LIVE: Pandemonium erupts as police charge into crowd


Poised to strike: FRU personnel glare menacingly from outside at the rakyat gathered inside the lobby of Amcorp Mall

Threat to security?: Haris briefs the rakyat that lighted candles may be viewed by some as a “WMD”! (Pictures by blog reader Michael).

The rakyat refused to back down despite the intimidation (Picture by blogger Jarod. More pictures and report at his blog here.)

There are two vigils today at 8.00pm in Ipoh and 9.30pm in PJ. Live updates with [email protected] reporting from Ipoh and other sources in and around Amcorp Mall in PJ:

This is a sad night for peace-loving, justice-loving rakyat after 23 people were detained when police charged into a peaceful crowd in PJ. But love conquers hatred and violence; justice will triumph over oppression. By attacking a peaceful crowd and detaining justice-loving Malaysians, the authorities have further undermined whatever moral authority they had.

2354: Eye-witness and blog reader Paradiz recalls what happened:

My wife and I were there tonight, the FRU charged at us as the Negara Ku was being sung. They were waving their batons threateningly and shouting for us to disperse. I think they were itching to start beating people up.

We had no choice but to run although some did not. After scattering, we went back into the park and were shouted at by the FRU to disperse. That was when we saw some plainclothes cops chasing a few of the people in yellow Bersih and black and red “Free RPK” T-shirts.

Blog reader Ben reports:

RPK and Marina are safe. I saw them walking towards Shah Motel at about 10.20pm. The commotion was at the MBPJ park.

The Centre for Independent Journalism has issued a press statement condemning the police action:

CIJ calls on the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan to free those arrested and explain the use of the riot police in controlling the crowd, which had planned for a peaceful gathering. The continuous use of force against people expressing their views on issues such as the need for free and fair elections and abolishing the ISA is a demonstration of the intolerance for public criticism of the status quo.

2349: Eaglewings reflects on the recent vigils:

For the past four weeks, we had such peaceful vigils. With no police presence, everyone left peacefully and took back a little something with them in their hearts. We made new friends, sang songs together but we were there for only one reason: “Give those detained under the ISA their rights back”.

Today, with police presence, just look at the commotion. Isn’t it obvious? Have they forgotten that they have to protect the rakyat and not attack the rakyat? Until we get rid of this Home Minister, the story continues….

2348: Detained MBPJ city councillor Ms Tiew Way Keng has sent an SMS to her fellow councillor:

23 arrested. Tony, Ronnie, Weng San, I and others.

2341: Blog reader Eric reports again:

My wife saw RPK being ushered/hurried away by a green-stripes collar shirt man. Hope RPK is not caught.

2340: People are just so upset. Among them is blog reader Desmond who was at the scene:

I was there at the Civic Centre garden, we were singing the Negara Ku and the FRU charged at us, banging their shields and shouting angrily at us and ordering us to disperse. It was barbaric and uncalled for. We will not be intimidated by their brute force and will continue our fight for a better tomorrow.

2336: It appears that police could have been targeting some of those wearing the Bersih and RPK T-shirts, says another contact at the police station. “We have started lighting candles. The speaker just now was Gobind Singh. Lim Kit Siang has just turned up.”

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2326: A press conference is being held outside the police station. It appears there could have been a few more arrests.

2316: About a hundred people have gathered at the PJ police headquarters. Apparently, police have now started blocking roads leading to the station. Among those arrested is believed to be Rev Fr Paulino Miranda, the parish priest of the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam.

Eye-witness Eric reports:

My wife saw the plain-clothes police taking away a few women and small-built persons (could be teenagers). The police also dragged a man on the floor for 10 feet while heading to the Black Maria.

2311: MBPJ councillor Ms Tiew Way Keng is among those arrested, a fellow councillor in MBPJ tells me. If you know of any other person who was arrested, do let us know.

2306: Lis who was at the scene earlier tonight is shocked:

So upset! So upset! I was there at the Taman Jaya station car park, but didn’t go to the mall when I was told by a family that the people had dispersed.

I left the place as I was alone. I didn’t know so many things had happened until I got home to read all the internet postings!

Another sad day! Why the arrests? What did they do?

