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Don’t believe it?

Then what do you make of this report published in that oracle of truth, the Borneo Post?

State’s very own cure for cancer

A herbal compound for cancer treatment could soon be mass-produced by Sarawak. Ministry of Planning and Resource Management deputy permanent secretary Datu Len Talif Salleh said the state had so far raised 300,000 seedlings of the herbal plant that contains the needed ingredient.

Full report here.

Len adds that the ministry is currently working together with the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre and the private sector to develop the herbal planting sector into another major revenue source for the state.

Photo by a concerned Penangite

A concerned Penangite spotted this banner at a private clinic along Burma Road, openly advertising a vaccine against “women’s cancer”. She called up the clinic and was told the vaccine would be delivered in three doses over a six-month period, RM250 each dose, total RM750. The vaccine is Gardasil (supposed to be a cervical cancer vaccine) and girls as young as nine could receive the vaccine, said the person at the other end of the line.