20,000 at Pakatan ceramah in Penang


By the time the ceramah ended, the crowd at the site had swelled to 20,000.

2225: A crowd of 10,000 is now listening to a speech by PKR secretary general Saifuddin Nasution at a Pakatan ceramah at the Seberang Jaya expo site on mainland Penang, according to a veteran journalist at the scene.

Over in Sungai Aceh, Nibong Tebal, a parallel ceramah has drawn a crowd of about 3,000. Nibong Tebal is of course the home-base of defector Tan Tee Beng. Anwar has already spoken and is now on his way to Seberang Jaya, according to another source.

The events are to commemorate the second anniversary of the watershed 8 March 2008 general election.

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  1. Let’s stand together and vote for Pakatan. It’s for the good of the country. Politicians live on our money. We are the taxpayers and the generator of wealth for the country. We therefore have the right to vote whoever we want. This time, let’s all vote for Pakatan. And to those who have left PKR, good riddance to bad rubbish. In some places throughout the country Pakatan (PKR,PAS and DAP) have run out application forms for those who want to join the parties. This shows how strong the support is for a change at the federal level. Good luck Pakatan.

  2. The same old method. Is this only ‘weapon'(number of crowd) PR have to show that they have support of people??? If PR really have support why don’t organize things like massive civil disobedient in Perak to bring down UMNO state gov??? How did India gain it’s independent? Learn from great leaders.

  3. Gerakan K , u are wrong ,I dont like ANWAR , but it’s gain my “SUPPORT and MY RESPECT,previously I was a Bx supporter , I respect PR cz they respect “KUASA RAKYAT” the rakyat VOICE ,

    I never b4 attent any PR ceramah……..

    PR dare to lost their seat (noordinxxxxxx )for the
    malaysia peace,

  4. Every single Malaysians must stand and be counted as we are seeing the terrible happenings around us.

    Murderers & Thieves stealin the National Wealth are going scot free…….police personnel (allegedly) beating to death people in custody ( they have been doing these evil acts for years….

    (Remember) khugan,k kannan ,yogeswaran,kumar krishnan,A.gnanapragasam ,beng hock and many others including illegals )

    They have been doing this because we choose to be silent and look away hoping the problems will go away.

    Thanks to political groups like keadilan,pas ,dap and N G Os the issue is brought to light.

    Say No the Racist Mahathir-Ali Ibrahim ‘Malaysia for only One Race policy and say Yes to REFORMASI !

  5. Mr. Anil,

    Congratulations! This report of yours managed to attract more than 1.2 million visits.

    Does this not indicate peoples interests in the PR?

    More such articles should be highlighted!

    Once again congratulations and regards.


  6. Gerakan K ,
    can u see there are more and more ppl supporting the PR, what’s have been done by previous goverment over the PG (NOTHING )WHY PPL ARE GETTING SUPPORT THE PR ,simply PR getting the “RESPECT ” FROM PENANG


    • They wanted to see Anwar face. You know people always have the curiosity particularly after the sodomy 2. I was also attended Anwar “ceramah” many times before just to see Anwar face particularly after “sodomy 1”. But I never support his party.

  7. hahaha.. tengok lah sapa yg datang.. orang Melayu dah tak pi dah lah ceramah PR ooii..

    sebab PKR dan PAS dah jadi (hamba) DAP!!

    • Gerakan K,

      See your cheerleader here! I think he has some problem with his eyesight? Can you please take him to an optician and have his eyes checked?

      I think you should get him a set of glasses or contact lens! Shocking la! He must have undergone so bad a brainwash at BTN or Perkasa! Surely this is too much is it not, bro?

      If you do not wish to donate a pair of glasses to him and if he really needs one, do let us know in this blog, the readers here are only too happy to help this pitiful guy here! …

  8. Gerakan [email protected] if u think PR is falling apart, and gerakan is darn strong, please continue to think so..Generation X and Y are rising up and watching everything..technology speeds up the spread of information and TRUTH. Show me the reason why i need to vote for your party? Are you different from those politician? What kind of policy you will make if you are the decision maker?

