Najib in his maiden speech as PM tonight:

In this spirit, I would like to announce that the government has decided with immediate effect, to remove the temporary ban on TWO news publications, release 13 detainees from ISA detention, and conduct a comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act. Additional details will be announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs shortly.

Well, not quite a surprise.

As I had mentioned yesterday, Pakatan sources in Bukit Selambau were already expecting the release of ISA detainees, specifically a few Hindraf detainees except for the leader, Uthayakumar, who they felt would have to serve a longer term.

But it’s is not known if there are any Hindraf detainees among the 13 detainees that Najib said would be released.

Anyway, it’s a positive start for Najib.

Let  us not forget that this is a small victory for the Malaysian public, many of whom over the last ten years have been pressuring for meaningful democratic reforms, campaigning for the release of all ISA detainees and calling for an outright repeal of the ISA.

But be cautious: this is exactly the way Mahathir started when he came into power in 1981. He released a whole bunch of ISA detainees. And then came Operasi Lalang in 1987.

The first thing that comes to mind now is: is all this a political ploy aimed at the three by-elections? And then tighten the screws later? Does that mean the remaining ISA detainees have to wait for a new PM before they can have a better hope of being released?

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  1. Reflecting without emotion, the authorities might have reason to use the ISA. Without giving reason it seemed that the authorities had embarked on an overkill. Surely there was no threat from Haraka and the Keadilan publication. Lets not forget that if we looked too hard for the flea we may miss the elephant when the flea was on the elephant.

  2. K, you know why Abdullah readilly hand power to NTB just like an obedient schoolboy??? Reason is beacuse his SIL is caught with his pants down of money politic. IT is like if you dont handover, your SIL will be in deep s*** with the MACC and it will directly affect your duaghter. Sounds logic!!!

    So K, next time you want to comment, comment on something that most Malaysians understand….with logic. Not the type of comment only UMNO guys can understand.

  3. K:

    Could you please elaborate why you expect Uthayakumar to get the special treatment of staying locked-up longer than the other two still detained Hindraf members?

    “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

  4. BN going to play unfair in these 3 by-election. This announce by Najib is just to justify their surprise wins. The only way PR can win in these by-elections is to take a practical step to stop the phamtom voters, if any. I suggest to PR leadership to assign a cameramens at every polling stations entrance. Take photos of every voters.I hope the PR leadership take my advice seriously.

  5. The sweet coating
    13 ISA released
    A new game
    Only it is an old one
    The black dragon winks

    “I tell you
    There will be changes”
    We know the tricks
    The black dragon ways

    The back doors better locked
    The weakest signal the danger zone
    When the fire spread into it
    There isn’t a way to know
    The dazzling then the daze
    “I tell you
    The changes I will make”

    Now some feeling bewitch
    Listening to the sugar coated statements
    They don’t learn for decades
    They better wake up to know
    The world is changing

    The black dragon
    Raises up and fly away
    “I’ll be back
    Wait for my goodies!”

  6. for those of us who are weak it is a surprise, for those who are strong, it is a joke.

    in any case, the title of your post does not match the news content. for a moment there i thought that jibby has captured the services of another 20 percent of MP to claim back the 2/3 majority in parliament.

    wishing u blessed palm sunday and holy week.

  7. Bro Anil,Selamat Sore,

    What is former PM Mahathir trying to prove? I think all of us know!!!!!As Najib has been sowrn in as PM, Mahatir now moves his pwan to King as he has najib under his grip! Through Najib, he could inject his plans and fancies and again revive Mahathirtahirism!!! Be careful as I preict that NTAR would definitely follow M’s words if he wants to stay in power just like his mentor for 22-years. M has all planned these things and once again Hiyo Silver away!!!!! We are in for bad time actually and the release f 13 ISA detainees was a bit too early and too good to be true..there’s always a catch!! So beware and as was expressed in this column, after the 13 released there might be a bigger sweep of dissidents…Operation lallang 111 coming soon! To opposition leaders I advise them to play it cool as we don’t want them to be roped in like cows and stahsd in KDC(Kamunting Detention Center) for an indefinite period. Najib’s bait is too good and tasty to swallow as they are all barbed with poisonous thorhns. So, YB DSAI, TOK Guru, Tuan Haji Hadi Awang, Rocket chief Lim Kit Siang mus at all costs not make any seditious statements to jeordapize their positions as we TRULY need them to champion our causes.

    May Almighty protect us all from Evils.

    Looks at M’s eyes … like a viciious and famished … looking for its victims…

    May Allah Almighty protect us all from Evil minded person on earth hHe created and bestowed upon us for a peaceful living together! Ameen..ya robbul alameen!

    M should not have dabble into politics again … but he still wants Mukhriz to continue with the M dynasty..that was the main reason why he rejoined UMNO. It’s very easy and plain to see, isn’t it? The M Dynasty..even LKY was put off by the people and acts as only a senior avdiser and elder statesmen. What is actually M dissatisfied about? Sudah-lah, Tun, Kau sudah tua dan enjoy the ride on your bronco as you ride fading into the susnet. It is certainly beautiful if you are clean…

  8. He’s just dangling the carrot in front of the donkey…!

    And we are the “donkeys”…!!!

    Anil..! Put the list of names out than we’ll know. Those released will be very “small fries”……..!!!

    “Judge Me By My Actions…!”

    Let’s not forget these words by new PM..!


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