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Police moved in to stop Anwar from addressing a ceramah outside Azmin Ali’s service centre in Gombak last night.

This ceramah, which aimed to highlight the latest developments in his case among othere recent events, began at 9.00pm.

A crowd of a few thousand turned up to listen to the various speakers. When it was Anwar’s turn at around 11.30pm, the cops moved in after a few minutes to prevent him from speaking.

Three people were reportedly injured in the police action at a Pakatan ceramah yesterday.

Naguib Mahfuz Ismail (left), Abdul Khalid Hassar and Tahir Said were reportedly injured during the incident last night – Photo courtesy of Shamsul Iskandar’s blog

The three, who were members of a Keadilan youth squad, were reportedly hurt when police disrupted the Pakatan ceramah and forced it to move indoors.

My contact in Bukit Selambau reports:

0026: Three PKR supporters are believed to have been detained for not dispersing, though I am unable to confirm this.

2355: Police have given a final warning for the crowd to disperse. My contact is concerned that there could be arrests.

2350: In Jalan Cinta Sayang, the FRU are asking the crowd to disperse, but some are jeering and not moving.

2340: Over at Bandar Baru in Bukit Selambau, Anwar has addressed a crowd of around 5,000 as the eve of polling draws to a close.

In Simpang in Bukit Gantang, a crowd of 5,000 has just listened to Husam Musa and other NGO activists talking about whether Umno is really the defender of Malays and whether Pas is a puppet of the DAP.