    Why Penang remained the same after so many years during your boss governance? At least now, i can see a better looking komtar. Better chair to sit when we wait for ferry to come, priority waiting room for elderly and OKU..

    2010 will be a year of observation..we will see..

    • OK, let’s see in the next GE. You can fool people before election but you can’t after a term of lost direction governance.

  9. k,looks like u r 1 of the bn/umnoputra who until now still cant swallow the defeat of bn govt in pg.every single word utter frm yr mouth realli stink.

    • No,

      BN won the majority seats in Parliament (2/3 on the way very soon), thus has the support of the majority of the people. That is a FACT !!!

      • Gerakan K,

        Bro, honestly, 2/3 is just but a dream that will not materialize! Even if they secure a 2/3 majority, but, when it comes to crunch time, decisive moments to take decisions, they will not get that support, unless they can entice 20 PR Parliamentarians! If they have 2 or 3 majority, prominent BN Parliamentarians will not give them their votes! There are still some honourable Parliamentarians left in BN not supporting them, but, working, speaking and representing the Rakyat!


  10. Looking at these “syiok sendiri” comments from our usual PR cybertroopers is rather amusing.

    At the time PR is falling part and walking like a shell-shocked boxer just delivered a KO, these comments sound like whistling in the dark.

    No public money spent ? Well this is funny. Who paid for all the transport to ferry these people ? Who paid for the stadia, PA system, banners, logistics, drinks,etc ?

    PR used to hentam BN for abusing public money for party functions but now it looks like PR has exceed BN in (allegedly) abusing public monies.

    I am sure there are enough PR supporters who even would justify using public money for party.

  11. The bandar Malays were awoken first and now the kampung Malays is also awaken from their slumber. They are not stupid anymore swallowing every word they hear from UMNO, UMNO papers, and UMNO TV.

    They can see what a transformation Penang has gone thru in such a short time and the benefits the rakyat have receive from PR government despite handicapped by the federal government.

  12. It is very encouraging to see that so many RAKYAT attended the Ceramah. PR should held the future ceramahs at the BN strong holds. If there are many RAKYAT shown up then BN can kiss good bye to putrajaya else PR needs to work harder!!

  13. Hi O

    Ironic, isn’t it?

    The Pakatan Rakyat of today is more and more
    like the Alliance of the 1950s and 1960s under
    Tunku Abdul Rahman i.e. multiethnic and inclusive.

    The Barisan Nasional of today is
    a “coalition” dominated by big brother UMNO
    playing divisive racial games while the other little brothers/little sisters fidget uncomfortably and silently (except for inffectual protests once in a while from the littlest siblings i.e. their Youth Wings)

    • Phua…You are still living in your ivory tower up in the sky. Please come down to planet earth.

      PAS a party of Talibans. DAP a party of chauvinists and PKR a party of opportunists and led by an ex-con is mtually inclusive and multiethnic ? LOL

    • Hi! Phua,

      Agree with you! Those days, the Alliance were known as Perikatan, the sailing ship!

      But, today, BN, like you say is only UMNO Baru, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all the other mosquito parties are irrelevant to them! Just see what will happen to the allocation of seats come the next GE! MCA, MIC and Gerakan will be screwed! No more give and take as UMNO Baru wants it all! Just watch.

      But, sad thing Phua, corruption had so deeply crept into our society, some just do not understand what working for an opposition party is like. It is mostly voluntary as we are aware of the constraints of the Opposition.

      Let us just wait for the next GE, as the PR need to take stock of their weaknesses and correct it. Must watch out for frogs! Sabah is a very fertile ground for PKR this election, but, the frogs there are frightening!

      Anyway, all the best and cheers!

  14. aiya jangan hantam K lah.

    (they) can never understand volunteerism lah. after years of feeding by UMNO, (they) see no other way, everything is money money money.

    forgive that K lah.

