Six reasons to be concerned about Penang’s mega transport plans


The environmental impact assessment to reclaim 4,500 acres of land off the southern coast of Penang and turn it into three artificial islands is now on public display. But in the first place, is this land reclamation to finance the massive RM50bn Penang transport masterplan justified?

1. Transport-as-a-service trend: The transport plan is too ambitious and projects well into the future. But recent trends and reports suggest more and more people will turn to transport-as-a-service (transport on demand). Uber and Grab are just the beginning. Do we really need to spend RM8bn on the so-called ‘Pan Island Link’, a six-lane north-south highway that will ‘fly over’ the Penang Hill Railway not far behind the Kek Lok Si Temple?

An artist’s impression

2. Population only inching up: Fertility rates in Penang (and the rest of Malaysia) have plunged below the population replacement level – and will continue to decline.

The fertility rate in Penang has plunged below the crucial 2.1 mark as people have fewer children.

This means that the population of Penang will increase only barely (with the help of inward migration) over the next couple of decades – unless we try and attract more people to live in Penang. But why would we want to do that if Penang is already densely populated? Moreover, only about 20 per cent of the homes on the three artificial islands will be “affordable” (less than RM400,000?). Out of these, how many will be really affordable (less than RM250,000)?

Why the need to spend RM50bn in infrastructure, when smaller, more sustainable improvements to mobility could be more cost-effective? Has the transport masterplan been subjected to international peer review by sustainable mobility experts, apart from being reviewed by USM? Why not? And has any study been made of the financial operational feasibility of the expensive overhead light rail transit from Komtar to the Airport? What if ridership projects are not met?

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3. Fisheries affected: The plan is to reclaim 4,500 acres of land off the coast of southern Penang Island. But an overwhelming majority of fisherfolk in the south of Penang are against the project as they believe it will affect major fish and prawn landing grounds in the region.

Source: EIA report on proposed reclamation in southern Penang Island

This could further erode food security in the state. The area in the south has over 2,757 licensed fisher folk with 733 licensed fishing boats.

4. Little to show so far: So far RM220m has been paid for the tunnel and three highways project further north of Penang island: RM209m to Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd as the project contractor and RM11m to HSS Integrated Sdn Bhd as the independent project technical consultant. But work on the tunnel has not even started – and now there is talk of the tunnel being scrapped in favour of a third bridge!

5. China again: A new law, the Loan (Bank and Other Financial Source) Enactment was passed by the Penang State Assembly a couple of days ago. The bill is to allow the state to borrow money from the Export Import Bank of China (China Exim) to finance the expensive transport infrastructure proposals.

Three elected state reps from PKR and two from the DAP questioned Section 3(2) of the enactment which states, “Any loans made by the state shall as soon as possible, be notified to the state legislative assembly.” They argued that the decision to borrow should be made at the state assembly, instead of the elected reps merely being notified after the fact.

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But the state government said the state ExCo should be given the power to make such decisions; otherwise what is the point of having the ExCo. It also said it is an honour that a China bank was willing to lend to Penang and that borrowing from a national institution (like Exim) would result in lower interest payable. In any case, it said the federal government would have to agree to any borrowing from abroad.

But the larger issue should be, why is Penang emulating the federal government in turning to China? Much concern has been expressed about China’s geopolitical designs and how the federal government is perceived to have tilted too far towards China.

And now Penang is following in the same direction. Already, the RM2.3bn Gurney Drive/Tanjong Tokong reclamation is being undertaken by a China firm.

What is the Exim facility for? Who will pay the contractor for the land reclamation in the south? The Penang government (with financing from a bank)? And if a China firm was to land the job of land reclamation, would that mean that a bank from China would be financing the work of a contractor from China? If that’s the case, how would that be an honour for Penang?

Of course, the Penang government could recover the capital expediture on transport infrastructure by selling 4,500 acres of reclaimed land – but is such massive land reclamation for a mega transport plan justified in the first place?

6. Environmental impact: Huge amounts of sand and rocks – 189 million cubic metres – will be required to reclaim 4,500 acres of land for three artificial islands in the south of Penang.

