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A huge explosion has hit a nuclear power plant in Japan after yesterday’s massive quake sparking fears of a meltdown. Now, do we really want to opt for nuclear energy in Malaysia?

The plant lies in Fukishima, only 250km northeast of Tokyo. Japanese officials fear a meltdown at one of the plant’s reactors after radioactive material was detected outside it, reports the BBC. The evacuation zone has now been extended from 12km to 20km.

Okay, you tell me what the local petrol price should be now, bearing in mind that they have removed subsidies completely now.

Of course, we also need to factor in the need to conserve scarce fossil fuels.

I think RM1.80 without any subsidy would be a more acceptable price now, taking into account the need to bring down food prices and stimulate the local economy while trying to encourage fossil fuel oil conservation and prevent wastage at the same time.

Thanks to Ong Eu Soon for compiling this chart:

Petrol price Global crude

RM/litre US$/barrel
01/10/00 1.20 35
20/10/01 1.30 20
01/05/02 1.32 26
31/10/02 1.33 28
01/03/03 1.35 31
01/05/04 1.37 38
01/10/04 1.42 47
05/05/05 1.52 48
30/07/05 1.62 57
26/02/06 1.92 63
05/06/08 2.70 120
17/11/08 2.00 55