  15. O,

    there is good news for PR in KL. A veteran MCA leader (with a Dr. title and often managed to show his face in chinese newspapers) is going to join PKR soon. I managed to hear his opinion when he was running a donation program for recent fire victims. But I guess he is just another “lalang”.

    • Gerakan K,

      Who is that bro? Is he an elected representative? No surprise because there were speculations during the turmoil in MCA that about 8 MPs wanted to resign and be independents! Some say BN friendly independents, but, I really do not know!

      Really, bro, do not just trust politicians! You see, we are here to change the Government for the better, because the country is in bad shape! If we continue with UMNO Baru, surely the end is near! What is so wrong with change? They have had it for 52 years and look where we are today and where we were previously? Shameful, you know? Last time we were better than Koreans and Taiwanese, now, just where are we? Last time, can go to Taiwan and Korea and be treated like “king”, I hope you get what I mean. Just so sad with the affairs of the country! Too much politicking, intentionally raising tensions amongst races, what else is worst than throwing pig heads near mosques? Until today, no one is apprehended! … They used wild boars heads, and they placed it outside mosques compounds and with ringgit notes. I do not understand what it means, but, really will non Malays understand it? Too bad and too cruel because the people will suffer if anything goes wrong! It is also no fun to see our Malay brothers and sisters lagging too far behind, due to UMNO Baru manipulating them! Sad really for these good Malays! And you just see the number of non employed Malay graduates? I just feel so sorry for them. It is not their faults, and now the civil service is at breaking point to absorb them, and they are finding it difficult to pay! Bro, if you visit good MNCs like Intel, that is really 1Malaysia. Just look at the employees there, multi racial and they have their shares of top jobs and all mixing so well. Who says the Malays are inferior, as Intel practises meritocracy, if you are good, you deserve your job. That was the Malaysia we all know, but, just look at what UMNO Baru and Perkasa are doing!

      Honestly, if the Malays continue to be deceived by UMNO Baru and be reliant on the crutches, our country will never be able to compete globally, as they will be dragging the country down. They must progress and UMNO Baru must stop giving them fishes but to teach them how to fish! Right now, the NEP is just benefitting the UMNO putras but just look at the bumiputras! Really unfair to them you know.

      Just give Malaysians a chance and vote out this stinking evil regime. The entire world has changed their Governments after world war 2, except this regime, but, by the look of things, it cannot last any longer as nothing beats peoples power! You can suppress, oppress, persecute and do anything, but, just look at the dictators world wide, look at Philippines, when Marcos fell in early 87! Anyway bro, discuss with you next time la. No mood la. Also my comment is too long and Anil is busy and probably will take some time to moderate it.

      Cheers bro!

      • O,

        I cannot give his name to you openly. But surely he is the local warrior I must say. Any problem/issue from small thing like “longkang tersumbat”, flash flood, illegal foreigners, vandalism, drug addicts, licensing, complaints against DBKL or new policies, donation, small demos by traders/victims, etc will be forwarded to him almost daily basis. Of course the local chinese newspapers without any hesitation to give him big coverage. Sometimes in front page too. But due to some personal issue (the private moral thing), his party prevent him from contesting but with compensation.

        He also predicted that in next GE, the situation in KL will remain the same. He is just another opportunist. So let him go to PKR.

      • Gerakan K,

        That is what (certain) MCA politicians are good for! You know womanisers of the first degree.

        And tell you what, the other day you mentioned someone…? Remember? That guy, really is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing! A couple months back, I saw him taking a China doll to Hatyai! I was near this Changlun Caltex station, one look and I knew who he was! He drives a 4WD ( white colour) and the China doll he took, could speak good English, and look good too. I purposely followed the China doll into the convenient store, and when she made her payment and when she spoke to the cashier, immediately, I could make out this to be a China doll, because, this one that your idol took, huh, quite sophisticated one.

        You know, all these China dolls when they come in here, they already have connections, and the good and beautiful ones normally are “pau” by these taikos first! Then when the taikos get fed up they will be released to the market la.

        Ahh… all the MCA assemblymen are bothered about is Ministerial positions and their benefits. Do they care for the Rakyat? Gerakan assemblymen are also no different, therefore it is necessary to change! UMNO Baru is even worst!

