Extensive clearings scar Paya Terubong hills

Look at the scarring of these hill-slopes

While much attention has been given to Botak Hill, that controversial hill actually blocks the view of many Penangites from the extensive hill-clearing and scarring further inland at Paya Terubong, especially at Bukit Kukus.

The satellite image above is shocking. The white line marks the threshold of 250 feet above sea level, above which no property development is allowed under the Penang Structure Plan.

Take one look at the image and you won’t be surprised by the flash flood that struck the area last year. Residents there are already upset with the cutting and clearing that is evident.

More photos have emerged of the scarring like this one below, taken by a concerned Penangite:

The site is opposite EcoWorld’s Lawn, close to the end of Paya Terubong. And this is the larger view:

Apparently, this was a long abandoned housing project and a section of it is for the new “paired road”.

Surely the folks in Komtar are aware of all these clearings, a lot of it by property developers. But it looks as if not enough if being done to restore such hill clearings to their original condition. We await the next flash floods in Paya Terubong.