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Sand – Four potential sand sources have been identified off the coast of Perak.

Rocks – Potential rock source locations:

  • Batu Kawan, Penang
  • Kampung Batu Sepuluh, Kulim, Kedah
  • Near Bandar Seri Mahkota
  • Teluk Tempoyak

In addition, a site west of Pulau Kendi has been proposed as the location for the disposal of 7 million cubic metres of dredged material, which has sparked concern among some of the fishermen. A separate EIA on the infill extraction and transport is required for this – but when will that be out? Can the EIA on the land reclamation be evaluated in isolation?

Check out the executive summary of the EIA report here. The rest of the reports can be found here.

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  1. Just before the Mat Salleh gave up HK reluctantly, they built an expensive airport there to drain the treasury. They brought all materials (including toilet paper) and much of the labour from their homeland. Now, China is duplicating this model abroad.

    Some people in Sri Lanka have woken up and are protesting about the gigantic, completed port paid for with land – there was a BBC documentary. Leaks on the plans for the development of Pakistan suggest that they are to benefit the transformation of Xinjiang, China. The Central Asian countries may be next to wake up.

    • If pommies did built the airport , hk people will beg to a province and not a SAR. Planes take off every 5 mins and hk is going tobuilt third runway otherwise planes will bypass and land less than 30km in shenzhen , hk is also building bridge to macao n zhuhsi. If pommies dont build hk will build it,

      Why not tell pg gomem to close the pg airport and build affordable housing on vacated land. Build airport in kedah. Pg forum cat bssher. Kalvin heads down. Land and houses for poor. Otherwise show true. Double standards.

    • Go and read former sugar king paper scmp. S.china going to expand airport. Sz plans for 3runway, Guangzhou 4and 5, zhuhai has built one and how about Macao. They are all within 130km. Hk still wants to independant like taiwan?

  2. First why kalvin in PJ does not contribute a single cent whereas kl and selangor has it foc. Why kl has the lrt approved without a master transpott plan but accordingto nm80160, SPAD wants to see the whole master plan for the state ie island and seberang. Pg forum works for its rich people. Only tram in the island and ice kosong for wonder cat basher all the complains will not move out. Cat basher and kalvin argue and protect PJ interests. Why not ask PJ for some money and why kl can get away with no master transport plan. They are good in dobhi and work for others and not true sons of penang. Where is kl master transport plan?

    • Margie’s Prayers extended to Oh, Huan, Ooi, Kalvin, Zoro, PG Forumers PG- langs, may there be peace and harmony while the people enjoy kopi o preGE14.

    • Zoro: SPAD wanted to see a masterplan of whole northern region, not just Penang State. However, the way Penang Forum reacted to PTMP was too amateur. They couldn’t even understand the real function of PTMP, but just keep accusing PTMP is too expensive. I admired their courage and care for Penang, but please don’t do it in a wrong way. And we all with Penang Forum should really ask the FED to give back our money of Penangites. Why Penang must always be the one that sell our land to get the infrastructures? Jelutong Coastal Highway, BORR… We must not stop to put pressure to the FED while we reclaim three islands at the same time. Penang Forum, can you do something!?

      • You want to talk about the 3? They are like the proverbial monkeys. They best in bullying the states. Otherwise they go to kamunting hilton.

  3. What a shame and shamble for a ptofession. When cant produce facts has to resort to gutter… That is your core and no different from what we hear from the other side, sex, sodom, kwok, women must wear shabby cloths but men can be sexly and go and marry victim after unconsented sex and pics of dancing queen and king. Only blue bean unlesh german sheperds and hyprocrites decaprio talks about global warming but use private plane from NY to LA 5 times in 7 days akin to 4wd in pg,

  4. It turn around out the Government, ie the poor taxpayers, has to borrow MYR 1.0 billion to ‘facilitate’ the transaction prior to the actual reclamation of the islands, strange how this the first time we are hearing this when the PTMP been discussed for over 18-24 months now.

