disagree with Sim’s action or justification but should never tell the untruth or be abusive to ex-comrades who had tremendously contributed to the party in the past.

    My Observation: Nothing surprising of such Fat Cat behaviour.
    In ‘its’ frenzied zeal to fulfil Cosmopolitan Penang, Penangites who have contributed greatly to the fulfilment of Penang UNESCO status & breathing souls to its global reputation as a must visit for cultural tourists are conveniently ‘forgotten’ or sidelined or worst social-engineered (economically forced emigration to other states). Such behaviour is no different inside-out of CAT-Cancered DAP.

      • Please everyone stick to the topic and dont flood the comments section especially with flippant remarks or personal attacks.

  6. I can’t imagine where that CAT would go (after GE14) when Melaka is now rejecting it?
    Now this is the wake up reality for overt-worshipping of an Arrogant Deity…

    • The four have been rejected by the majority of DAP Melaka members. So better for them to advance their political career elsewhere.

  7. Sim: DAP needs body check-up as ‘cancer’ grows from inside

    DAP may have a bigger number of unseen latent ‘cancer’ apart from the ones who recently quit the party in Malacca, warned Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him.

    Sim was referring to the comment made by DAP acting chairperson Tan Kok Wai who had welcomed the resignation of the four elected representatives because “they have changed and I consider them a cancer within the party”.

    Tan was responding to the resignations of Sim, Duyong assemblyperson Goh Leong San, Bachang assemblyperson Lim Jak Wong and Kesidang assemblyperson Chin Choong Seong on Sunday.

    My Observation: The cancer could have generated from a cat. I mean a Niao Kong.
    Have we not seen many of these DAP cancer cases fighting this cat cancer the past years?
    And this cat cancer have no race preference. Malay, Chinese, Indians past DAP members were infected!

    • Chinese population in Malaysia is decreasing.
      DAP must find malay partners to get the required non-chinese votes to stay in power.
      But people like Sim is too old fashioned and hardcore chinese chauvinist.

      • The crisis in question is not whether DAP tango with Mahathir or any Malay politician, but more to the point is the leadership style that is getting itself into friction with those who “doesn’t toe the line” set by Arrogant Niao Kong.
        Trying hard to emulate LKY no funny business but actually no where near to LKY’s social skills, smart+hard bargaining & politico-socio EQ! And being the worst CM-stateman-salesman shooting his own 2 feet (country) trying to attracting FDI!

      • Dedak is like tua pek kOng sure
        20 percent vote for DAP. Tua pek kOng can stand for election with 80 percent voting for tun Lang. But tun lang is just another scared.. This scared cat win but will turn into FT with gilakan building more housE’s? How much tun Lang gilakan party with umno has built houses at what range in Penang??

  8. GEORGE TOWN, Feb 13 — Most Malaysian youths spend too much time in trendy cafes instead of visiting old-style kopitiams and traditional shops, Penang Gerakan said today.
    Penang Gerakan Acting Youth Chief Jason Loo said something must be done to encourage local youths to appreciate local culture and traditions.
    “I see most Malaysian youths are more focused on following the latest trends such as going to modern, western-style cafes instead of spending time at kopitiams that have been around since our grandparents’ time,” he said in a press conference at Bee Hwa Cafe, a coffee shop along Dickens Street here.

    • Ask tun Lang. He drinks kopi o kau2 and always crow the about heritage. See he provides solution or just bark.

      • dedak … can make noise but not others. dedak does not know how to reply logically and wants others to shut up. worse than tokong snd what happen if his party takes back penang. see how like how they treat former dpm and pm?

    • Jason Loo was at Bee Hwa’s kopitiam, which serves halal char meat teow. Tunglang should check it out to comment on landless street food?

    • GEORGE TOWN, Feb 13 — Most Malaysian youths spend too much time in trendy cafes instead of visiting old-style kopitiams and traditional shops, Penang Gerakan said today.

      Penang Gerakan Acting Youth Chief Jason Loo said something must be done to encourage local youths to appreciate local culture and traditions.

      “I see most Malaysian youths are more focused on following the latest trends such as going to modern, western-style cafes instead of spending time at kopitiams that have been around since our grandparents’ time,” he said in a press conference at Bee Hwa Cafe, a coffee shop along Dickens Street here.

      He said traditional kopitiams, or coffee shops, and other traditional shops represent the collective memories of Penangites.


