UK Parliament’s website silent about Taib’s visit

UK Parliament’s website silent about Taib’s visit

Taib Mahmud reportedly gave an address at the House of Lords in London on Friday, 23 July.

From the Bernama report here, it is not clear who exactly he was addressing, though the report mentioned:

Also present were Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Richard Riot Anak Jaem, High Commissioner of Malaysia to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland Datuk Zakaria Sulong, Special Advisor in the Chief Minister’s Office Tan Sri Adenan Satem, Conservative Women’s Organisation president Lady Fiona Hodgson, and the Muslim Council of Britain secretary-general Farooq Murad.

I wondered what the House of Lords itself had to say about the visit.

So I looked up the UK Parliament website under its ‘Lords news’ section here, and what did I find? Nothing. Do you see anything?

Now that doesn’t mean he didn’t speak there, but whatever he said, it wasn’t deemed newsworthy.

The following day, Saturday, the Chief Minister hosted a luncheon in London for students from Sarawak. About 30 turned up, according to the Chief Minister’s website.

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