    • Exactly my point too. Once thing consistent about the whole project is how inconsistent the Penang state and CM been in their decision making, information and planning. So much for Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

    • Can businessman wants to dump few billions for few years without any return? Of course they have to borrow. You give chip chip interest. Professional? Same class as those go and wear shabby clothes or get marrief after unconsented sex.

  5. The PTMP includes roads, light-rail transit and other modes of transport crisscrossing the state.
    Lim said the RM27 billion PTMP was to be funded through the reclamation of three islands south of Penang Island.
    He said the three islands, however, would take about two years to reclaim and hence, money was needed to kickstart the project in that two-year timeframe.
    “The sale of the reclaimed land can only start after year two of the reclamation. During these two years, the costs incurred will be financed through a bridging fund of RM2.3 billion,” Lim told reporters.
    Lim said of the RM2.3 billion initial funds needed, the state government’s obligation would be RM1 billion while the PTMP’s project delivery partner’s (PDP) portion would be RM1.3 billion.
    He said the state’s RM1 billion would be in the form of a loan from China, while the PDP’s loan of RM1.3 billion would come from a local bank.

    Q: What is the mother-of-all swap deals i.e. the PTMP : 3 islands dealing with what?
    A swap deal with a financial ‘kick-start’ assistance package (of 2 years) so sweet no greedy developers will ignore?
    Sub-Q: Why not reveal this sweet deal ‘kick-start’ assistance in the initial revelation?

    Q: The 3 islands (of 3 Monkeys’ Critic Nos-Nos) in the swap-deal gave unlimited profiteering to developers thro’ property development the state gomen has no share. So, the 50% (RM1 billion gomen obligation) bridging fund is meaningless but a sweet deal to PDP? Is it not accountant ‘smart’ to dish out this sweet deal???
    Where in the world of sweet swap deals does gomen (state or national) give financial kick-starts in a deal of absolute profiteering to developers?

    Q: CAT claims that the China loan is actually enhancing the state gomen’s borrowing rating. Can we not equate this to Ah Long’s rating of desperate borrowers by a big jump?

    Q: What will be the next ‘surprises’ in the PTMP swap deals (or multiple swap deals) to come?
    Pawning Penangites’ future to lifestyle of rich + famous pawn shops in slippery financial dealings of one particular smart accountant?

    • This is exactly the kind of sweet heart deal that our former PM and now DAP’s BFF Mahatir is known for during his reign. Cronies were awarded projects which guaranteed unlimited projects while all the risk and finance were covered by the government using public funds!

      I guess now that LGE and Mahatir are best buddies, the CM has (allegedly) learnt all these tricks from his mentor.

      Only a stupid accountant can sign such financial deals where it is a win for cronies while the rakyat end up as the biggest losers.

      • If LGE and Dr M are close buddies how come one bark andscream so much that PJ are not listening to barks? Why so worriedA? ACA are looking for loop holes just like SPAN wants the whole master plan not just tram for rich people in Penang island and leaving seberang as backwater which one sitting in PTC did not revealed. Trams is only previleged for those in Penang island and nothing for seberang as proposed by pg forum. No wonder cat basher wants his feet on both worlds. PG island and Atas valley

    • Do you really understand how it works? The three Islands and Rail System in future, all belongs to the State Government as state assets. The State can sell the lands through public auction to get the highest profits, or JV with any developer with good reputation for TOD projects which can generate quite good and sustainable income for the state to subsidise the OPEX of Penang public transport. TOD is the best way of urban planning currently. Most of the cities or countries did it, and this system works well!! I know most of you want to shout about only rich people can stay on the island, but don’t you forget, there are 20% of lands are for Affordable Housing. And every property development on the artificial island still have to build 30% of Affordable Housing.

      Tanjung Pinang/Straits Quay, Karpal Singh Drive, The Light or even Forest City. All of these were doing in a wrong way, because they were just selling the reclamation right to a single developer, and this won’t boost up the income of State Government. On the other hand, if the State Government can reclaims the land themselves and sell it out through open tender from time to time, or even JV with private sector, then it can boost up the income of the state to the max.