      Loo founded the Young Master Movement late last year and one of the first projects the movement launched was “Hop hop kopitiam campaign” to encourage youngsters to go “kopitiam hopping” instead of cafe hopping.

      “We launched the campaign in November last year and we have visited and highlighted 22 George Town coffee shops in our Young Master Movement Facebook page since then,” he said.

      Today, Loo will be visiting coffee shops around George Town and handing out roses to show appreciation for their efforts in keeping George Town’s traditions alive.

      He visited the Kong Thai Lai Coffee shop that has relocated to Leith Street from Hutton Lane this morning before visiting Bee Hwa Cafe.


      Loo visited eight coffee shops all around the inner city yesterday to give out roses to coffee shop owners and hawkers.

      • Traditional kopitiam must at least provide free wifi, else youth will not bother to frequent. Need to keep up with the market trend and consumer needs else will perish like Gerakan.

      • Ask yourself if the youth of today still take pictures using Kodak film? Keep up with time please. The traditional kopitiam must revamp to attract young customers. Otherwise the owners themselves will find it hard to convince their young kids to inherit the business.

      • Need to keep up with time to stay relevant.
        Of course Gerakan still fail to realise this.

      • Read again: “We launched the campaign in November last year and we have visited and highlighted 22 George Town coffee shops in our Young Master Movement Facebook page since then,” he said.

      • Last night final day operation at Kaffa Cafe – closed for good due to the so-called harrassment from the city council. Gerakan and PCM leaders were there for its final night, likely become an election issue in Penang?

      • This issue of Operation Kaffa Cafe is the talk of town, markets & kopitiam.
        Penangites are disgusted by this Niao Kong behaviour of selective punishment.
        Wonder what hell will come from CAT Putrajaya if it ever takes over!

      • Bee Hwa has compromised Chinese heritage by turning halal. Better go elsewhere for the authentic taste.

    • At least, Gerakan is doing something for Penang heritage.
      Instead of taking away the souls of Penang (as in Insidious CAT’s Cosmopolitan Gentrification of Penang), we should promote, preserve & enliven our cultural assets.

      Gerakan, how about giving due recognition to our Penang Ori-Maestros (street food sifus)?

    • Ideal, Ivory, MahSing, SP Setia, BSG, E&O, Ecco World should now explore Kedah to develop condos there. So far only BelleView Penang dare to develop lifestyle condo in Alor Star! By doing so, more vacant land in Penang island can be spared and become open space for more islanders kids to play football.

  9. DAP has deviated from its original struggle, says former member

    MALACCA: DAP has been drifting further and further away from its original struggle over the past few years, said Kesidang assemblyman Chin Choong Seong.

    Chin – who quit the party with three others on Sunday – said that he was originally attracted to DAP’s struggle for a “Malaysian Malaysia”, but claimed that this was no longer the case.

    The three others who quit DAP Sunday were Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, Lim Jak Wong (Bachang) and Goh Leong San (Duyong).

    Sim said he had lost confidence and was greatly disappointed with the DAP leadership, especially its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in their handling of internal and external party issues.

    “I cannot accept and go along with so-called new political alignment the DAP has taken lately,” said Sim.

    He said his decision to quit DAP was not made in haste and added that they made the decision collectively after due consideration and serious thought.

    Sim said that he was aware that the public could be judgemental and take a different viewpoint from his own.

    However, he said that he “would not blame them because they don’t understand what we are feeling.”

    “Last time, when people criticised DAP, I would defend its image. But today I make this decision without heartache,” he said. – Bernama

    Note: You be the judge. No need for emotional “DAP Loves Malacca”

    • In a time of national crisis, in the next election e cards will be drawn between those who support Prime Minister Najib Razak’s global kleptocracy and those who oppose it. DAP’s national mission is to save Malaysia from further decays, slides and collapses.
      It is in such context that the DAP strategically works with Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Bersatu. No one sacrifices its principles. It is a matter of working together to save Malaysia.
      In a battle between kleptocracy and democracy, a so-called “third force” such as Hadi Awang’s PAS exists to be a spoiler, with the ultimate aim of benefiting Najib and BN.
      Are the four departing representatives are seeing themselves as the third force of sort not dissimilar to Hadi’s?

      • I’m not one to kow tow, Sim Tong Him tells DAP

        MALACCA: Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him has hit out at those criticising his exit from DAP, describing them as people without analytical minds.

        He said no person in the right frame of mind would want to resign after more than three decades in a party without a valid reason.

