Updates – Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 goes missing


Wikipedia carries the following update of the tragic situation involving Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a Boeing 777-200ER aircraft carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members:

“The flight departed terminal M at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 0:43 Malaysia time but two hours later it disappeared from ATC radar and communication with the Subang Air Traffic Control Centre ceased.[9][6] At the time of its disappearance, the plane was carrying about 7.5 hours worth of fuel.[10] The airline confirmed that they had conducted search and rescue operations.[6]

“China’s state-run Xinhua news agency reported that radar signal and contact with the plane was lost over Vietnamese airspace, in Ho Chi Minh air traffic control area.[11][10] Relevant authorities in China as well as Thailand have informed their Malaysian counterparts that the aircraft has not crossed their airspace.[12]

“According to Admiral Ngo Van Phat from the Vietnam People’s Navy, military radar lost the plane 153 miles south of Phú Quốc in the Gulf of Thailand.[1][13] Two Chinese ships were deployed to the South China Sea as part of the search.[14]

For latest updates and information of the passengers and pilots, check out the Wikipedia page here.

You can see a ‘live flight tracking’ of the flight here.

And this is the latest statement from Malaysia Airlines:

Saturday, March 08, 04:20 PM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – 4th Media Statement

Sepang, 8 March 2014: Malaysia Airlines is still unable to establish any contact or determine the whereabouts of flight MH370. Earlier today, Subang ATC had lost contact with the aircraft at 2.40am. The last known position of MH370 before it disappeared off the radar was 065515 North (longitude) and 1033443 East (latitude).

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We are still trying to locate the current location of the flight based on the last known position of the aircraft. We are working with the International search and rescue teams in trying to locate the aircraft. So far, we have not received any emergency signals or distress messages from MH370. We are working with authorities and assure that all sources are deployed to assist with the search and rescue mission.

The passenger manifest will not be released until all families of the passengers have been informed. The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew – comprising 227 passengers (including 2 infants) and 12 crew members.

We are deploying our “Go Team” to Beijing which will depart Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 4.30pm with a team of caregivers and volunteers to assist the family members of the passengers.

The passengers are of 14 different nationalities. All crew on-board are Malaysians.

Please take note that the earlier statement did not include the number of Indian nationals. This was due to confusion between the country code of Indonesia and India.

The below table shows the latest number of passengers and their nationalities:-

China/Taiwan154 including infant
USA3 including infant
New Zealand2

Our focus now is to work with the emergency responders and authorities and mobilize our full support.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected passengers and crew and their family members.

The public may contact +603 7884 1234.

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For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.

The airline will provide regular updates on the situation. There are many unvalidated reports out in the media and Malaysia Airlines strongly urges the media and the public at large to only report from official statements from Malaysia Airlines and the Government of Malaysia.

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  1. National & transnational tragedy like this missing MH370 with 229 lives on board is not the time to trade political brickbats nor opportunistic blame game. It should be a time for collective hope & prayers for the best outcome. More so when it’s been days since the last contact with the aircraft.
    Give the affected families a break & time for cool heads.

    May we see a miracle. My Lord be merciful.

  2. hello kee, mcc, and anil,

    let me introduce a forum that actively participated by real Malaysian Navy, real RMAF pilots and real soldiers. Surf there regularly and understand our military from the real source instead from the mouth of politicians. They have posted a lot of pictures of our military assets like submarines, tanks, jets, etc.

    Here is the forum link: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/3095566

    p.s. After reading and better just ask / debate seriously with the real RMAF and Navy guys there direct whether those submarines really can “selam” or do Search And Rescue works or not. Really ** malu besar ** if you all keep repeating stupid statement nonstop just because you dislike BN as the Fed Gomen. That is why people calling anilnetto.com as the pr propaganda blog. Those submarines intended for combat purpose, duh !!!

    p.p.s. Why people and this blog still talking about Anwar when realistically he is finished politically and for that matter the PR coalition too will not survive for long without the firefighting capability of Anwar. Mark my word, it takes one or two hudud statements from PAS and PR will disintegrate quickly.

