Despite daily spikes in cases, rate of increase has stabilised a bit


The bad news is that the number of coronavirus cases in Malaysia continues to rise – today was the highest (212 new cases) so far for the country. But the good news, if you could call it that, is that the percentage rate of increase is generally lower than it was last week, before the movement restrictions came into effect.

Check out the table below that I compiled. Does that mean the stay-at-home mode is having an effect? I hope so.

As for Penang, just eight cases today.

But we’ve got to bring down the absolute number of daily increase in cases before our ICU beds get filled up. Hopefully the Ministry of Health is considering tapping into the other medical resources in the country (military hospitals and field hospitals, and private hospitals as well as their staff) and ramping up test capabilities.

As for the rest of us, we must continue to stay at home unless really necessary. And even then just make quick trips to the nearest shops for food, if you really run short. Unless you are doing “national service”, which is a different story.

How are you all managing for food? I bought lots of fruit and vegetable. Time for some healthy eating while we see this through.

Those of you who are running businesses, please take care of your workers during this difficult period, especially if they are paid daily. Lots of daily paid workers including undocumented workers, refugees and the elderly are vulnerable at this time. It is good to see many voluntary groups rising to the occasion.  That’s the spirit! Hopefully less divisive talk of race and religion as we rally together in solidarity.

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Today, we saw another blunder over whether foreigners should be charged for coronavirus treatment in hospitals. It took the Minister of Health director-general to clarify the situation. And then there was some confusion about those 10 million face masks from China. Were they sold by China or supplied free?

   Malaysia   Penang 
Date CasesIncreaseIncrease (%) CasesIncreaseIncrease (%)
 132034528 77 
 142383517 7
 1542819080 7
 1655312529 158114
 1767312022 23853
 1879011717 30730
 1990011014 3227
 20103013014 37516
 21118315315 501335
 22130612310 58816
 23151821216 66814
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24 Mar 2020 10.46am

To flatten the curve, please Stay At Home, do not go out lepak or ronda unnecessarily. Use this Hokkien video to spread the message the elderly folks who could not understand government messages (mostly in Malay language):

24 Mar 2020 7.47pm

Learn fron Singapore Mufti’s explanation why mosques will remain closed until further notice