        “I have been with DAP since 1974, and those criticising my decision to leave should do some soul-searching and not divert the issue to conceal weaknesses in the party.

        “They (the party leadership) should ask themselves why a man wants to seek divorce after 43 years of marriage,” he said Monday.

        Sim said those who refuse to understand his reasons for resigning from the party should not question his loyalty.

        “I was committed to the party’s struggle before the current leadership deviated from its core objectives.

        “My loyalty and commitment were to the party and I am not a person who will kow tow (be subservient) to party leaders who seem to have forgotten their humble beginnings,” he said.

        Sim said he has contested on the DAP ticket since 1982 and is capable of gauging for himself the good and bad developments taking shape in the party.

        “I am unfazed by certain party leaders who want to conceal the truth and are attempting to shift the blame on me by painting the picture that I am disloyal.

        “Previously, it was wrong for me to air my grievances in public on certain issues. Now, I don’t have the right to resign?” he retorted.

        Sim was commenting on DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s statement that the resignation is an act of disloyalty although the Malacca opposition stalwart had denied it.

        On Sunday, Sim together with three Malacca assemblymen – Goh Leong San (Duyong), Lim Jak Wong (Bachang) and Chin Choon Seong (Kesidang) resigned from the party after 12 years of bitter relations between them and another faction in the state DAP as well as the national leadership.

    • CCS lost in recent party election, could not get along with LKS n LGE so alleged party has deviated.
      Nobody is indispensable.
      Party moves on with time.

    • Obviously some old guards in DAP do not like to collaborate with Tun M, or having Malays like Zaid as member. But DAP needs to collaborate with Bersatu to gain the trust of rural Malays. Going alone is definitely not possible.

  10. Penang football now lost all 1st 4 matches, with no goal scored at all. Should move back to City Stadium to have wind assist to score FIFA class goal again!

    Anil, pls check if your site has been hacked, cannot access always leads to junk sites! Thanks.

    • Yes, Damien, the site was hacked and a script was inserted to redirect users to another site. This script has now been removed. Please check and let me know if everything is OK now.

    • Penang FA should have hired Kedah’s Tan Cheng Hoe as coach, as Kedah FA did not give pay rise to Tan after the Malaysia Cup triumph.

  11. Say NO to Penang Reclamation Frezies! Say NO to CAT Arrogance!

    Penang reclamation: Fishermen upset as last patch of mangroves cleared for development

    GEORGE TOWN: The last remaining mangroves along the northern coast of Penang island look set to be wiped out to make way for development.

    Fishermen from Bagan Jermal here had complained that an area of nearly 10ha of mangroves, or more than 10 football fields, was being cleared to make way for a reclamation project.

    A signboard with the words “Lesen Mengambil Hasil Hutan” (Licence to collect forest product) has been put up at the entrance of the project site.

    Fisherman Harun Abdul Rashid, 53, told the New Sunday Times that fishermen used to catch crabs, fishes and white prawns in the mangroves.

    However, he said, the mangroves had been inaccessible for almost two years.

    “There used to be a long stretch of mangroves, stretching from Bagan Jermal right up to Tanjung Tokong. Now, the only patch of mangroves is set to make way for development.

    “What will become of the fishermen? As it is, there is very little marine life left on our coast. With the mangroves being cleared, we dread to imagine what would happen in future,” he said at his house in Kampung Nelayan, Tanjung Tokong.

    Harun said his grandfather and father used to fish near the mangroves.

    “When I started out 40 years ago, I could easily bring home between RM2,000 and RM3,000 in my daily catch.

    “These days, I can’t even make RM300 going out to sea for two straight days.

    “Also, I used to bring home between 30kg and 40kg of crabs per trip from the mangroves. Now, I hardly get 2kg,” he lamented.

    Fishermen from Tanjung Tokong took their plight to their Facebook page, Nelayan Tanjung Tokong, to express their unhappiness.

    “The mangroves are a habitat for flora and fauna. The mangroves, along with mudflats along Gurney Drive, serve as a landing site for migratory birds.

    “Imagine the impact of its clearing on the environment,” the group said.

    Consumers’ Association of Penang expressed its disappointment that the mangroves in the state continued to be felled although there had been many protests, especially by fishermen.

    Its president, S.M. Mohamed Idris, said the ongoing clearing showed that the state government was not serious in protecting the environment and the lives of the people, particularly fishermen.

    © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

  12. Siege mentality over pig-bristle brushes!
    Actually, anything non-halal can be made a controversial issue / problem & in fact can affect some genuine businesses, many of them run by non-Malays.

    Or is this another ‘problem > solution’ opportunity to take away others’ businesses?
    Example: Make it mandatory that only camel / goat hair brushes are sold by Muslim stationery shops / art supplies shops? (remember the no eat, no touch, no smell, no see of non-halal things)

      • ‘No restrictions on organ, blood donation between Muslims and non-Muslims’
        There are no restrictions for organ donation and transplantation between a Muslim and a non-Muslim, said Federal Territories mufti Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri.

        He said this was because human organs were not Islamic or non-Islamic in nature but tools to support human life.

        “When an organ of a non-Muslim is transplanted into the body of a Muslim, the organ will become a part of the Muslim person’s body.

        “Then, the organ is used for its purpose as ordered by Allah,” he said in his Facebook page yesterday.

        Zulkifli said Islam decreed that the body of non-Muslim, which includes its organs and blood, always glorified and praised Allah and obeyed His commands.

        On blood donation from a non-Muslim who may have eaten non-halal food such as pork, Zulkifli said it was allowed in Islam because it was only the blood being transfused not the essence of the pork.

        He also shared the findings of the National Fatwa Council meeting on April 13 and 14, 1982 on blood donation and transfusion between a non-Muslim and a Muslim.

        Zulkifli said it had been ruled that blood donation was ‘harus’ (permissible) and there was no need to separate the blood of a non-Muslim and a Muslim.

  13. Anil

    Your cannot be accessed using iPad or iPhone – directed to junk site. Please investigate.

  14. I am Bangsa coming!!…Already bangsa Johor…Bangsa Sabah- Sarawak…. Soon to start Bangsa Selangor …bangsa Perak……Make sure your IC have been made in Penang…the coming Disintergration of Malaysia (?)

  15. Save Penang first, Gerakan tells Guan Eng

    GEORGE TOWN, Feb 8 ― Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has to “save Penang” first before he can talk about his “I love Penang” campaign, Penang Gerakan said today.

    Penang Gerakan vice chairman Oh Tong Keong claimed the state was facing many issues that the state needed to resolve.

    “If Lim Guan Eng really loves Penang, then he should show his ‘love’ by resolving all these issues plaguing the state,” he said in a press conference today.

    He read out a long list of issues such as illegal hill clearing, flash floods, heritage houses being bought over by foreigners, multinational companies relocating out of Penang, traffic congestion, land reclamation, housing issues, parking issues and public transportation.

    “Recently, Penang Forum met with YB Chow Kon Yeow and MBPP (Penang Island City Council) to revealed that nine hillslopes were illegally cleared, 14 were given permit to clear hills and five more hill clearing being investigated,” he said.

    He demanded to know why the state had promised to strictly monitor any hill clearing work and yet, these illegal activities continued to happen.

    Oh also said heritage shophouses within the World Heritage Zone and its surrounding areas are being bought up by foreigners.

    “It is time the state government put in measures to control this because we believe more than 500 of our prewar houses [are] being sold off to foreigners from Australia and Singapore,” he said.

    He also claimed that the state government had extended parking hours until midnight, including on weekends and public holidays.

    He demanded to know the locations of low cost housing units that the state government claimed were built.

    “There is also the increasing water tariff and the flooding issues that the state government took so lightly,” he said.

    Oh said Lim can only say he loves Penang after his administration resolves all these issues.

    Note to LGE: True, honest, genuine LOVE comes from the heart of campaigner, not thro’ emotionally-aroused LOVE (faux pas) garnered from Penangites.

    • We pity Oh Ah Keong at wrong time, if he was with in power prior to 308 he can reap many benefit$ like his past colleagues in gelakan.

    • Why reproduce the non sensible view from the irrelevant Gerakan that has been dumped by the majority of Penang Lang? Did you get dedak from BN?

      • View dumped by ‘majority’ of Penang Lang???
        You must be drinking too much of Sg Pinang Black Tea!
        Just go around & speak to any sensible Penangite in the know & you will be surprised!

        Most replies would be: “This CM is unbecoming! He got a bungalow @ cheap-cheap price while we Penangites have to move out of Penang”
        Note: This is just one fine sample of what Penangites are feeling right now.

