Kuala Lumpur’s blue bicycle lanes

What do you make of these bicycle lanes in KL?

It doesn’t look altogether safe what with cyclists having to share the path with pedestrians and all those obstructions.

But, from what I hear, the cycling network is a worthy project despite shortcomings. KL City Hall seems quite keen on it, with the help of cycling enthusiasts who are part of the KL Bike Map project.

The blue lanes apparently are just in the city centre – just a small part of the overall cycling network.

There are quite a few cycling lanes in KL by now. I understand cyclists can ride freely all the way from Jalan TAR to Midvalley, and the routes along the Klang River and Gombak River are especially pleasant.

But they have got to educate some Malaysians not to obstruct or park on cycle lanes:

What do you think of the bicycle lanes in Penang?

Somehow I am not convinced about cycle lanes having to share the same narrow paths as pedestrians. They don’t look too safe for both pedestrians and cyclists.

We would do well to try and make cycling safer instead of blowing billions on a wishful shopping list of expensive transport infrastructure.