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While the son of the Sarawak Chief Minister is said (by his estranged wife) to be worth more than RM2bn, pupils in one primary school, SK Puyut, near Marudi in Sarawak are forced to bathe in a nearby pond “because water supply to the area is unreliable and most days the taps are dry”.

Pupils have to bathe in a murky pond in Marudi
This is the water we use for bathing – Photograph: Borneo Post

We are told that the government is introducing a Goods and Services Tax (GST) to broaden its tax base. Low-income Malaysians and migrant workers will soon have to pay this indirect form of taxation on consumption whereas previously they were exempted from tax.

Obviously, the government is operating under tight budgetary constraints – and these have even affected essential services such as education. Check out the impact here and here.

Ordinary Malaysians are feeling the pinch as the government tries to narrow its yawning fiscal deficit.

One wonders what these low-income folks will make of Najib’s announcement of the immediate abolition of import duty on all golf buggies. The cost of a golf buggy will now drop to RM23,000 from RM34,000. No doubt they will be comforted to know that green trimmers and lawnmowers will now be cheaper as well.