Almost 100 NGOs rally behind 25 moderate Muslims


Close to a hundred civil society groups have rallied around the 25 moderate Muslims who had called for a public discourse on Islamic laws within the framework of the Constitution.

Read the full letter by the 25 moderate Muslims (one of the original 25 has withdrawn).

Read Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia’s full statement supporting the 25 moderate Muslims that was endorsed by close to 100 NGOs.

Syabas, people of Malaysia!


  1. Please sign this meaningful “I am #26” petition to support moderation in Malaysia:

    It is a principal feature of the Islamic faith that the “middle way” be the path that Muslims adhere to. When Muslims deal with one another, they should incline towards clemency and mercy, not wrath and severity. It is in this spirit that we call for this consultative process, and as Malay, Muslim citizens of Malaysia, we want to see a Malaysia that is just, progressive and worthy of becoming a developed nation.

  2. We have witnessed the ex-PM plays racial card, ex-CJ plays racial card, ex-chairman of EC plays racial card and somehow the IGP and AG refuse to act against them for sedition.

    Moderation movement is certainly facing a big challenge here.

  3. Ridhuan T kind of silent these days. He has to openly declare where he stand. If he is not on same wavelength as movement 25, then he has to openly declare in his Sinar Harian writings.

  4. For the 25 moderate Muslims to be really effective and successful in their mission, it has been suggested that they must do the following:
    1) Use their considerable intellectual and financial resources to place advertisements/commentaries carrying your viewpoints in the Malay media
    2) Have members of the group and younger members especially appear over radio and television to explain the mission
    3) Organise a mass movement of moderates to combat the Perkasa/Isma/right wing and supremacist organisations

    • Malay media is controlled by Umno.
      As such no reporting on Emminent 25 on Utusan, BH, Kosmo, Metro, TV3 and Astro Awani.
      So most malays are not aware of such movement.

  5. The truth of the matter is that the silent majority allowed the minority racial and religious extremist and bigots to hijack the future of our beloved nation. In the name of race and religion this minority is allowed to rear their ugly head and the government did nothing to stop these radicles who are threatening the peace and harmony of this nation. It is never too late to stand up and challenge these trouble makers. If we love to live in peaceful Malaysia let’s join forces and speak against and face these ultra fanatics. Malaysia will be a better place if PERKASA and ISMA are banned. It is their treat, intimidation and bigotry that is hurting peace loving Malaysians. Look at the situation in this country before PERKASA and ISMA came into existence. It was not like what we witness now. I reiterate that the government should ban PERKASA and ISMA to restore public confidence in the government and nation.



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