By the time the ceramah ended, the crowd at the site had swelled to 20,000.

2225: A crowd of 10,000 is now listening to a speech by PKR secretary general Saifuddin Nasution at a Pakatan ceramah at the Seberang Jaya expo site on mainland Penang, according to a veteran journalist at the scene.

Over in Sungai Aceh, Nibong Tebal, a parallel ceramah has drawn a crowd of about 3,000. Nibong Tebal is of course the home-base of defector Tan Tee Beng. Anwar has already spoken and is now on his way to Seberang Jaya, according to another source.

The events are to commemorate the second anniversary of the watershed 8 March 2008 general election.

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  1. Let’s stand together and vote for Pakatan. It’s for the good of the country. Politicians live on our money. We are the taxpayers and the generator of wealth for the country. We therefore have the right to vote whoever we want. This time, let’s all vote for Pakatan. And to those who have left PKR, good riddance to bad rubbish. In some places throughout the country Pakatan (PKR,PAS and DAP) have run out application forms for those who want to join the parties. This shows how strong the support is for a change at the federal level. Good luck Pakatan.

  2. The same old method. Is this only ‘weapon'(number of crowd) PR have to show that they have support of people??? If PR really have support why don’t organize things like massive civil disobedient in Perak to bring down UMNO state gov??? How did India gain it’s independent? Learn from great leaders.

  3. Gerakan K , u are wrong ,I dont like ANWAR , but it’s gain my “SUPPORT and MY RESPECT,previously I was a Bx supporter , I respect PR cz they respect “KUASA RAKYAT” the rakyat VOICE ,

    I never b4 attent any PR ceramah……..

    PR dare to lost their seat (noordinxxxxxx )for the
    malaysia peace,

  4. Every single Malaysians must stand and be counted as we are seeing the terrible happenings around us.

    Murderers & Thieves stealin the National Wealth are going scot free…….police personnel (allegedly) beating to death people in custody ( they have been doing these evil acts for years….

    (Remember) khugan,k kannan ,yogeswaran,kumar krishnan,A.gnanapragasam ,beng hock and many others including illegals )

    They have been doing this because we choose to be silent and look away hoping the problems will go away.

    Thanks to political groups like keadilan,pas ,dap and N G Os the issue is brought to light.

    Say No the Racist Mahathir-Ali Ibrahim ‘Malaysia for only One Race policy and say Yes to REFORMASI !

  5. Mr. Anil,

    Congratulations! This report of yours managed to attract more than 1.2 million visits.

    Does this not indicate peoples interests in the PR?

    More such articles should be highlighted!

    Once again congratulations and regards.


  6. Gerakan K ,
    can u see there are more and more ppl supporting the PR, what’s have been done by previous goverment over the PG (NOTHING )WHY PPL ARE GETTING SUPPORT THE PR ,simply PR getting the “RESPECT ” FROM PENANG


    • They wanted to see Anwar face. You know people always have the curiosity particularly after the sodomy 2. I was also attended Anwar “ceramah” many times before just to see Anwar face particularly after “sodomy 1”. But I never support his party.

  7. hahaha.. tengok lah sapa yg datang.. orang Melayu dah tak pi dah lah ceramah PR ooii..

    sebab PKR dan PAS dah jadi (hamba) DAP!!

    • Gerakan K,

      See your cheerleader here! I think he has some problem with his eyesight? Can you please take him to an optician and have his eyes checked?

      I think you should get him a set of glasses or contact lens! Shocking la! He must have undergone so bad a brainwash at BTN or Perkasa! Surely this is too much is it not, bro?

      If you do not wish to donate a pair of glasses to him and if he really needs one, do let us know in this blog, the readers here are only too happy to help this pitiful guy here! …

  8. Gerakan [email protected] if u think PR is falling apart, and gerakan is darn strong, please continue to think so..Generation X and Y are rising up and watching speeds up the spread of information and TRUTH. Show me the reason why i need to vote for your party? Are you different from those politician? What kind of policy you will make if you are the decision maker?

    Why Penang remained the same after so many years during your boss governance? At least now, i can see a better looking komtar. Better chair to sit when we wait for ferry to come, priority waiting room for elderly and OKU..

    2010 will be a year of observation..we will see..

    • OK, let’s see in the next GE. You can fool people before election but you can’t after a term of lost direction governance.

  9. k,looks like u r 1 of the bn/umnoputra who until now still cant swallow the defeat of bn govt in pg.every single word utter frm yr mouth realli stink.

    • No,

      BN won the majority seats in Parliament (2/3 on the way very soon), thus has the support of the majority of the people. That is a FACT !!!

      • Gerakan K,

        Bro, honestly, 2/3 is just but a dream that will not materialize! Even if they secure a 2/3 majority, but, when it comes to crunch time, decisive moments to take decisions, they will not get that support, unless they can entice 20 PR Parliamentarians! If they have 2 or 3 majority, prominent BN Parliamentarians will not give them their votes! There are still some honourable Parliamentarians left in BN not supporting them, but, working, speaking and representing the Rakyat!


  10. Looking at these “syiok sendiri” comments from our usual PR cybertroopers is rather amusing.

    At the time PR is falling part and walking like a shell-shocked boxer just delivered a KO, these comments sound like whistling in the dark.

    No public money spent ? Well this is funny. Who paid for all the transport to ferry these people ? Who paid for the stadia, PA system, banners, logistics, drinks,etc ?

    PR used to hentam BN for abusing public money for party functions but now it looks like PR has exceed BN in (allegedly) abusing public monies.

    I am sure there are enough PR supporters who even would justify using public money for party.


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