Live – Anti-GST Workers’ Day rally in Butterworth


A Workers’ Day gathering is scheduled to begin at 10.00am in Butterworth. Workers are expected to register their opposition to the impending Goods and Services Tax. I hope to bring you some live updates.

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  1. btw, its time to go after bank negara malaysia.
    how can they allow IMDB to borrow 42b and divert 15b of funds to cayman island.
    thats insane, Zeti!!1!

    • 50 thousand bangla voters and none in sight
      No hudud but as a muslim I don`t oppose hudud
      Malaysia bankrupt and its been said by the opposition for more than 20 years, but still going strong
      Opposition say Malaysia big in corruption but the international index show its not in the top
      Now is this another one of Anwars` propaganda

    • 15b already got legs to cabut overseas just in case it’s the end of Bee-End.
      15b waiting in the Cayman sunshine for new owners?
      Soon this national asset may be listed as missing or kidnapped by Pacific Ocean pirates.
      Jangan Main Main with national assets!

  2. Poor turnout in Butterworth, showed what people think of the State Government led by Lim Guan Eng in Penang.

    People are getting tired of Opposition materials helming the Chief Ministership.

  3. Ah Nar Just because most countries have GST , we should follow. There are many angles that we should look at before we implements GST. Don’t follow for the sake of following. You don’t seems to be a well informed individual who simply comments without looking at the bigger picture. A piece of advice to you. Look before you leap. Don’t ask for something that you don’t realise will change the life of the future generations!

  4. And…the people of this countries still suffer from gst!
    Hopefully Malaysia will not copy the gst disaster…it ruins the people!
    Wow, good to see all those people on the streets…..!
    Thats an example for the west!

  5. If these Umno schmucks were to do away with the GST where the hell are they going to find money to enrich themselves ? The national budget is badly in deficit and is now living on borrowed money therefore when the black gold runs out the treasury cannot even find enough to pay the over 1.2 million civil servants let alone there be money for them to enrich themselves. What there doing is what one would call their actions is to make hay while the sunshines !


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