Live – Some 15000 show up to protest Lynas plant


Kuantan was turned into a sea of green this morning as some 15000 people turned up for the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 gathering to protest at Lynas Corporation’s construction of a rare earth refinery.

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    • who is your buddy? or your hubby? ask your buddy/hubby to have the plant next to his house la… bodoh punya orang !!!

  1. Your idol nation China have plenty of REAL nuclear plants. So what ??? Lynas even is not a nuclear plant. Another political drama by Pakatan !!!

    • If Australia are not willing to have Lynas and have them dumped into our country, why are you so dumb as to accept garbage being dumped into your own back yard.

      • What UMNO government care is ada project ada masuk, that is their OneCare POLICY !!! We are too familiar with BN government, 55 years lor !!!

        Najib said if it were not safe the government would not have approved it??? Did i hear wrongly???

        We cant even take care of our public toilets how can we take care of such more complicated rare earth ???

        I have seen a documentary in Taiwan and how the people suffered as a result of the radiation.

        A woman showed her bra has all the black tiny spots and she has to resign from her work because she is too weak to work now…

        NTV7 showed before how the people contracted skin diseases in this very own Boleh Land. It happens in our own very land. How can our 1Care PM said it is safe ???

        Making profits for some individuals at the expense of the Rakyat, this is OneCareMalaysia for you???

        I give up why are still so many ordinary people support MCA and MIC ??? This category of people are suffering from brain haemorrhage !!!

      • What radiation?
        Do you know that the Potassium your doctor gives you for high blood pressure is 500 % more radioactive than the lynas waste product which has only 6 bq/g of radioactivity.
        The potassium salt in our diet is highly radioactive with an activity of about 30 bq/g and we have to ingest at least 2 to 3 grams of this element every day to stay healthy!

        The human body has 4,400 bq from Potassium_40 and another 3,000 bq from radioactive Carbon-14.
        So sleeping next to your loved one is highly dangerous!

      • I believe the concern is about cumulative exposure to radiation over prolonged periods.

    • Don’t make statement like kids if you are considered an adult. Read a bit about rare earth and it impact to the surrounding. Do a little bit of homework for you younger generation or your children maybe. Be a little bit wise not less.

  2. The problem is when AMMO and Barang Naik fast track the approval and implementation, PR might have a hard time cancelling Lynas and PR will then be accused of not fufilling their election promise.

  3. If the gomen people think that they are right, LET US SHOW THEM HOW MUCH WE THE RAKYAT WILL ‘AGREE’ WITH THEM IN THE GE-13. kICK THEM WHERE IT HURTS!

  4. On the other hand, if we had a Clean & Transparent Government – this project could have seen little protest from the Rakyat.
    The problem is that the rakyat just can’t trust the Government to safe-guard the rakyat’s interest.
    Chances are sub-standard systems will be put in place, and the Government closing both eyes to the abuse and rape of the environment.

  5. More reasons to vote for Pakatan as Anwar shall cancel Lynas when Pakatan is in Putrajaya.

    Bravo for our health !

    • And PAS will also shut down Genting, Sports Toto, Magnum, All night clubs, all restaurants selling alcohol, welfare lotteries, etc.
      Men and women will be separate in all the supermarkets.
      More than a million Chinese and Indians (could) lose their jobs and source of income!
      Welcome to the corruption free Malaysia Baru!


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