3,000-strong crowd lap up Mahathir’s address in Kuching

A crowd of 3,000 turned up at the BDC Everise Supermarket car-park to listen to Mahathir’s long-awaited ceramah in Kuching.

An eyewitness said he could not be sure of the exact turnout, but he estimated that cars were parked for up to a kilometre from the venue. “It was at least 3,000,” he estimated.

“The crowd just loved Mahathir’s speech,” he added. “He said we now owe almost RM1 trillion.”

Mahathir and Kit Siang managed to enter Sarawak, unlike prominent PKR politicians who were barred from entering Sarawak. There had been doubts whether the former premier would be allowed to enter the state.

Mahathir said the opposition coalition would come up with separate manifestos for Sarawak and Sabah including looking into 18-point and 20-point agreements with the two states upon their participation in the formation of Malaysia.

The 92-year-old Mahathir has been criss-crossing the nation in a blistering campaign, leaving younger politicians breathless in his wake.

Last night, he addressed another 325-table dinner at Spice in Penang.

.. and earlier in Selama, Perak.