        MIC is also the same. Remember the Vijandran guy? Brought down by the Lion of Jelutong?…

        Cheers bro!

    • Gerakan K,

      Heard that TGNA and Husam will be removed! Also, the unity talk between PAS and UMNO Baru is still on, as the pro UMNO clique in PAS are very influential.

      So long, if this happens, then I will call it quits! Hope it is mere rumours, but, the blogger who wrote this is a very reliable one!

      So just wait and see!

      Cheers bro!

  16. Mr.Anil,
    sorry state of malaysia as a democratic country….an opp. MP is representing 80-100k voters …but so called many UMNO putra ministers who are the decision makers are represting just 15-20k voters, that too from rural areas.
    had these been corrected….UMNO will be wiped out.

    • Oh here comes the great Rajan Ramasamy the Fake. I have a piece of free advice, please do consult your Indian friends in choosing your fake ID the next time. Because your name’s not real and it ain’t fooling us. BTW Ramesh Rajeswari too won’t do, that’s even worse.

  17. Si liao liao lo for Gerakan…. These attendance shows the support for PR is strong.

    This will shrinks Gerakan’s you know what. It may even hasten Gerakan’s departure from BN.

  18. @K,

    so many have already answered you. Assuming that you are really ‘innocent/ignorant’; go attend any of those ceramahs by PR and see how much the Rakyat, those comes in selipar & old t-shirt are contributing to PR. It is the money of pakcik and makcik as well as the support of the volunteers that help support all those ceramahs. And this happen over and over again, since the last GE. This is truly People’s Power!

    Unlike umno or bn, they have to (entice) the people to come & listen to their ceramah with goodies, money that (probably) comes from the taxpayers pocket. It is a good question and you shall ask that to those in bn and umno.

  19. Gerakan K, why everything come out from your brain is so ‘xxxxxxx’ rot.

    Just can’t imagine what kind of person you are to support a corrupted regime like BN…. I am NOT a staunch PAKATAN supporter, but it just make no sense for me to support a regime like BN, corrupt, greed, irresponsible, whatnot. Just can’t finish thinking of the bad things they do.

  20. This reminds me on the gathering at hanchiang high school in 2008 , PR is on the way to putra jaya
    the people’s power will make it happened soon

  21. K, I hope you are fully aware that is it has been the BN that had and have been blatantly using Government machinery for party functons all the time, everytime. Don’t throw wild accusations on who is paying for these ceramahs if you don’t have any evidence or proof!

  22. Hehehhe K,
    Better than using your $ to pay for Disneyland trips for the lucky Indo-maid n Indo-dentist’s family, right?

  23. The sentiments going PR favour and its spreading. Even in Terengganu, if Nik Aziz, Anwar or better yet Razaleigh shows up, BN can pack their bags…Go to even MCA heartland like Johor and Pahang small towns and its in PR favour.

  24. The SPIRIT OF ONENESS lives on in PR…Najib, eat your heart out!!!!
    The desire and the mood for change of Federal gomen is ever growing in strength…let these self-denial arrogant, egoistic specimens in the present administration live on with false hope!
    Nothing stays indefinately….The Great Roman Empire fell!

  25. REFORMASI !!! Malaysians deserve better. Crooks are stealing Nation’s wealth.
    Hidup Keadilan-Pas- Dap !!!
    Hidup Rakyat !

  26. Anil, you are correct, the crowd of mostly Malays at this ceramah is unbelievable! Last month it was about half the size of tonight! Surely, UMNO Baru has to be extremely worried, and Seberang Jaya state seat of Amin Shah looks very like to fall. He won with a slim majority in 2008, I think if I am not wrong about 500 votes!

    Anwar indeed is the darling of those in Penang! I am not too sure when the next one in Sungai Nibong Expo area will be held. Must check! All those who left PKR now know who the Rakyat support! It is PKR and DSAI not those frogs!

