Has Pakatan done enough to persuade rural voters to ditch Umno?

Most people realise that the only way Pakatan Harapan can reach Putrajaya is if there is a swing among rural voters – and voters in Sabah and Sarawak – from Umno-BN-Pas to the opposition.

But have the opposition parties done enough to reach out and persuade these voters that they would be better off with a new government in power?

Yes, there is no doubt the 1MDB scandal, kleptocracy, rising national debt, corruption scandals and questionable mega projects have weighed down heavily on the nation – but will this be enough to convince rural voters to ditch Najib’s Umno-BN? Do voters know clearly what the opposition parties stand for, what kind of change they will be bring – in terms of public healthcare, public education, affordable housing, food security, climate change, sustainable transport, workers’ rights and a social security net?

Have the opposition parties done enough to convince rural Umno supporters that they would be better off outside Umno’s patronage and ‘protection’ – under which the cost of living has been rising with GST and the removal of subsidies.

We need change – away from the old politics or race and religion to a new politics of issues and reforms. But are enough voters out there convinced they will be better off?