      Oh ya! You guys don’t care at all, because you guys insisted to have everything for free. We can’t sell land, we can’t reclaim land, we can’t increase taxes, but you guys keep imagine to enjoy the facilities or city planning like Europe that impose 30% to 45% of taxes on individual. Can you guys start to put pressure on the FED, they took all the taxes from Penang, but it seems like you guys are so mercy to the FED.

      • Do you actually understand what is a swap deal in Penang?
        One has no money (b’cos of not enough Fed money), another one (a consortium) has money & credentials to carry out projects.
        The former has land & land to reclaim. The latter has expertise to build roads, tunnels, bridges, LRTs, etc. & also builds to make profits.
        The former & latter swap deals with a condition that the one doing the bulk of work (provide financing & infrastructures) gets to profit from property development on gomen lands & reclaimed lands while the one with lots of saliva gets to see the actualisation of PTMP.

        So, who actually should be providing money as financier of projects?

        If CAT gomen is so tight of money as it claims yet still Gao-Gao to become a profiteering financier or sweet loan lender to the latter, CAT gomen might as well become the developers in the first place. Why all the hassle & hide + seek game of swap deals & at the mercy of developers?

      • You are totally confused with the land swap of previous government and Penang South Reclamation/PTMP. There are lots of studies of land swap way and PSR way, please read all the studies first. There were too many weakness and disadvantages for your kind of ”Land Swap” like Jelutong Coastal Highway, BORR and Tanjung Pinang! This is why PSR is been carrying out in another way. How and why? … you guys please read all the studies yourself, instead of just living in your own world that been filled with evil thoughts or conspiracy…

      • This cat basher salvia more than tea on environment but himself drives 4wd in city and owns 10 tyres. Kalvin only analyse and have a lot to say on PH state gomens which is punity as compare to the nation wide gomen and laws and decrees has wider implication. Yet he has no comment and church mice on them. So how bias we can see when they make comments

      • Pls stick to the point: CAT Land Swap Deals.
        Isn’t this PTMP of swap deals by CAT?
        Or you want to put the blame on previous gomen???
        Pls don’t confuse readers here.
        Blame game is over long time ago.

      • nn80160, what are you ‘chui niu’???
        What evil thoughts? Conspiracy?
        Looks like your weak mind is transfixed to all good things comes only from CAT or Niao Kong. Absolute angel or Deity.
        Absolut Vodka just to think about it.
        Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. …

        Next in your comment will be all who oppose CAT Regime are BN Trollers.
        Democratic God Saves Penang.

      • CAT always make noise about missing studies and report. When they are released when did he ever take a look? Try asking nat gomen, it is under official secrets. He used to tell how organic but Ronda ronda Penang town in his 4wd and has 10 wheels. Where can he find space for the other 5 wheels and yet talk about affordable housing when his house is occupying a big space.

    • Do you really understand contractors and developers face a higher risk? Why don’t you scream at housing ministry for all housing abandoned by developers? You are plain quiet and dumb when this happen very regular. Look at so many housing abandoned and what has your dancing gomen done? You support them giving extension whereas they are supposed to pay the penalty- See developers have to pay penalty for delay and poor workmanship.

      To cover front top and back they will quote higher or cheaper but higher at changes. You have billions to throw for 5 years before starting to craw the money back slowly? How can you sure you recover the billions invested in 5 to 10 years time- how do you ensure you get back billions invested. You want to dump your money into the empty sea to start forming a land? Are you sure the land will not settled and wait for addition years to solidified? Few more years means developer has no income? You spare some shillings to them?

      So who is the salvia more than the tea. All the big talk for self ego

  6. Tell that to 3 proverbial monkey p forum, cat basher and kalvin the protestant. Ask any visitor if Singland is a Garden City result of LKY’s vision and transformation.

    • So you are now not denying that CAT’s Penang is a political satellite city of SingLand???
      A political proxy of LKY which is untouchable, not commentable & God knows what else ‘cannot’ in your 308-exhilarated mind of ignorance?
      Get real if you want Penangites not to be taken for granted or as political pawns (like in 308 Euphoria), even if you are not a Penangite.

