Where is Pastor Raymond Koh?

As people gathered at vigils calling for Pastor Raymond Koh’s release in George Town, Shah Alam and Johor Bharu last night, a CCTV video apparently showing the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh went viral on social media, raising even more questions.

Strangely, the pastor’s family apparently has no idea where the CCTV footage of the abduction came from.

The footage shows us what appears to be a professional job involving a number of men in three large black vehicles, two sedans and a couple of motorbikes, with someone even emerging from a car to film the operation while others blocked traffic from coming too close.

This quick operation, choreographed to clockwork precision, must have required considerable resources, training and practice. What kind of shadowy or rogue group in Malaysia has that kind of ability?

The police have shown us in the North Korean case that they have the ability to track down suspected assassins in a crowded airport and trace them out of several million people in KL.

So let us all pray that those who detained the pastor will be identified and arrested and that Raymond is still alive and will be freed.

I wonder why the media has not given this news as much prominence as the North Korean case, which made front-page/headline news for several days running. The authorities and political leaders too have been rather low key about this.