    Penang island UMNO seats look extremely vulnerable come the next GE! The majority they won in 2008 are just too small for comfort ranging from 150-350 votes in a quite a number of seats! Hopefully, PAS will make an impact this time, at least winning a couple of seats more. Insyallah!

    Gerakan K, come join PAS la, let us vote for change! Sometimes, we need to change along with time. There must be something seriously wrong with UMNO Baru, as the majority Malays are just not buying PERKASA’s drama! And PERKASA had provoked the Chinese and Indians so much, and no human can take such insults! UMNO Baru and Perkasa are not endearing themselves to the Malays, and the non Malays had been insulted, intimidated and threatened beyond redemption by Perkasa! I will take you to meet Mujahid Yusof Rawa, deal? We must rebuild this country which UMNO Baru and Gerakan had screwed beyond recognition!

    So syiok to see the crowd and their responses tonight! Penang is lost for good and Tun/Datuk? Lim Keng Yaik is correct!

    • Agreed. Penang is one of those places, like Kelantan, where the more you hentam,, intimidate, harass, persecute the people, the more defiant we become. We will resist. We gain more strength day by day. We fight back. Gently and politely .. like all typical Penangites in typical sing-song Penang Hokkien. We are the steel arm in velvet gloves. Penang is the bedrock of Pakatan.

      • Ghkok…You are the legendary DAP cheerleader aren’t you ? I read your letter you wrote to the STAR and almost died laughing. I just hope that our Cheap Minister shows the same “careful observation” of Penang as you do during your holidays in Penang.

        If you ever lose your job, please audition for SNL. You would be smashing success as a comedian.

    • @K,

      Just like the Chinese proverbial saying…”if you don’t open your mouth, nobody will think you dumb”.

      Let me add my own, “if you can’t find ammunition against PR, better just zip your mouth then”.

    • Karen dear,

      It was not you or me who paid for these functions, it was those in attendance who dole out the ringgits when volunteers went round with the donation boxes, and they collected something like RM30,000 last night!

      It is peoples power! It is the sheer desire of the Rakyat who wants change and contributing a ringgit or two is no big deal. There were some who donated RM50.

    • K
      If its not you, its me or us as long as we don`t use government facilities or corruptible money like UMNO & BN. So what is the big fuss. You are fussing is because you, idiot PM Najib and their cronies thought that with their deceits, lies & (enticements of) PKR MP you can destablize PKR & PR. You are wrong. In fact it is helping PR. See, after the sacking of Noodin, the situation is now stabllizing and well on track to put the coalition in a good & strong footing. This ceramah is a good indication of good things to come..

    • Friend, no one paid. No need to pay. You don’t get any food, no chairs, you just stand on the padang. The party pays to rent the place and the electricity. Then party volunteers people will come around and ask for donations, many people are very happy to give. Simple.

  27. Yes, do talk more to explain to the grassroots why Anwar still refused to step down as opposition leader. Put it another way, why DAP afraid to ask for it. This is the opportunity to gain control.

    • Gerakan K,

      There is nothing to explain. Are you so blind. PAS & DAP have publicly in solidarity supported PKR and Anwar to be the opposition.

    • Gerakan K,

      You are using reverse psychology? As I had mentioned in my comment to your fellow namesake except the Gerakan infront, you are the brainier of the two…

      To answer your question, DAP had from the onset, always maintained and stood by their principles that Anwar is their choice of PM and that Anwar will lead Pakatan! Unlike (some of) those in the MCA, MIC and of course Gerakan, who (could) backstab and sell out … for power, women, wine and songs, DAP is not! DAP is a true partner to the cause of PR and they will not benefit from someone’s misfortune! PAS is the real strength in PR and they had also voiced their support for Anwar! When PAS opens their mouth, UMNO has got to go running away with their tails between their legs!

      Does that answer your question, bro?


      • O,

        PAS is the junior partner in PR. Look at total PAS seats first. The real strength of PR is Anwar. But his court case can possibly break PR apart.