    • Only dedak thinks this way. Dedak cannot see how development can change into garden city in modern times like hanging garden of babylon city in past. So dedak admit developed city can become a garden. If no gardener how to transform pg garden?

      • It is the Bush Doctrine at work again – if you are not with us then you must be against us! So everyone who disagrees with the Dear Leader must be either UMNO crony, a dedak eater or both.

    • No wonder with professional like you’ we not not bench marking with best practises. Confirm you are same as those making remarks that women should wear shabby clothes and easy way to get married after unconsented sex and use to compare how good is the nation with Zimbabwe.

    • What a joke! Do you even know anything about financial matters at all? The job of an accountant is not a financial know it all but more of a processor and reporter of financial transactions. Only those who have experience in financial management are qualified to make macroeconomic decisions in terms of loans, project financial planning, risk, etc. LGE never even been an accountant in real life and even then his knowledge in accounting is out of date by several decades.

      You don’t even have to a financial expert to know that this project will be a white elephant and a massive waste of public funds. This project could potentially bankrupt the state.

    • Yes a big joke. How can an accountant compare with industrial econs which Jib has? Look at what an industrial econs can do wonders for the Tanah Ku. Another joke is LKY first primier. A lawyer and what he knows about social engineering, econs, nation building, uniting the country, nation development and turn sing river into a recreation park and reduce water dependence on others with newater.

      • In only goes to show that education can only do so much for your intellect. LGE might have had some education but that doesn’t give him the right to lecture us.

        You fanboys of LGE have the same old tactic – when pointing out some issues with DAP and their Dear Leader, instead of answering they switch to BN-bashing and claiming idiotic things like “Small corruption is OK, it is the Big Corruptions that must be eliminated”, etc, etc. Grow up guys, it is the small corruption that morphs into a mega monster.

    • … How much rating fid ammno gives?

      You support as leader no need to lead and give lectures. With people like you it is acceptable to slap, women hav to wear shabby clothes but okay for men .. get married after unconsented sex, very disappointed and your thinking rank as those with the aboveactions

  7. Damien said “the youngsters… of today enjoy… like no tomorrow”. Unable to reply at his comment.

    Is this true? Many youth are jobless. Even if they have a job, they are forced to live with their parents and unable to consider even marriage. The problems include the massive immigrant scam, automation, study loans taken for courses that turned out to be useless, rising costs (e.g. urban sprawl making a car a higher priority, crony monopolies), lack of welfare for their parents, divide-and-rule, etc, This is a global phenomenon also affecting “advanced” countries: the ravenous gluttonly of capitalism before it brings down everything.

    • Many youngsters truly unemployed, no aspiration set for future. Que Sera sera whatever will be will be, enjoy now while parents or BR1M01 still can subsidize, Rmxxx to switch party alliance to buy latest VivoOppoHuawei!!
      There are 80160 reasons why not to over worry too much about weather tomorrow, now hot weather just switch on Air con enjoying frappucino kopi!

  8. I really don’t understand what is the problem of “issue 5. China again”
    As long as the whole project, including land reclamation is open tender, then what is the problem for the loan from China?
    We need to get the cheapest COPEX through open tender, it doesn’t matter with China or any other country.
    And since China want to lend us money for bridging finance, then why not?
    Penang can save a lots of taxes if we can get the loan from EXIM. And this is why the Fed or our beloved PM willing to ask Penang Assembly to pass the enabling act first.
    This is a loan with lower interest rate, and we can earn from it. For those who have loan-phobia, please find out the real fact and do some simple calculation first, then you will know how wrong you are.

      • Salah sebab Tunglang dan Calvin belum Minta soalan seperti PTMP. Kalau PTMP Ada banyak soalan, duit diterima Oleh PJ mesti Ada lebih soalan. Kita mesti tunggu tunglang dan Calvin ambil tindakan. Mereka boleh panggil parti tindakan.

    • Why not have an open tender for the whole state so that the rich developers can develop Penang into a playground of super rich? While the original Penang Lang move to Kedah or Perak. Based on your logic, since it is through open tender, it should be fine right?

