Live – Huge crowds at Bersih 3.0


Coverage of the Bersih 3.0 gatherings in Malaysia and around the world calling for clean and fair elections.

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  1. If Bersih 2.0 did not give Ah Jib Gor sleepless night, Bersih 3.0 should. There is no more dispute of the numbers this time.

    • Eh, in fact pakatan have more supporters than all protesters in Bersih 3.0. I believe 80 % of those protesters are pakatan supporters and another 20% = neutral/BN voters have a GO for thrill experience with the police, teargas and water canon !!!

      You know some people even have the desire to taste teargas and water canon, just for boasting when lepak in mamak stalls watching EPL football matches !!!

      To further disappoint you, most protesters are from KL and you know almost all KL MP seats already in pakatan control. So, how BERSIH 3.0 will cause BN any trouble ??? Think Bersih 3.0 impact for nationwide, felda and village voters. For nationwide, felda and village voters, BERSIH 3.0 just another news headline for the day and will be forgotten next month or so.

      Jangan syiok sendiri ~

  2. We have seen the brutality, thuggery and violence of Ammo and Nacheat people..
    Now we have seen the brutality, thuggery and violence of the govt under Nacheat and Ammo

  3. Wow, banyak orang menyamar sebagai Gerakan K hari ini. Saya hanya nak betulkan perkara sebenar. Saya hanya membuat komen dalam Bahasa Melayu pada article ini. Jadi sebarang komen dalam Bahasa Inggeris adalah palsu. Komen terakhir saya ialah pada 17:33. Orang yang menyamar identiti sebagai Gerakan K seakan-akan orang gila. Ahmad Sobri aka Osama, bertenang dan rehat sekejaplah. PRU masih jauh lagi.

  4. Bersih 3.0, more Rakyat have spoken!
    More turnout than last year’s, more courageous to say:
    We mean it again, A Cleaner, Free & Fair Election.

    Thumbs down to that Dataran grass-eating Mayor.
    To preserve the grass? Lame excuse.
    Thumbs down to the PDRM.
    To ensure security, yes. But not like this animal harassment of entrapping, punishing, and arresting with excessive force & violence.
    Surely in such chaotic situation, there will be few pockets of anger expressed.
    But it didn’t warrant wholesale criminalization of all peaceful Bersih gathering folks in KL.
    It didn’t warrant jamming of mobile communication.
    It gave no polis rights to seize & destroy privately-owned pictures of truth.
    It didn’t warrant closing down of LRT stations for entrapment.
    It was malicious to ‘attack’ with chemical-laced water canon & tear gas without warning when the majority was about to disperse.
    It was plain dirty to plant in agent provocateurs to spark mayhem.

    Thumbs down to NakCheat. Your ‘PM’ days are numbered.

    Looking forward to Bersih 4.0 sooner.
    The next time will be more than a million in KL.

  5. Thanks for your coverage Mr Anil.

    Indeed the world is watching Malaysia.
    The Bersih rally is meant to be peaceful but the Datuk Bandar and PDRM chose to turn it otherwise.
    In the meantime Najib chose to keep quiet to highlight to us his ‘uselessness’ as a leader.

  6. just did it at padang kota lama esplanade, now returning to SP.

    quite an effective peaceful gathering with near half the padang occupied. The sky was a bit gloomy but cooling; and started to drizzle only after the sit-in ended slight over at 3pm.

    The supporters have fun taling photos with posters/banners and I am sure with modern day gadgets the photos will fly off the air to reach and share with the world in seconds !

    If the message for CLEAN is still not clear to barang naik regime; there will many more BERSIH on the way.

    As for Bersih 3.0 Redux; go and check out many photos/videos to be on viral mode from now 🙂

    For those who sat at home; next time we appreciate your physical presence to have lagi heboh atmosphere !

    • Proud of you tuakee travelling all the way from SP, am very tired too after almost a day out…

      But I do feel that some protesters are “unusual” just like Ambiga commented. Wonder who are they ???

      O! No, truly hope Bersih 3.0 will be the last. Hoping for a miracle that Pakatan will triump over BN in the GE !!!

      • Sorry to disappoint. Enjoyed the kind of kinship that thieves don’t get to experience among themselves. I hope you didn’t choke on a piece of popcorn. Then I would have to find myself another whipping boy.

  7. Don’t be stupid…..!!!!! There are more of us who doesn’t support Bersih 3.0 than those who do….. Pls be rational… Use your brain, not your emotion?……

    • According to British colonial government and its controlled media in yesteryear, there is “more people object independent”, so what is your standing ground?

  8. Good Morning from Bali Bersih 3.0, we will be in front on Honorary Consul of Malaysia at Alam Kul Kul (Kuta Beach) at 2pm. All malaysians tourists welcome to join.

  9. 28 TH APRIL SHALL BE A HISTORIC DAY FOR MSIA ! COME ONE ,,,,,,,,,,,COME ALL ,,,,,,,,,,,,TO BERSIH DUDUK DAN BANTAH ,,,,,,,,,,,,AT DATARAN MERDEKA ,,,,,,,,,,,,NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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