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Guitarist-singer Alfred Ho turns to blogging, opposition politics


Just received the following in the mail:

Dear Anil,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a blind individual in my 50s, and a singer, guitarist by profession. Just like yourself and many other right-thinking Malaysians, I am truly fed up of the Barisan government what, with their many unjust policies. Needless to say, their corrupt practices know no bounds, and their divide-and-rule policies are most despicable to say the least. For your information, I have placed numerous comments over Malaysiatoday. By the way, I have enjoyed reading some of your articles both over Malaysiatoday and Malaysiakini respectively. Do keep up with your writings, for who knows, you might just be able to wake up more Malaysians from their slumber.

Finally, Anil, I wish to inform you that I have started a blog where I talk about retro music and about my political views. On my blog, you will find newspaper articles about my profession and letters that I have written to numerous government officials for assistance, but who have chosen to ignore my pleas for help. My blog address is as follows alfredhosinger.blogspot.com

Please feel free to visit my blog.. .Looking forward to your early reply.

Yours sincerely,

Alfred Ho

Penangites fume over PGCC deception at packed forum

PGCC forum crowd

Angry and disgusted: Strong views from Penangites

Before the public forum this morning, organisers in the PGCC Campaign Group, a network of activists representing more than half a dozen Penang-based NGOs, were privately fretting over whether they would get a decent turnout at the seminar rooms of the Dewan Sri Pinang.

They needn’t have worried. Close to 300 people showed up to express their concern and disgust over the implications of the proposed Penang Global City Centre, referred to by some as the “Penang Graveyard and Crematorium Complex” due to its proximity to the Batu Gantong crematorium and the Western Road cemetery, not to mention its resemblance to an array of tombstones. Extra chairs had to be brought in, and even these were not enough and some had to stand at the back and at the sides of the hall.

These concerned Penangites sacrificed their Sunday morning and spent an hour and a half listening to two panel speakers before taking to the floor to express their own strong views against the PGCC.

PGCC and the “National Policy on the Environment”

A reader has alerted me to a creature known as the National Policy on the Environment.

It can be found on the Mida website. Just one question: do you think the PGCC complies with it – especially the bit about “ensuring the highest commitment to environmental protection and accountability by all decision-makers in the public and private sectors, resource users, non-governmental organisations and the general public in formulating, planning and implementing their activities”?

PGCC: Now you don’t see it…

Turf club land

The Penang Turf Club land as it stands now (without the Penang Global City Centre) in the distance as seen from Komtar.

Angry Penangites speak out against PGCC

Sentiment against the PGCC is clearly running high, judging from the angry and disgusted comments I have been receiving from concerned Penangites.

Here’s a sample of comments:

Regarding the sale of the Turf Club land, the sale of the Batu Kawan land etc:

What exactly was the role of the Penang Development Corporation in all this?

How did rank outsider Patrick Lim get the better of Ananda Krishnan, who was eyeing another KLCC-type deal, in acquiring the Turf Club land?

Who chairs the PDC Board? Who decides on re-zoning? It’s time the State government came clean on this, don’t you think?

The PDC or its chairman and the Chief Minister should be invited to the PGCC Campaign forum this Sunday to explain the role of the state in this project.