      • Do you really understand your words? I was referring to the open tender of public infrastructure projects with plan like Halcrow or SRS that designed by traffic experts.
        Bridging Finance is the most common practice in construction field, this has nothing to do with super rich… Loan from private bank or China is just a different choices, private bank with higher interest rates and China with lower interest rate. FYI, The Fed got the loan from JAPAN for the first Penang bridge, and loan from China for the second Penang Bridge.
        Please don’t mix up loans and construction of infrastructure.
        LOANS(Bridging Finance)= Get from any bank that can provide you the lowest interest, save the financial cost, which is very common for any construction project.
        Construction of Public Infrastructure = Open tender to get the cheapest cost of construction, save our COPEX!
        Najib tak salah jika dia pinjam wang dari PRC dengan faedah yang rendah, tapi dia tak open tender East Coast Rail Line. Ini menyebabkan ECRL dibina dengan harga yang terlampau tinggi.
        We need to save the Financial Cost and Construction Cost!
        Financial Cost through loans with lowest interest, and Construction Cost with open tender.
        Come on la Calvinsankaran, you are better than this.

  9. Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming in a statement said in the period of 2015-2016, Selangor experienced a net migration of 19,400 persons while Penang experienced a net migration of 12,000 persons.

    12000 new Penangites create new demand for housing?

    • It is only marginally higher than the average net inward migrantion over the last 20 years (a period which covers times of economic boom as well as lean years) which was about 9,300 per year.

      Besides, how many of those 12,000 people can afford homes more than RM400,000?

      • “how many of those 12,000 people can afford homes more than RM400,000?”
        I think you were trying to shift the focus to another subject.
        However, FYI, the range of affordable housing is from RM42k to RM300k.

      • And do you know what percentage of the homes on the three reclaimed island will be priced below RM300,000?

        No, not shifting. I am questioning the whole rationale and justification for those three artificial islands.

      • Yang datang (mungkin) orang Cina, yang pergi (mungkin) orang Melayu ke Kedah! Pasal ini Umno khuathir!

        According to the recent update, the government is still working on the masterplan. However, this was their lastest masterplan in their previous public presentation.
        The lands in red colour are for affordable housing. This is a 50 years township/TOD planning, we can’t just simply say what is the percentage of homes will be priced below RM300k. We need to adjust the price or amount of the LC or LMC from time to time and base on needs.

      • You will notice that a large portion of the red areas are on the island closest to the industrial area/airport.

        I was told at a Penang Transport Council meeting that only around 20 per cent of the homes in the three islands would be affordable, which means a couple of the islands would be catering mainly to the wealthy – something which even the planning officials present conceded.

      • Did you just leave out the biggest portion of the purple areas? Lands for industry?
        We need a balance for affordable housing and making profit for PTMP. And of course for open space like parks or beaches. Everything come with a cost, we can’t just expect this three islands fill up with all affordable housing and green parks. We need lands for TOD that can generates sustainable income for Penang. These went through a lot of calculations, so that we can generate enough profits for PTMP and provide a numbers of affordable housing for Penangites.
        And I thought all the developers still need to build 30% of affordable housing for their projects on the Island and not just the affordable housing lands that belong to the state government.

        We shouldn’t just dream of anything without considering the cost and reality. I think the only way to increase the percentage of affordable housing is ask THE FED to provide some funds for PTMP or even pay all!

      • So now your focus was shifted to the whole PTMP…… First, what is Transport masterplan, a plan to identify and keep all the public transport corridor clear for future use. Due to the poor city or urban planning of the past, the whole penang is a mess. This is why PTMP came out a masterplan to identify the pt corridor. Then now we can discuss about the details of PTMP. We shouldn’t just question about RM50bn, we should ask do we need all this projects that being listed under PTMP. This is why we call it as Transport Masterplan. For example, the original RFP left out the Seberang Perai, it save almost half of the cost, but do we need it? Yes! Even SPAD wanted to review the rail system of north region as a whole first before they give green light to Bayan Lepas LRT. Hence do we need a PTMP first?

