First, storm lashes Pas assembly; now lightning disrupts major Pas gathering

Just five months after a thunderstorm wreaked havoc at a Pas annual assembly in Alor Star, lightning struck during a ceramah at a major Pas gathering, ‘Fastaqim 2.0’, in Pantai Tok Jembal, Kuala Nerus in Terengganu on 29 September.

The lightning at 10.50pm disrupted power supply and plunged the area in darkness while the Kelantan Pas information chief Mohd Nassuruddin Daud was delivering a speech.

In his address, Nassurruddin reportedly denied that the party had any discussions about cooperating with the BN during a Pas event in Pangkor Island early last month. In fact, he said, “The Syurah Council had decided we will not cooperate with Umno and we won’t join the BN. Any discussions held regarding RUU355 were only to provide an avenue for Islamic Sharia to be implemented.” This was in line with the party’s struggle to further its religious agenda, he said. He then began reciting a verse when lightning struck before he could finish.

As Malaysiakini reports:

Gangguan mula terasa selepas angin kencang bertiup bersama hujan serta kilat dan guruh.

Selepas guruh berdentum kuat suasana menjadi gelap gelita apabila bekalan elektrik terputus.

Dalam kelam-kabut itu dapat didengar kanak-kanak menjerit menjerit dipercayai kerana terkejut.

Bagaimanapun keadaan kembali dapat dipulihkan kira-kira 10 minit kemudian.

Mohd Nassuruddin kemudian mengetuai bacaan doa meminta perlindungan daripada malapetaka selepas itu.

Sebelum ini Husam – yang kini menjadi Naib Presiden Parti Amanah Negara (AMANAH) mendakwa ada cubaan membawa PAS bekerjasama secara rasmi dengan Umno.

The previous thunderstorm in April 2017 came hours after Pas president Hadi Awang had said the party would go ahead with a “green tsunami” at the right time to bring about change in the country. A big canopy and several others were blown away by the strong winds. Many smaller canopies were ripped off and crumbled. The supporting steel structures could not withstand the force of the wind. Lights went off, and everyone was in a state of panic and rushed for cover inside a nearby building. (see video below for the storm in April 2017.)

Is this a sign?