Why I will take part in Bersih 4: A KL resident explains


I arrived safely in KL this morning. I didn’t notice anything untoward apart from a police checkpoint not far from the city centre, but they seemed more interested in stopping lorries for some reason.

In the LRT, I noticed quite a number of young people, one of two of them with backpacks. I checked the return trains to the north. All full until 2 September.

Roads in the city appear congested, and cars were crawling. A thick haze made breathing a little uncomfortable, but that is also an apt metaphor for the shroud of uncertainty hanging over the land.

I am very close to Dataran now and about to begin my walkabout shortly.

Before that, I will leave you with a piece written by a KL resident, who calls himself CC Bangsar:

I will be participating in Bersih 4.0 tomorrow with my fellow Malaysians.

I have to as its an option-less game for me.

Why should I participate at my age, being a senior citizen who has had a good innings in life?

Here are my reasons:

How can I walk with my face up if I fail to do my part for my country?

How can I live with my conscience if I fail to do my duty towards my country?

And how can I look at our young kids today and tell them I did not do my part for my country?

There comes a point and time in life when I say to myself, enough is enough. I have to make a stand and be dictated by my convictions.

I will not sleep well if I don’t join my fellow Malaysians for this momentous occasion.

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I cannot let down the dreams of our forefathers (and mothers) who built this country with their blood, sweat and tears.

I cannot betray the memory of our brave police personnel and soldiers who gave their lives defending this country first, against the Japanese occupation and then against the Communists. I want to go to our National Monument and the graveyards of our glorious dead and tell them, that I too, did my part for my country, although I did not make the supreme sacrifice like all of you.

And I owe it to all the good and decent people of our country who have worked so hard and continue to work hard to make our country what it is today. They deserve better deal than what they are getting now.

God bless Malaysia and its people.

Happy Merdeka.

CC Bangsar

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  1. Even those who are not with Bersih4 or supportive of it
    For sure those groups who are Anti Najib ,Anti GST , Anti Lynas , Anti Nuke , Anti Corruption and the Anti Sedition law will be joining the Bersih group today.
    Make this a Muhibbah protest en masse.

  2. It is highly believe that Najib and his deputy honcho went bonkers.
    They officially banned any sights of yellow colour with the Bersih4 words.
    Luckily this is not a Gay Parade.
    Or all the colours found in rainbow would be banned as well.

    To those who are studying psychology, please observe what desperate & cuckoo measures a person is willing to take.

    • Retired Federal Court judge Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram says Bersih 4’s yellow T-shirt does not come within the definition of “publication” in the Printing Presses and Publications Act, and rally goers would not flout the law wearing it


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