2301: Malaysiakini reports that their videographer Shukri Mohamad has also been arrested. I hope someone has video footage of the police charge. Malaysiakini adds in its report:

Eyewitnesses said that Pua was physically manhandled and thrown into a waiting Black Maria. The police were also seen chasing the crowd into an Indian restaurant located opposite the Civic Centre.

Those arrested have been taken to the PJ police station. A small group of people have gathered there in solidarity. A team of police anti-riot squad is also on standby.

2254: Blog reader Eric reports:

Tony Pua and Lau Weng San have been nabbed. I was there; my friend got caught too. They are waiting in the Black Maria.

2253: About 20 people are believed to have been detained including MPs Tony Pua, Adun Lau Weng San, blogger Ariff Abdul and a town councillor.

MPs Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, Charles Santiago and Teresa Kok have now arrived at the scene.

2246: “One of my friends was apprehended,” says [email protected]

2225: My other source reports: “We gathered at the Civic Centre garden open space. Tony Pua gave a short talk followed by RPK and we ended by singing Negaraku. At that point, the line of FRU personnel started moving towards us, knocking their shields and shouting in a threatening manner and they walked through the crowd – at which point we had to open up the crowd as they moved towards the core of the crowd. We broke up and there was some scuffling and there was some chasing.

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“So at this point we don’t know what happened to RPK and the other three MPs, Ronnie Liu, Tony Pua and Lau Weng San. At this moment, the crowd has dispersed having run helter skelter. The police are still there shouting at some of the crowd still lingering there.”

I can hear sirens wailing in the background. Are we witnessing the return of the worst intolerance for dissent reminiscent of the Mahathir era?

2220: Police, FRU and SB charge at the crowd as they are trying to walk to the road outside Civic Centre. “Personally, I saw about seven people being detained,” says my source. The police appeared upset as RPK was speaking.

“They are running after someone now. Oh God, I see about six or seven police trying to drag a guy in yellow shirt who is resisting. They are taking him away now.  I would imagine more than ten have been taken by now.”

2203: Some of the crowd are now at the A&W awaiting the arrival of the Bersih group.

2200: Well, well, well, I spoke too soon again. It’s not quite over. A section of the rakyat is now heading for the Civic Centre, about 15 minutes walk from Amcorp Mall. Among the crowd are RPK and Ronnie Liu. The police are probably aware and will no doubt be meeting them there again!

2154: Earlier tonight, Zorro spoke in Ipoh and congratulated the people there for coming out to call for the abolition of the ISA. The event there was well-organised with tents erected, banners and audio equipment. Syabas, Ipoh!

2157: “They are still not satisfied with my release,” says RPK over the phone, as I welcomed him back to freedom. “I think they want to re-detain me. Anyway, I have just posted something on the Malaysia Today website.”

2149: A big thank you to our brave god-sent “angels” – [email protected] and other sources – hovering at the scene, taking note of everything and providing us with live reports tonight.

2135: It’s all over. About 300 of the rakyat re-group at the lobby of Amcorp Mall; Haris leads the group in singing Negaraku, and then the crowd disperses peacefully. They have made their point loud and clear. They want the ISA to go. Mansuhkan ISA!

2118: The vigil in Ipoh ends without incident. It’s an unqualified success. But tonight the spotlight is trained at Amcorp Mall in PJ.

2106: Lim Kit Siang addresses the crowd in Ipoh. “Stand up for your rights!” he exhorts them. Other speakers include Sivarasah and Zorro. About a dozen police personnel are watching from a distance.

2105: Over in Ipoh, [email protected] arrives at the venue and is surprised to find a larger than expected crowd. “Wow, turnout of 350 people!”

2104: Organisers inside the mall have told the rakyat to go shopping(!) until 9.30pm, reports my contact at the scene, and then they will decide what to do. “The police are still outside; they have not come in,” he says.

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2054: About 20 FRU personnel are outside the Mall, while 200 of the rakyat are inside the Mall in the lobby area. The rakyat are barely 30 feet away from the FRU outside. “As long as the FRU do not advance on us, we are safe,” says my contact in the lobby. But the FRU personnel appear to be armed with tear gas cannisters.