    • … sg submarines can go under water but najib’s submarines serve other purposes, to this guy, the f… of umno is gold…

      The nation perish because we have 47% of this kind of bodoh people !! !

      The nation led by Umno is now really malu besar… how they are to face China and with FBI in it, they are very scared now…

      They are so scared of anwar becoming menteri besar of s’gor, so jail him…

      Before they could enjoy their night of victory…. Mas went missing shortly…. the malay has a saying buat jahat jangan sekali… altantuya is striking back !!!

      Ps what is this lowyat forum? You mean all the submarine experts from Sg are giving free lectures on our cannot dive submarines ???

      • please apologize to the all citizens of Malaysia if you found yourself spreading propaganda and false info that tarnish Malaysia good name. Please see this site and understand the so called Singapore submarine that intended to Search And Rescue works.

        Please understand what is ‘combat submarine’ and what is ‘rescue submarine’. I think you never read news. Our Arm Force Chief already clarified that Malaysia too have the same rescue submarine that similar to Singapore one. But both rescue submarines are unless now unless we know the exact location of the plane.

        See here for detail (the complete info is in first page): https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/3156261

        p.s. I expect kee will shut up immediately after reading that post. Please stay united under national crisis like this one. Love your country, love Malaysia. Thank you.

      • hello kee,

        I forgot to add, our rescue submarine is housed under SAR Mega Bakti ship.

        Thank you.

    • At this time of anguish for many of the families, we have Kee here using the tragedy of MH370 for their own political end. What a real shame ????

  3. Sg is using their submarines to help but hisapmuddin said ours not equipped with SAR, so cant use???

    Why did najib buy the submarines in the first place??? We all know the answer.

    I am wondering how is malaysian government to cheat this time as it involves China and America.

    One1derfool malaysia !!!

    Ps by the way, wan azizah will stand for kajang by election.

  4. Sniff a possible act of terrorism?
    The 2 stolen passports may lead to some answers, possibly China’s own 911 terrorism.

    BBC: The plane was heading from the Malaysia to China, where last week 33 people were killed and 143 injured in a terrorist attack in the south-western city of Kunming. The attack, in which a gang of men ran amok in a Chinese railway station, was blamed on pro-separatist ethnic Uigurs, who come from the mainly Muslim areas of the Xinjiang region that borders Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some Chinese media have branded it the country’s own “9-11”.
    Both had their passports stolen in Thailand over the last two years, and Mr Maraldi had been issued a new one according to the Italian media.
    China Southern, which operated a codeshare on the flight, said both the passengers using stolen passports had booked through its ticketing office.

    Hope for the best, pray for the 239 passengers & crew of MH370.

  5. Wikipedia as a general reference is ok. If you rely strictly on Wikipedia for critical issues then good luck to your credibility.

  6. Feel so sad, dont know what to say, why the ordinary people are always the victims?

    May the families find strength to go through this hard time !

  7. Its a bit strange. Its been quite a few hours. If the transponder stopped working, the ELT should have been turned on. Why its taking so long to locate?

  8. I hope that we should pray for the best for the survivors. Last hope that a miracle just like the one in Hudson River happen in this plane. The rest discussed later. Come to think of it….Me traveled to Beijing every now & then. Me understand why some times good to have delay for maintenance checks……(Take note I am not speculating but just highlighting the empathy on the need of safety)

  9. Not cool Anil. Time for proper journalism here. Wikipedia is not for news. Especially not something tragic.

    • I think it provides a useful summary of the situation, sourced from different media reports and specialist websites. (See the references/citation list at the bottom of the Wikipedia page.)

      • Wiki keeps track and updates regularly too better than waiting for the Gomen gFN (gd4nothing) trickle. We hv concern and feel the pulse of the families with family members up and missing. So keep up your good work Anil. We all try to keep ourself updated all sites. And for now this is priority NOT #N25. Hope it does not show the PKRs and Pakatan people very distant with National calamities!

      • Yes, Shakirin, that Wiki site was recommended to me by a senior journalist. That was where he was getting his updates from.


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