Alert: Pota bill being steamrolled through in Parliament (updates)


0226 (7 Apri): The Pota bill is passed. Detention without trial is back. It is a hammer blow to democracy in Malaysia. Janji dicapati.

They are still grinding on.

0005: (From the MP): Undi 80 – 64 itu adalah untuk tolak usul yang saya bawa untuk merujuk Pota ke Jawatankuasa Pilihan untuk dihalusi.

Sekarang di perengkat jawatankuasa dan pihak PR sedang main delaying game. Nampaknya akan berterusan sehingga selepas 1 pagi.

2335: (From the MP) “Still sitting. I tried getting it into a select committee. Was rejected. The BN now trying to get it through tonight. PR playing delaying tactics and forcing a vote on each.”

2215: (From the MP) “Still in Parliament. The Dewan rejected my usul to send the Pota Bill to a Select Committee. Now we are just being difficult and delaying the process by forcing a vote on each section. So far have lost two votes 80 to 64.”

This morning: Just received an alert from an MP on the bill for the Prevention of Terrorism Act, which allows indefinite detention without trial, now before Parliament.

“The debate on Pota as started. I tried to defer it by sending it to a Select Committee. My proposal has been deferred.

“Now the BN people are coming out strongly for Pota.”

Most people don’t want detention without trial, and that was why the ISA was repealed. Moreover, detention without trial violates the Universal Declaration of HUman Rights.

But the BN refuses to listen to the voice of the people.

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  1. Talking is useless. Is Pakatan sincere in fighting against the bill. Its 69 against 96. 26 Pakatan were missing. What is the leaders of DAP, PKR and PAS doing. Sleeping

  2. The govt repealed the ISA but then the opposition abuse that freedom of rights of speech and action. I support the reinstatement. The DAP should also support as they praised and supported the late Lee Kuan Yew.

    • It was the government who had first abused the ISA, which was introduced with the promise to solely combat communist threats, by turning it against those other than the communists. Therefore, the speeches and actions of the oppositions and others are merely the reinstatement of the constitutional rights that had been hijacked by the abuse and misused of the ISA, amongst others.

      As for the late Lee Kuan Yew, there is no denying that he had, against all odds, brought Singapore to its present level. I believed many Malaysians admire him and look at Singapore with envy when comparing the achievements of the tiny island nation with the increasing mess of our resource rich nation. However, there are also much misgivings about the manner the Lee/PAP administration treated dissents and critics especially the oppositions, many of which cases had had little to do with the nation’s stability or progress but seemed more inclined towards the safeguarding of the position of the incumbent administration. The object of these actions is no different from autocrats … which is to nip in the bud any possible threats towards the existing order, though the methods used are more refined and palatable to the masses or world at large.

      • You know what, you talk like a double headed … LKY Make Singapore what it is today. Are you not better than you were 60 years ago. Go ask the Singaporean and see how they fare. They may have the highest standard of living but they also have the highest cost of living. LKY just like the Malaysian govt is using the ISA for a justifiable act of protecting the people and country. Look at how Anwar CAT Pakatan break the law by barging into a public university. Look at how he run the street of our country. Look at how they stoke emotion just win the election. Look at how he called the Chinese stupid…. I could fill a book of their lies and deception. And to stop these you will need the ISA. What happen in Hong Kong recently is a good example of why we need the ISA. The oppositon acting are hiding behind Jekyll and Hyde to get scott free. You need the ISA to nap them.

      • Yang, I have never doubted Singapore’s success more so if compared to where Malaysia is today. We should have been at the very least be on par with Singapore if it had not been for the unchecked corruptions and leakages that are linked to our government. And these loses are not small but run into hundreds of billions of ringgits over the years, by modest estimates.

        And on your accusation of me ‘talking like a double headed…’, I believed that it would hold true if I had supported the Singapore’s highhanded actions but not Malaysia’s. But did I? My point of contention is that the success of Singapore would still be there even without the repression and suppression of the opposition and critics as these actions were largely aimed at power preservation. Even a clean, trustworthy and efficient government like Singapore’s needs to be continuously kept on its toes by the masses lest it might fall into complacency and let bad cultures of governance seep in.

        As for Hong Kong, the street protest that took place recently were mainly peaceful with the purpose of fighting for their political rights, which is to elect their own representatives to the government. The protracted protest did not cause any serious damage to their economy although some of the local businesses might had suffered along the way. The performance of their equities market can attest to this. But generally, the people of Hong Kong understand the needs of sacrifices for their betterment in the long run. After all, they are the ones who managed to rid their society and government machinery from institutionalized corruption which is more than can be said for us. Last but not least, they expect the government to work for and be answerable to the people and not the other way round.

  3. Those are ‘elite/cabal’ acts of losing control


    Malaysia is losing her self to globalization, duality, ignorance, corruption 147 multinationals and a sleeping population.


    Keep on going on with your precious work Anil!

  4. The Authority is using terrorism threat to scare rakyat into accepting POTA? Is the arrest of ’17 militants’ today coincidental to justify POTA? Is it not more important to monitor and clamp down those religious centres that promote jihad killing?


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