Live – Bersih 4 from the streets of KL


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  1. How could you be reminded of corruption free when you and your Cat and Cat senior and opposition leaders support and walk hand in hand with a former PM that for 22 year was the most corruptible PM. Next time don’t talk cock and bull stories here

  2. Is one so ignorant not to know that it’s being held in 4 places. Outside Prangin Mall you could see not more than 20, more like fools waving their placards with nobody giving them a hue. You could say that Bersih in KK and Kuching are a total failure with the most 3k participants although they bragged that they have sold more than 5k T shirt

  3. Anil, OK if more than 80k then it may not touch 100k which is for sure. I doubt it touch more than 80k but then anyway it’s off target by 50k or 50%. This means that this is the worst Bersih with less participants than 123.

    Despite the holiday it still could not achieve the desire target that means that the people have lost confidence in Bersih or that more people are now having confidence in BN and Najib even with the former PM giving it’s support.

    • Ambiga’s response to Najib’s claim that only 20,000 participants attended Bersih 4 and his BN government could mobilise a larger crowd if it wanted to:

      “Of course they have the money and power to assemble any number of people. The true test is doing it without money and power, and relying entirely on the goodwill of the people. And there lies the strength of Bersih. Participants come there voluntarily and have to pay for t-shirts, food and transport themselves. Yet they are willing to make the sacrifice for the country”

  4. Is he fit to talk of someone being kotor when they are willing to hold hand with a former Mr 10% PM and who for 22 years is the most corruptible PM that destroy the judiciary and give benefits to his cronies and subvert every check and balance.

    For 10’000 Years since the start of God stories until now this God could not defeat Satan or Lucifer. And by the way when angels can become Satan and Lucifer, has not he or the Cat or opposition become one and the same when they join forces with a devil PM.

  5. Dear Mr Anil

    Greetings from Kuantan!
    The land of Lynas, bauxite mining and arsenic-contaminated fish.
    I heard that an anti-Lynas delegation from Kuantan is also
    making its presence felt at the Clean Event.

    Thanks for all your updates.

  6. Anil, if you can catch up with LGE, do a selfie with him for us.
    Tell him we at support Niao Kong (CAT).
    And ask him to make Penang the next rally venue for Bersih 5.0.

  7. Anil, you got a nice black hat!
    Looks like Michael Jackson!
    Can do a Moon Dance for us live?
    We Malaysians are very proud of you all in KL, KK & Kucing.
    March on Bersih 4.0!

  8. According to report some are already leaving. Look like it did not touch 80k, mostly probably 60k – 80k. If that is the case you could say it’s a failure. The people now realize that such action will not bring any benefits. They also realize that Bersih has deviated from it original goal and instead has become politicised to pro opposition. YOU COULD SAY THIS IS IN NAJIB FAVOUR. The polls is correct. Only 17% are truly in FAVOUR of Bersih

  9. 3.50pm: Jalan Tun Perak – Riding on the wave of excitement, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng addresses the crowd from a truck.

    “Today some people won’t be able to sleep. But that’s not enough! We want them to give back the donation.” he says, poking fun at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor, to thunderous applause.

    • One million Ringgit coloured diamond now costs more than 1.35 million Ringgit.
      The same for super-expensive handbags & shoes @ 135% imported inflation.
      Need new donors?

  10. A comment by Tunku Abdul Aziz · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in :

    It is time for plain speaking. I am sad that I have to make this comment because I care a lot about Sino-Malay unity. I am not racist and my record speaks for itself. The truth is that it is a Chinese funded and organised demonstration, however disguised, with an agenda that goes beyond fair and free elections.It is being held when the nation is commemorating Merdeka, an event that few Chinese care about. Maria Chin and her camp followers are deliberately forcing Malays into a corner, an act of provocation, committed in the name of democratic rights. Trampling on the rights of others I suppose is part of the democratic rights of these fair weather Malaysians. The authorities have a duty to protect those of us who believe that any change of regime is legitimate only if conducted through the process of the ballot box. To the millions of loyal Malaysians of Chinese origin, I bow humbly before you and apologise for any transgression. Iwish you well.

    • KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 29 — Malay-Muslim participants of the Bersih 4 rally today performed their zohor prayers in front of the Sogo shopping centre here in an apparent bid to disprove claims that the movement appealed only to non-Malays.

      Initiating the move was PKR vice-president and Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli, who said the public prayers were important to “break” the attempt by political rivals to paint the Malays as uninterested in the demands by organisers Bersih 2.0 for political reform.

      “The [Malay: non-Malay] ratio is likely 50-50, whereas the previous ones the ratio was maybe 70-30 or 60-40,” Rafizi told Malay Mail Online.

      Under the scorching sun, about 100 Malay-Muslims clad in Bersih 4 yellow tees performed their prayers on a huge yellow Bersih banner spread on the pavement, right before the main entrance of the Sogo shopping centre.

      The prayers were accompanied by a silent show of respect by the Chinese and Indian protesters at the Bersih 4 rally.

      – See more at:

      • A comment on Malaysiakini:

        Many Malay Malaysians dare not come out openly to show their disgust at the Bersih 4 rally because of the fear factor.

        This is because most of them are employed in the Umno-controlled public sector and thus fear jeopardising their careers or even losing their jobs.

        Most of the Chinese Malaysians on the other hand are in the private sector which is not under Umno control and hence unlike the Malay Malaysians they do not fear that Umno can hit at their rice bowl.

        In fact if you had a situation where most of the Chinese Malaysians were in the public sector and the Malay Malaysians in the private sector, then we would have seen a reversal in the ethnic make-up of the Bersih 4 crowd.

    • Nonsense, and offensive to the patriotic Chinese-Malaysians (and Malay-Malaysians
      Indian-Malaysians, Kadazan-Malaysians, Iban-Malaysians etc) who want good governance.

      • Not only is it nonsense & offensive, it shows a racist slant which hung back to the days of racist supremo which now doesn’t work at all in a globalised world. To be Malaysian for true justice, one need not be a Malay.
        Sebaik-baik balik lah ke Tempurong Katak Awak.

  11. This morning heard one say say he is going. Ask him why. He said today, tomorrow and Monday are holidays so go for some jollying as too free these few days otherwise will have to loiter in complexes. He is not wearing any yellow. He ask me are you going, I said No. Then he said but you are wearing yellow. Oop I didn`t notice just a coincidence but then nobody will notice me as I will in my own office. These opposition are real despicable using 3 holidays for ther agenda especially on the day of National Celebration.

    • Bersih 4.0 s a good way to remind all rakyat the duty to cleanse evils of corruption on the eve of Merdeka celebration.

      • Some souls prefer to be as Kotor as that Na Ji, even referring to Lucifer (The Devil) as mighty as God.
        To them there is no Light but Darkness of anger, disdain & perpetual restlessness for evil propensities.
        That is AOK as long as they see no Light of Bersih.
        I remember one particular TVC for a washing powder which shown bright lights shining from the cloth line of stainless white linen. May that TVC replay again as a reminder for us all to be corruption free?


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