2048: He spoke too soon. The FRU are forming a line; someone shouts “Mansuhkan ISA!” and that prompts the FRU to move forward. “The FRU are advancing now and people are retreating to Amcorp Mall,” reports my contact at the scene. There are a few yellow-shirted Bersih people around now.

2046: The police have once again asked the crowd to disperse or face the consequences. Haris has addressed the crowd, telling them he leaves it up to them. They can remain there or walk around in groups of four. People are not quite sure what to do. “For the moment, it is still peaceful,” says my contact. Bersih-affiliated MPs are expected to arrive at 9.00pm.

2035: The crowd has moved away from the field. There are now about 200 people in the area with another one or two dozen blue-uniformed cops including senior officers. My contact tells me there is bit of a stand-off but it’s not confrontational. Police have been cordial in advising the crowd to disperse. Tony Pua and Haris arrive at the scene.

Meanwhile, [email protected] is nearing the venue of the Ipoh vigil.

2022: Police have asked the crowd near Amcorp Mall to disperse. There is no one on the field now.

2010: An eye-witness reports that close to a hundred people are now at the padang near Amcorp Mall. They are just milling around; nothing has started. The talk is that the proceedings will begin at 9.00pm. All roads to the venue are still blocked.

2005: From what I hear, the Bersih group are now trying to think of an alternative location. They were supposed to have gathered near Amcorp Mall at 9.30pm after the 8.00pm Abolish ISA vigil, but that’s not looking possible now.

1940: My contact in PJ has been circling around, trying to get to the venue, but all four entry points into Amcorp Mall are blocked by traffic police.

1928: Federal Highway from Jalan Utara is blocked. Police are said to be present around Padang Timor near Amcorp Mall. They are obviously not taking any chances, even though it is unlikely the Bersih folks would have managed to get a big crowd this time.

1909: The road blocks near Amcorp Mall could be because the Bersih coalition (campaigning for electoral reforms) is expected to join the Abolish ISA group.

Meanwhile, [email protected] is now in Taiping, heading to Ipoh.

1857: It looks as if roads are blocked in all directions heading towards Amcorp Mall and even A&W.

1852: We are getting reports of a road block heading to Amcorp Mall.

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  1. lets us pray 2gather 4 da justice even in different language,races & most important different religion & believe.STAND 4 DA JUSTICE, PEOPLE HAS A RIGHTS 2 CHOOSE OUR LEADER.4 EXAMPLE BARACK OBAMA OF THE LATEST US PRESIDENT.GOD BLESS U ALL.

  2. Anonymous said…


    … UMNO has now the final say in justice with their man Zaki as the Chief Justice. This is the obvious Justice of Malaysia, the laughing stock of the whole world… their greatest injustices towards human rights and common normal justices….

  3. With the overwhelming presence of the police and FRU, RPK”s lawyers must have advised him not to make an appearance at the vigil and jeopardise his other court cases..

    The fact that he did make an appearance speak volumes of his magnimity as I believe he knows that he can not disappoint those who have turned up for the vigil and who wishes to see him and also the remaining detainees who are hoping for him to carry their plight to the outside world.

  4. After having dispursed from AMCORP MALL, orderly as instructed by Haris, I went to A&W to meet up with kkitsam and san juin.

    kkitsam received a call that a large group has gone over to the Civic Centre. We excitedly started walking there very fast. Arriving near MENARE MPPJ, we met Harry coming towards us in a hurry and he told us that some have been caught and put in the police truck.

    We also met 5 Indian boys aged about 15 to 18 grouped together quietly,They told us that one of them has been caught.I comforted them not to worry as the Organisers will take care of everything.

    I shook their hands and told them to go home.I asked them where they are from and one of them said “jauh” . They walked here and are walking back.Their social consciousness at such a young age. not yet even eligible to vote ,really put me to shame !

    In the meantime, kksam was busy exchanging phone numbers with a few others to keep in touch and informed for future vigils.They said they just have to do more ! I told them I was informed there will be a big one to be organised by GMI soon.

    The Chinese lady with them just asking with tears flowig down – How can they do this ? How can they do this ?

    Suddenly, a silver coloured car . looks loke a Toyota,suddenly swerved in front of us and stopped. There were 2 guys inside with RPK tee shirts and they told us they were going to the Police Station to give moral support to those detained. They are going aroung encouraging more people to go. This is the solidarity we want !

