Update: At 2.00pm, Singapore’s 3-hour PSI reading dipped to 245, still at a very unhealthy level.

Not looking good: Singapore’s 3-hour PSI index has soared to an alarming 401 at noon, while Kota Tinggi (314) and Pasir Gudang (323) in Johor were also at hazardous levels an hour earlier.

“Many people are not working here now, and streets are empty. My white tiles are all dark brown!” said a Singaporean tutor.

Malacca city was still blanketed with a very unhealthy 205 smog.

It is surely time to examine in detail which are the plantation companies and smallholders responsible for the burning in Sumatra and their countries of origin, so that appropriate legal action can be taken in their home countries.

We have to be vigilant about the environment and look out for the culprits, many of them corporations. What they do in our country (e.g. chopping down trees or spewing toxic emissions) may have an impact in other countries, or even globally (e.g. global warming, climate change).

Our lack of vigilance and apathy will come back to haunt us with a vengeance when we least expect it.