Honey-bee disappearance spreads

Honey-bee disappearance spreads

At first, it was just the whisperings of a few who could easily be dismissed as crazies, but now it has become too big to ignore. The United Nations has confirmed that honey-bee colonies are mysteriously disappearing across the globe.

After first being noticed in the US and Europe, the disappearance of managed bee colonies has spread to China, Japan and Egypt.

Why are bees important? They are pollinators and they are even more crucial now when there are mounting concerns about food sufficiency.

United Nations Environmental Programme scientists suggest a combination of factors could be responsible for the phenomenon: declines in flowering plants (think of all the disappearing gardens and lawns), harmful insecticides (think of all the pesticides sprayed all over), air pollution and the spread of pests. Read this report in the Independent, UK website.

Time we switched to sustainable organic farming, don’t you think?


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