Monday, 26 October 2020

Rejection of emergency rule – a victory for parliamentary democracy!

Syabas, Malaysia! The rejection of the bid to declare an emergencyis a triumph for parliamentary democracy. Many people played a role in making their voices on this issue heard. Aliran has just issued a statement:

Emergency rule would take us a step closer to fascism

We seem to be heading towards dark times, folks. But don't lose heart. We must uphold parliamentary democracy in Malaysia. Say it loud and clear. Aliran has just released this statement. Have a look:

Parliament is the place where Muhyiddin, Anwar or anyone else must prove they have a majority

Aliran has just released this message: In light of a possible loss of confidence in Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, Aliran stresses the importance of upholding parliamentary democracy instead of sidelining it.

Haha, it’s a Taiwanese leisure farm: Recalling the 2008 ‘katak’ escapade

Flashback to my blog entry of 11 September 2008 (below), when we learned that the four dozen or so Barisan Nasional MPs who had been packed off to Taiwan on an "agricultural study tour" were actually on a tour that included...

Post-kleptocracy Malaysia may have broken multiple records

We are living in bizarre times. The news that Elliott Broidy, a former prominent Republican fundraiser, has been charged with involvement in an illicit campaign to get the Trump-administration to drop its probe into 1MDB, has prompted me to...

An unexpected twist in Sabah polls outcome? Let’s live in hope!

Gabungan Rakyat Sabah, with 38 seats, may look like it has won the Sabah state election over Warisan Plus, which had 32 seats. But there could yet be an unexpected twist. The...