  5. In today’s the Sun, it was reported that the Selangor police chief told reporters that the previous four consecutive gatherings at AMCORP field was carried out despite being warned by the police not to do so and advised to apply for police permit.This (may not be) true as I have been to three of the four vigil and no police spoke to us.

    However , on Sunday night, with the field barred by a row of police, and with the crowd growing aroun the field , at about 7.50pm, Angela Ooi, the organiser for Seremban vigils , her son and myself tried to talk to a senior police officer there to allow us onto the field instead of the crowd growing larger on the roads and pavements..

    We told the Police Officer that YB Lau Wen San has told us during previous vigils that the field belongs to MPPJ ,under PAKATAN , and there is no need for a permit.We were pleading for a full 15 minutes .

    I saw a priest with the long white frock across the road and I went over to talk briefly with him ( could this be the Father Paulino who was arrested ? in his frocks ? )

    This Angela is one real gutsy lady.

    Later, Haris instructed us to inform the crowd to gather orderly at AMCORP MALL lobby for a few speeches and singing of NEGARA KU at 9.30pm before dispersing .He instructed there will be no ” STAND DOWN ” I then went around to inform the crowd. I met many familiar faces who are regulars to the past vigils .We came because we promised Zorro that we will continue resolutely and not let the organisers and the de4tainees down although Zorro will be at IPOH to start a new vigil.

  6. Thank You, FRU and the POLICE for helping the cause to gain more sympathy from the public, and for ensuring that your cowardly actions are exposed more and more to the rest of the world; and for galvanising the rest of the rakyat to fight even harder to ensure the fall of ISA.

    The winds of change are sweeping across the world. It’s only a matter of time ……..

  7. I have been attending this vigil peacefully every weekend, rain or otherwise, and am glad to be part of it. Let this NOT be a damper to the course and be there next weekend.

  8. SHEER OVERKILL if you ask me! I arrived about 9.45 – just in time to miss all the action! The place was still crawling with cops. The entire area was blanketed – three or four police officers every few metres – all the way to PJ State! AI himself could not have received a warmer welcome! Botak throwing a tantrum and taking revenge for losing his prized prisoner! The last time he caused massive traffic jams and paralised KL with his road blocks – just to prevent AI from visiting parliament apparently. Botak’s middle name should be “Overkill”!

  9. Stephen, Tony and I were a little late arriving at the Civic Centre. Parked near Lotus and wanted to walk towards the Civic Centre car park. Police cars and trucks with lights on and screeching their siren blockaded the road. We approached the police vehicle line along the road shoulder and one (man) seeing us approach started shouting at us to get out of there. we kept moving forward hesitantly and the guy started getting abusive and moved threateningly towards us. We decided to back off.

    I was wearing the yellow Boycott MSM T shirt and Tony and Stephen were wearing their black RPK T shirts.

    Later we were told by those who were at the centre of the action at the Civic Centre that when the FRU/SB guys first charged, they seemed to be targeting those wearing yellow/Orange and the first victims were Indian.

    Now, that makes me wonder. Was this (man) who was positively rude and abusive towards us doing us a favour? He might have known that we fit the specifications of those they were targeting!!!

  10. The FRUs think they will be there forever and simply follow orders not knowing their bosses are enjoying life in the comforet of their family and home.
    The police are just like …. following orders for little food and think they are almighty…
    We need to make those lower rank FRUs and the police understand the struggle and to tell them while they are facing the innocent rakyats…

  11. The Brave Rakyat will not be intimidated by this type of attack on the Citizens who are only exercising their democratic rights to assemble for a righteous cause- the right to protest against ISA detention without trial.
    All over the world from once Russia East European controlled territories where Dictator fell due to people’s power to USA where
    Civil Rights Movement under Martin Luther King march to the capital in their 100,000s to demand end to discrimination to Blacks,its the Brave People who made sacrifices-beaten & jailed,who have laid the way for a better future for their children.
    A future FREE FROM FEAR of State Brutality,State Bully,FREE From Intimidation ,FREE from fear of Arrest -in Malaysia Arrest without trial at the wimps & fancy of some Crooked Politician-some are even self proclaimed Righteous/Religious God figure who can do no wrong even getting rid of your oved ones and having the Police… their side go on to amass… more of the Nation wealth.
    It really stinks to high heaven !
    What a grave insult to hardworking,peace loving & loyal Citizens esp Police charging at ordinary citizens singing Negara Ku !
    Pakatan Rakyat Keadilan-Pas-Dap Malaysia desperately needs you !

