In less than a week, two dolphins found dead in Tanjung Bunga

Two dolphins have been found dead on the beach in Tanjung Bunga in the space of six days. The first dead dolphin was found on 29 December 2017 (see photos below) and the second today (photo right at the top).

From what I understand, these are indo-pacific humpback dolphins.

It is not often you see dolphins frolicking in the waters of Penang and when they do, they are a source of delight. So for two dolphins to be found dead in a week… well, something must be up. We need to establish why they are dying in Tanjung Bunga – natural causes, predators, pollution of the sea or toxic discharge from streams flowing into the sea, construction activity or excessive sedimentation?

Dolphins were spotted around Penang Island over the last couple of weeks. One Penang resident saw a few dolphins in the waters off Teluk Bahang on Christmas Eve. Another spotted a couple of dolphins near the Penang Bridge last Saturday morning.

Photos from Pulau Parasit Facebook page.