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Something I wrote on the Hulu Selangor by-election for IPS.

Tougher Days Ahead for Ruling Coalition, Opposition
Analysis by Anil Netto

A closely contested by-election over the weekend, which saw victory for the ruling coalition, shows that the political terrain in multi-ethnic Malaysia remains divided and raises searching questions for the opposing sides.

The by-election for a seat in the Federal Parliament took place in an ethnically mixed area – Hulu Selangor, a district in central Selangor state that is fairly similar in composition to the overall population of the Malaysian peninsula.

So it’s going to be a straight contest between BN’s Mohd Isa Samad and Zulkefly Mohd Omar of Pas, after the independent candidate failed to find a local seconder.

Malaysiakini reports that the BN and Pakatan crowds were about equally matched, with the BN side thinning out towards the end.

But one eye-witness claims the Pakatan side outnumbered the BN supporters by about five to ten times during a wet morning in Bagan Pinang. The FRU and police kept both sides apart while choppers hovered overhead as usual.