  12. At the Civic Hall, Ronnie tried to signal the police to give them 5 more minutes before dispersing. Before singing could end, the FRU started coming went past me and RPK, and started chasing everyone behind with Special Branch following. I started walking briskly leaving the place and trying to tag behind Pete, Marina and a few others. Behind me, Augustine, my friend was jumped by a SB and overpowered.

  13. I was attending the AmCorp mall vigil with my wife. Reached there around 9:30pm, after wrestling with road blocks and looking for a car park.

    We were told that the crowd dispersed and we witnessed FRUs right at the entrance of the mall.

    Then we decided to go ahead to Civic centre when were told that everyone is moving there.

    Met RPK along the way, He still look tired, but better spirit.

    We were talking with others who marched towards Civic centre, and most was expressing their anger with the Authority trying to depress our voices. Some was saying that we will give them a good lesson come GE13.

    Deep in my heart, I know if we do not do it now, and continue mounting pressure, there will be no genuine GE13.

    Reached Civic centre, greeted Marina, and the short ceremony begun.

    Both of us was standing outside the crowd. We heard Tony said that if there’s no BERSIH rally, he will probably not been elected.

    Then we started singing “Negara Ku”, when we are about to finish, FRU charged us.

    It seems that they have specific targets. I saw them chasing after a young Indian guy, and got him finally.

    We quickly walked away as we are not able to help at that instance. A few FRUs passed us by, but they did nothing to us. Some plainclothes, one Chinese plainclothes, was shouting at us chasing us to leave the venue.

    So now I know, our Police force is used against the orderly people, people who are seeking for justice, not to combat crime.

  14. The rakyat from JOHOR want to congrate our fellow rakyat for their hard work… GoGoGo!!

    Botak… U might break the gathering but U WILL NEVER BREAK OUR SPIRIT!!

  15. my family and i are keeping vigil for all those detained especially our parish priest Fr Paulino. May the Holy Spirit give them the strength to go through this ordeal. They may break our bones but not our spirit.

    Please remember all those detained in our prayer. that is our greatest weapon.

  16. These were the police? With so many crimes still unsolved they still chose to harass harmless folk instead? I’d say we can now safely call them security guards or maybe bouncer would be more appropriate.

  17. The Ipoh’s event tonight is in contrast a ‘safe’ affair. I noted four policemen standing far at the back of the field, just watching. At one point, one of them used a mobile phone to record the speeches. All speakers were allowed to speak their minds without interruption.
    I pray for those arrested in PJ tonigh, that they will be treated fairly and civilly.

  18. To Anil and friends around Malaysia and abroad,

    I have updated my blog on the chaos and some photo for your viewing. Indeed a sad day with anger reaching the MAX for me!

    Malaysia is no longer having the freedom we desire… we need to change.

    Tc friends.

  19. Let’s learn to pray those imprecatory prayers against those who do evil

    Those cowardly… came with batons, shields and tear gas canisters against citizens who were armed only with candles and the sense of justice in their hearts. Yes, LORD repay them sevenfold for the evil that they have done tonight. They include those who carried out tonight operation, the ones who ordered it… May your righteous wrath, O LORD consumed all of them. Amen.

  20. Just arrived home from the Ipoh vigil. We had a great time and the turnout was good despite a heavy rain earlier. While driving, received a sms about the Amcorp mall vigil. So sad to hear what has happened in the Amcorp mall vigil. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who was arrested tonight.

    Syed Albar and IGP Musa, please resign.

  21. This is unbelievable. All the virgils are very peaceful. There’s no need for the police to threaten or arrest anyone. This country seriously needs a change. Praying for those arrested to be released.