      • Gerakan K,

        While it is true that before the defections, DSAI, had the most number of seats, but, honestly, without PAS, Anwar cannot be as strong as he is today. Political reality is, PAS, had contributed to PKR’s rise, as in many mixed seats the support of PAS members are vital.

        Besides, PAS supporters are so loyal to their party, one call from their leaders to attend a rally for a noble cause, they will flood the Federal capital. UMNO Baru tried its best to bring in its supporters with the Allah issue, but, the turnout was anything but pathetic! The PRDM even did not block entries into KL, but, even so, at best UMNO Baru could get was 350! IF there is a rally/protest organized by PR, the PRDM will do everything possible, thinkable to block the supporters into entering KL by placing road blocks from the North, South, and East from entering KL.

        PAS is the most well established political party besides UMNO! And they are far sighted and is one of the richest too. They started collecting donations from their ceramahs decades ago, and their Harakah daily was such a hot seller and raking in tons of monies because of their rational and honest reporting of events! The truth sells, Gerakan K.

        Remembered the Super Frog ( you know who) who once boasted in Parliament, that he can easily call in 60,000 from KL itself, but, we know it is bull…, as he failed miserably during one protest against the PR in KL, the PR supporters numbered tens of thousands but the Katak could hardly raised 100, and the latest Perkasa protests showed you the kind of support he has! Unless with goodies thrown in, those smart Malays would not want to demonstrate for stupid cause.

        Cheers bro!

    • Gerakan K,

      Just look at the way your idol party is treating Gerakan! So rude and never give any face to your Chairman! Gerakan is so irrelevant today. So sad la Gerakan K! If you misrule or misgovern, the Rakyat just do not want you and this is what you get from your ungrateful political masters! If you are no longer of use to them, just get lost! Enjoy your reading bro.



      • O,

        that was a comment from a small potato. No need to put weight in it. He still is a minister in charge of important portfolio.

      • Gerakan K,

        I saw Muhyddin wearing a headgear while in Sabah, and there is a symbol on the head gear very similar to your symbol in Anil’s blog. You know the +? Is this not the same gear which BN used to devastating effects against Tengku Razaleigh?…

        Please reconfirm whether there is a + sign on the headgear? Look at the headgear properly ok?
        Many thanks.


    • Dear Gerakan K,

      Why should Anwar step down, why not ask KTK to step down as no value minister and operate a chicken rice shop.

    • Gerakan K,
      UMNO said just BUTT OFF , don`t you understand no explanation. Please tell that to your Najib and UMNO and your no kpi KTK Gerakan and oop Yes Dr. Teng

  28. Gerakan K,

    See the above, don’t play play la. Reformasi! I can tell you, the rural folks are no fools anymore! And the thing is this phenomenon is gaining such momentum and it is difficult for the mainstream media to counter. No wonder UMNO Baru is so scared! You know, UMNO Baru ceramahs with good speakers can hardly draw 150, PR, you can read Anil’s reports! Honestly, what can you read from the mainstream media today? For example, you are paying to read advertisements in the Star, NST, more items for school going kids and rubbish!

    By the way, bro, do you think, UMNO Baru can stem the tide? This time the tsunami will be nationwide including Sabah and Sarawak la! You know they used PERKASA to antagonise the Malays against the Chinese and Indians and non Malays, and the 1PM going to play the good man to the non Malays. In this way, they hope PERKASA can win the votes of the Malays for UMNO and the 1PM can win the votes of the non Malays. Killing two birds with one stone. This devious tactic if not exposed early, can be extremely damaging to the PR! You know, as usual, UMNO Baru/BN (appears to) deceive the Rakyat, especially the kampung Malays, but, look at the crowd in Seberang Jaya? I attended once in February at the same site, also, 10,000 came. Really, PR is getting very strong support from the Rakyat! You should tell your PM, cannot insult minority races la, be fair, do not be racist and stir up the emotions of the Rakyat using religion, maybe there is a chance la! Next GE, as far as Penang and Selangor is concerned, pochi already la! What do you think bro? We are from different school of thoughts, but we ain’t no enemies ok, bro?



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