How local democracy shut down Japan’s nuclear power plants


Fearing a public backlash at local polls, no local government in Japan would dare to re-start a reactor in their locality now.

For the article below, I interviewed scholar-activist Prof Ohashi Masaaki of Japan.

In a lesson for countries everywhere, Japan’s vibrant local democracy is sealing the fate of the country’s once-entrenched network of nuclear power plants.

After the Fukushima disaster on 11 March 2011, the nuclear energy industry in Japan came under intense public scrutiny. Japan has 54 nuclear reactors in 17 locations. Already 52 reactors (including the eight in Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Station, four of which were damaged or had serious problems) have been stopped while the remaining two are coming up for periodic inspection.

Visting Japanese scholar-activist Ohashi Masaaki stresses that local government consent is essential for any reactor to be restarted. “This is the nice part of decentralisation,” says the professor of international development, NGO studies and South Asia studies at Keisen University, looking relaxed in his hotel room at the end of a whirlwind speaking tour to universities in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. “Although the central government wants to have a nuclear reactor, the local government has a right to say ‘No’.”

Full article in the Aliran website.

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  1. We eventually need nuclear power plants. So, I see no points for objecting it except to badmouth BN initiative in Malaysia power masterplan. BN intention in nuclear power plants show that BN are planning for Malaysia. We cannot rely on gas+petroleum endlessly for our power needs. Something safe and economically viable option like nuclear power plants are our main selection.

    Yes, nuclear power plants are safe. Look at US, Japan and others. Even substandard China can maintain many nuclear power plants safely, I believe our local boys and girls can do it too. We believe in 1Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh spirits.

    By the way, I would like to know the percentage of Japaneses power sources are generated by nuclear power plants. It must be in significant percentage. So, we can safely ignore one small potato opinion. Ohashi Masaaki could be another opposition fanboy going out to badmouth their present government. Ohashi Masaaki could be just like our anil in Malaysia that PRO-OPPOSITION.

    • Right, when you can live with Umno, BN ways of governance, what is nuclear plant risk? sap-sap-soi la.

      To prove we are indeed boleh, BN should consider building a nuclear plant next to Putrajaya, get the AELB to in charge for the plant design & construction.

      Yes! 1 Malaysia! When is the election? bring it on.


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