  22. The late evening rain
    It didn’t dampen the people’s spirits
    For when the time arrived
    Ipoh mari say No to ISA

    The road was wet
    The ground of green grass shone
    In the candle lights
    By then in the tent people gathered around
    Waiting for the speeches
    The well known politicians and bloggers

    LKS, Kulasegaran, Nga
    Din Merican and Zorro
    Say No to ISA
    Released all prisoners in Kah Moon Thing
    Binned ISA let history says its peace

    The people decide
    We make the changes
    We have the power to do it
    We can change the government

    The shining moon sparkled
    The candles light up the dim environment
    I looked around my surrounding
    I knew these people would make the changes
    In their true feeling they know

    Ipoh mari say No to ISA
    Probably about 150 people came
    3 policemen stoodby at the entrance
    Watching the proceeding
    Let no incident interfered

    The cool breeze
    It made the gathering coolly
    Let this be the message
    “Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
    In their special ways changes can be made”

    Say no to ISA
    We can’t be living in its shadow
    It is time this draconian law put out of business
    It has no role in our lives at all

  23. Eaglewings,

    I agree with you fully as I have said earlier, I was at the Seremban vigil it was peaceful and we made news friends and sang songs together with people of all races and religions (including quite a number of our brothers from PAS lending support). As usual there were Special Officers there but they kept their distance. I agree with snake babu that it might be the empty bald headed ( sorry but I can not bring myself to even type his name down) who is probably behind this (he probably planned the whole thing as well). Well rakyat Malaysia, let us not be intimidated. We must continue to stand united!!!

  24. Phew, that was close. We (the crowd) were at the PJ Civic Centre listening, first, to Tony Pua, and then to RPK. We ended the event by singing Negara Ku, but half way through, the 20 odd FRU policemen started their threatening gesture by banging on their shields and yelling threats. Then as we sang the last line the police moved in, aiming straight into the midst of the crowd. Pandemonium broke. I started to make a gradual retreat. I noticed scuffles between plain clothes police officers, believed to be Special Branch people, and some of the supporters. One of my friends who was shooting away with his camcorder was manhandled and hauled away. This is a sad day. We were on the verge of dispersing and going home, and yet the police had to charge into us. Barbaric? Let the world tell us.

  25. The police should be protecting the rakyat, not hitting them with their shields or batons… something is not right in Malaysia.

  26. Just came back from the Amcorp/PJ Civic centre vigil and still can’t believe that the police charged into the crowd in the midst of singing our beloved national anthem “Negaraku”. Apparently, there was no warning and arrests were made randomly. It would appear that the police themselves are showing gross disrespect by distrupting the singing of our national anthem “Negaraku”. Maybe someone should report the police under the Sedition Act for not respecting our national anthem “Negaraku”?

  27. My wife and i were there tonight, the FRU charged at us as the Negara Ku was being sung. They were waving their batons threateningly and shouting for us to disperse. I think they were itching to start beating people up.

    We had no choice but to run although some did not. After scattering, we went back into the park and were shouted at by the FRU to disperse. That was when we saw some plainclothes cops chasing a few of the people in Yellow bersih and Black + Red Free RPK t-shirts.

  28. RPK & Marina are safe. I saw them walking towards Shah Motel at about 10.20pm. The commotion was at the MBPJ park.

  29. i hope the police will release all of them very soon…so sad the MP”S alos been arrasted..the BN goverment will get the punnismnet ver soon..dont wory,lts we pray to god…..

  30. Past 4 weeks, we had such peaceful vigils. With no police presence, everyone left peacefully and took back a little something with them in their hearts. We made new friends, sang songs together but we were there for only one reason ‘Give those detained under the ISA their rights back’. Today, with police presence, just look at the commotion. Isn’t it obvious? Have they forgotten that they have to protect the Rakyat and not attack the Rakyat? Until we get rid of this Home Minister, the story continues……..

  31. i hope the police will release all of sad the MP”S also been arrasted.i hope the BN goverment will get the punnishmnent very soon….lets we pray to god….

  32. I was there at the Civic Centre garden, we were singing the Negara Ku and the FRU charged at us banging their shields and shouting angrily at us and ordered us to disperse. It was barbaric and uncalled for. We will not be intimidated by their brute force and will continue our fight for a better tomorrow.

  33. This is just a timely reminder that it is not over yet. The federal government is still BN. They will not yield their power easily. They have been on easy street by abusing their powers and positions, it is not likely things are going to change just yet.