        Don’t believe me, just go around & ask. Now, this is applicable with the 80 / 20 Principle:
        80% are fed-up, 20% are blind worshippers.

      • Ah Keong to contest in Bayan Baru? Today he gave RM12.80 angpow dedak to seniors at Bayan Baru Market!

      • You are cock year sure, go and stand for election as you will win and bring changes but you are just another pasar malam snake oil NATO.

      • People come and go. Even you may leave your boss or boss leave you. People like you also left hand writung, go for type writer, bill gate Ms and not steve’ s Apple computer and of course now dedak! Why also quit all those equipments? Likewise why can’t Pg be just a kg fishing village? Blame Light and British. just ask natives of Australia. Even if British establish a port, why build a rail and create a platform in pg hill?

      • as year of cock and rooster you sure 80% win. go and stand against tokong. you sure with 80%· otherwise snake oil peddler in pasar mlm when with your… boosting and talk. big NATO

      • Everyone happy with massive reclamation project going to carry out by china in melaka and land reclamation has been on going. No self denial.

      • Dedak good at environ but himself putting up unrelated and irrelevant comments with pollutions and hazard comments just like gado gado.

  16. Penang under FT, then niaokong ousted or power limited, return of boh hoot with new developer cronies (Penang heritage n PF do take note) -such a scenario cannot be dismissed!

  17. Forget whether its going to happen or not, its not really the point. WHAT IT REALLY MEANS IS THAT ITS AN ADMISSION THAT UMNO/BN CANNOT GOVERN OR RULE WITHOUT ABUSING THEIR ENTITLEMENT AND PRIVILLEGES..All that Najib talk about TN50, his track record, his plans and that 1MDB is a “business problem”, will pass or blow over. ITS NOT TRUE.

    Fact of the matter, they continue to think of ways to abuse their entitlement and privilleges meaning that 1MDB and other scandals WILL BE REPEATED, WILL HAPPEN AGAIN and in fact, because they cannot put the problems to bed, bigger and worst scandal is getting more likelier.

    Fact is Najib has destroyed so much of the fundamentals of this country, the checks and balance, the basic principles especially getting close to Hadi’s PAS, he has set us up in the future for more and bigger scandals that gets more and more likelier because there is such mentatlity within UMNO/BN

      • It could be a psychological warfare tactic to gauge Penangites’ reaction & DAP’s knee-jerk & counter challenge before going full steam into GE14.
        Eventually, this FT thing may bring forth counter offers which actually is to bring shame to Arrogant DAP on many contentious issues which DAP for the past 8 years just brushed off as irrelevant to Cosmopolitan Penang Frenzied.

      • Under FT, welcome Pay to Han Chiang again courtesy of pride of I Love Penang born boy Eric Tan they golden dragon???

      • I think you were refering to Psy the Gangnam Style guy? Btw Eric Tan luxury boat now compounded by Spore.
        Nobody talking about Goh Choon Lai to give angpow this time?

      • This Fat Garfield being so arrogant & indifferent to Penangites & NGOS now thinks Penangites can anytime sing along his self-contradictory campaign “I Love Penang”.
        Go on dreaming for the next 9-lives, Niao Kong.

        Anak-anak Pulau Pinang tak senang lupa.

      • Niao Kong or Boh Hoot we don’t care, make sure the street food remains affordable then we happy go lucky next GE!
        We like to see Tun Lang seeking office next GE. We give you 9 roses to challenge the stray ones.

      • Why not you sing: “I Love Lim Guan Eng – First,
        Love Penang – Second!”
        Then we will understand why you turn blind to all the botak hills, land reclamation, traffic jams, flooding, unaffordable housing for majority of Penangites, etc.

        Can or Not?

      • Why not you sing hate tokong first and live pg second? Go and stand for election as you are … sure 20% vote tokong and rest vote 80%. Otherwise you blow water… Typical pasar Malam trader

      • First of all, Mr Najib is not charged, I repeat, is not charged with corruption by any government in this planet while your tokong, has been charged for corruption for that bungalow that he bought below market price. You can say a million times about “corrupted MO1” but Mr Najib will not go to jail and will rule Malaysia for at least another term. But I’m not sure about your tokong, hehehe.

      • Of course engineer loves musical chair played by number one Malaysia. Engineer looking for a seat after gani A Gee and PM 2 lost their seats.

      • You better try harder to reply to the writer why FT is good for Pg. You machai of Ft good at copy and paste, troll of NST and STAR.


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