Pas in dreamland?

So Pas wants to contest in 100 seats, with the goal of winning 40 seats. Pas secretary general Takiyuddin Hassan says the party has a better chance in urban areas due to what he thinks is growing acceptance by urban residents.

Well, he is entitled to his opinion. But I think he is being overoptimistic or maybe even dreaming.

The main reason Pas did well in urban areas was that it was part of an opposition coalition at a time when many urban folk rejected the BN.

This time around, the party may say it is not tied to any coalition – which many will find hard to swallow. Certainly Pas has a perception problem: many already view the party as friendly with or aligned to the BN. If that is the case, three questions arise:

Perhaps the real Pas goal is what one of its leaders suggested – to win enough seats to be the ‘king-maker’ in the event Pakatan and BN both come close to winning without an overwhelming majority.