    Somehow, my money is on the rakyat. When the push comes to shove, these cowards have no stomach for it. They are just bullies. When the people stand up to them, they lose their power.

  34. Anil,

    Just read that Fr. Paulino has also been arrested. Feeling very sad and angry at the same time. Hopefully those arrested are being treated fairly. Hopefully Haris is there to ensure that the righs of those arrested are being protected. Praying that Human Rights lawyers reading my comments will rush to the PJ Police Station immediately. Please…. do whatever is necessary!!!

  35. so upset what the police try to doing, miss use the power, ..This (could be) syed hamid alibaba botak order, we must together to fight for the rights and for ISA detainers, if umno do any demostration, no police will apear, if they come also to protect the umno sopporters, what kind of police and goverment do we have so sad….. live longer RPK and HINDRAF…..

  36. Anil

    My wife saw the plain-clothes police taking away a few women and small built persons (could be teenagers). The police also dragged a man on the floor for 10 feet while heading to the Black Maria.

  37. i left about 9.30pm.

    never expected it would turned out that nasty.

    i think the … hamid (could) be behind this barbaric act.

    SACK HIM!!!

    hope all of them are released now.

  38. Anil,

    Another sad day in the history of Malaysia just after we received the 2 goods news of RPK’s freedom and Anwar’s trial remaining at the Sessions Court. I pray that the other MPs who have arrived to lend support do not get arrested as well. I am now going to light candles at my altar and pray for the safety of all who are the scene. May God continue to protect them at this very moment. Amen.

  39. So upset! so upset!
    I was there at the Tmn Jaya station car park, but didn’t go to the mall when I was told by a family that thee people has dispersed.
    I left the place as I was alone. I didn’t know so many things had happened until I got home to read all the internet postings!

    Another sad day!

    Why the arrest? What did they do?

  40. This is intimidation and totally uncalled for. It was just a peaceful rally and vigil. The govt … over reacted swiftly and was not threatened in any way! The notion of protecting and safeguarding the citizens doesn’t apply here and it is an outright contradiction to what they had just displayed in brute and callousness. The whole world will condemn this, I am sure.

  41. Anil,

    Tony Pua and Lau Weng San have been nabbed. I was there, my friend got caught too. They are waiting in the Black Maria.

  42. Anil Please correct the times, I am getting confused as your last entry says 2026, I think it should be 22.46.
    Btw I am quite upset over the FRU moves…Is RPK ok?

    Thanks for pointing out. Corrected now. Yes, this is terrible. – Anil

  43. Dear Anil,

    Just saw your 10.20 update. What is happening to our beloved country where people are no longer allowed to gather in peace. I was at the Seremban vigil on Friday where RPK spoke and it was indeed a peaceful vigil not like the one in PJ now. Why are the police/FRU/SB so intolerant this time round??? Has someone at the top given them order to disrupt peaceful vigils???

  44. It’s not over yet, see Malaysiakini update:

    “Some of the people then decided to hold a mini procession from the field to the PJ Civic Centre, located about a kilometre away.

    “It is learnt that they are planning to hold a short candlelight vigil there before dispersing.”

  45. Dear Anil,

    You are doing an excellent job keeping us updated. It is indeed important for us to know what is happening in Amcorp mall as we continue to pray for all the brave fearless rakyat who are there.
    Thanks a lot and God bless.

  46. Anil…..thank you for the live up-dates. I decided to stay away. Nevertheless, we will continue our vigil next week.

  47. Anil my friend,

    You’re doing a fantastic job — by remote control!

    What’s the latest at Amcorp Mall?

    Thanks, Chye, I had help from a couple of god-sent “angels” who have been hovering at the scene of these events. – Anil

  48. Keep up the great work, Anil. My friends and I are hanging by your every word. We were supposed to have left home 15 minutes ago for the padang near Amcorp Mall but choose now to monitor the situation through your updates.

    Thank you.

  49. Ah thanks Anil. I was about to drive i shall park my car in any of the Putra Lrt Stations and take the lrt straight to Taman Jaya. You might wanna inform your fellow readers about this option, especially those who are not familiar with the public transport system in KL. Taman Jaya LRT is right opposite the field. 🙂


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