Police show up at Nurul Izzah’s home: Mahathir’s blog goes down

The crackdown on opposition politicians, including those who participated at the ‘Kita Lawan’ rally, continues…

Meanwhile, Mahathir’s blog has gone done after his scathing criticism of the 1MDB scandal. His blog now bears the message: “The account has been suspended.”

Mahathir had said:

What is needed is a forensic investigation by the police over the allegations against people who are involved in the financial management of 1MDB.

To date, the government has not responded in a way that makes sense.

It is said 1MDB does not have a problem as (the value) of its asset is more than debt.

Why then it couldn’t even pay a RM2 billion debt according to schedule and must take up debt to pay interest?”

It is possible that the servers on which Mahathir’s blog is hosted were unable to cope with a likely spike in traffic to his blog (due to a surge in visitors or perhaps a denial of service attack?) and the webhosting company could have temporarily suspended his account. Or there could be other factors behind the suspension.

But instead of going to the 1MDB office, the police, according to Nurul Izzah,  have gone to her home.

Meanwhile, Jho Low has broken his silence, without saying anything really substantive. Not surprisingly, he appears to be outside the country….

The story continues as we approach GST implementation D-Day on 1 April.