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We will be following what’s happening in and around the Perak State Assembly this morning.

Pakatan assembly members march to the Dewan this morning – Photo by Jong

After the sitting this morning, Nizar walked up to where Ganesan was presiding in the Dewan and criticised him for allegedly allowing police “to intrude into the Dewan”, saying that as a lawyer, Ganesan should have known better. “You are a pengecut,” Nizar admonished Ganesan, who responded with a smile.


Speaker Sivakumar tries to convene the Perak State Assembly near the Democracy Tree, but the Pakatan reps are blocked by police and later hold a session at the Heritage Hotel – Photos by Kinta Kid

Photo story:

  • The entrance to the State Secretariat building is solidly blocked.
  • The Democracy Tree is also out of bounds for the Pakatan reps.
  • Pakatan reps nonetheless proceed to the Perak State Assembly at the State Secretariat complex.
  • But they are blocked by the now familiar police officer, Glenn.
  • “Do not go any further”…
  • … unless you have a yellow T-shirt?
  • … like these guys.
  • … from this team.
  • Walking two by two is not allowed either.
  • Otherwise you face arrest – Ngeh was the first.
  • Keshvinder was next.
  • And then Chan Ming Kai, who is seen here being handcuffed.


1714: The Perak Rights and Privileges Committee wants Zambry, BN-appointed exco member Hamidah Osman and the state secretary to appear before them over the next few days, according to a source: Zambry and Hamidah for proposing and seconding a motion on 7 May to suspend the Speaker when they themselves had already been suspended from the assembly; the state secretary for blocking elected reps from entering the state government complex today.

Hamidah – and her staff, on her behalf – apparently refused to accept her summons while someone from the state secretary’s office accepted his. Both Hamidah and the state secretary are required to appear before the committee on Tuesday while Zambry is required to appear tomorrow.