Global outrage to attack on Gaza aid flotilla


There has been strong international condemnation of the Israeli attack on a humanitarian aid flotilla heading for Gaza from ordinary people world-wide. What does 1Apco have to say?

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  1. Why can’t we send Datin Seri Rosmah there? She is after all the recipient of the “international peace and harmony award” as stated in the ad on NYT. I bet the Israelis will be scared **** of her. She’ll single handedly control Benny.

  2. We all hope that the international leaders actually *do something* about this. This is just too far..

  3. Look at the BBC video and see how the commando’s were attacked as soon as they landed. Try attacking anyone who is armed like that and see what happens. What more if that person happens to be trained to kill.

  4. Just where is the voice of UMNO Baru? Perkasa? Ibrahim Katak? It is the correct time for Perkasa to raise the keris, but will they? Reluctant to do so?

    The Yahudis will surely be scared stiff when they see the keris, come on Perkasa.

  5. What happened to all this humanism when the Tamils were massacred in Sri Lanka not too long ago? Where was the outrage shown then? Is even compassion given selectively?

    • Good thing Bankrap Negara won the GE12? Yeah, right.

      Some PAS members just wanted to die – to meet Rachel Corrie in heaven perhaps? Or the 300+ Palestinian children killed during Ops: Cast Lead?

    • The whole world especially the Muslim countries should condemn israel. But surely condemning isn’t sufficient.Israel couldn’t be bothered. If U.S and it’s allies could strike Iraq and Afghanistan, why can’t we urge UN and OIC to strike israel? Why the double standard? Of course people like you don’t have the courage to do so.

      • I’m the peaceful one and do not support any war including Iraq + Afghanistan + Korea (???).

  6. Many countries already make fast reaction BUt our government has yet to react. Our foreign minister either not yet wake up or already slept early!


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