        Let me make things clear, I think you are questioning about the vehicle/system that we use in PTMP and the need of PIL or upgrading of highway. And I had heard two sides of theories from different traffic experts. Hence, do we need to spend RM50bn for the next 50years? Yes, if we need it, but I have my own stand for imposing toll charges for all the highways in Penang.

        -Cost of Reclamation and Basic Infra on PSR=RM14billions
        -Cost of LRT,Monorail, PIL(not included Monorail&BRT at SP)= RM26.3billions
        -PDP’s fee & reimbursement&overhead= RM2billions +RM4.2billions
        -GST = RM1.5billions
        -After the state insisted to add in pt system at Seberang Perai, the cost of PTMP had increased from 27billions to 40billions.

        The original RFP(2015) of SRS:
        -build Bayan Lepas LRT
        -build Tanjung Tokong Monorail
        -build Air Itam Monorail
        -build George Town Tram
        -build Cross Island LRT
        -build PIL
        -build North Coast Highway
        -Water Taxi
        -Electric Bus
        -Upgrading interchange of Juru Highway
        -Upgrading Butterworth-Kulim Highway
        -BRT at Seberang Perai (NEW)
        -MONORAIL at Seberang Perai (NEW)

      • nn80160 seems to be so well informed about the whole PTMP, much more than even PTC members. He/she seems to be having all the numbers including those not in public domain and even known to PTC members. Wonder who he/she is? Wonder where this info was obtained….

        To me this clearly shows that the state govt has a very extensive on-line propaganda /cyber-warfare apparatus to influence/confuse and sabotage its political opponents and civil society members opposed to its policies.

      • Calvinsankaran: Please read more news, I mean real news with accurate info. All the numbers is on the paper,especially Chinese and English newspaper. And don’t be so shy, go to the public display of SRS rfp. All the numbers are under the sun. It is very funny, you have all this evil thought or conspiracy theory in your head… In fact, It’s not just the NGO can represent Penangites, but lots of professional penangites with knowledge all around the world can do so.

        Anil: So now you shift your focus to questioning the cost of pt at Seberang Perai with such a short question? FYI, the total length of rail system at Penang Island is 52km with 54 stations. On the other hand, 99km with 76 stations at SP. Please pass this costly question to the traffic expert, let them answer with knowledge and facts but not your Wow, LOL…

        Oh ya! The government need to OPEN TENDER for all the rails or lines phase by phase right?! Then what is the purpose of your Wow again?

        Further, it was only the media said the cost was increased to RM45bn. And again, please see the PTMP as a whole. Keep and plan the pt corridor then come out a calculation of ESTIMATE COST. No corridor, no plan, no talk, no ptmp. And eventually, the PTMP need to be amend every 5 years, this is the most common way of working in urban planning(traffic).

      • PTMP is the … precursor of controversial land + sea reclamation development (via unsavoury swap-deals) going on with a ready opportunist-blame-game fixated on Gerakan for the 1st environmental disaster off Tanjung Tokong – Gurney Drive.
        But having wailed 308-solutions to remedy what Gerakan had done, what we are seeing is a continuation of environmental disasters & coming disasters.
        Nyiamak Niao Kong!

        We don’t need no Merc riding accountant to lead us to Holland (Hokkien for disasters).
        More surprises may be on the way or more 308-styled euphoric promises come ceramahs of GE14. We may see money-game style preaching to exhilarate Penangites desperate for more money to live in slippery Cosmopolitan Penang.
        Naik Jeep is a master of this Money-I-give-U & Niao Kong should master from him.

        We don’t need a smart-alec to figure brandish conflicting sums (insider’s) to convince us as a matter of fact of CAT management, the figures which can change or UBAH at the fancies of Niao Kong & RM2 company crying for more money.

        Penang may soon have the highest debt among all states of Tanah Air Cinta Ku.

        Saya bukan minta soalan, cuma tanya soalan dari minda siuman.

      • CAT basher is most qualified to make environment state driving around pg city in 4wd and owns 10 tyres and advising people to buy food trucks causing increased in traffic jams- . traffic jams result in loss in productivity late for work and late home resulting in less sleep. Also traffic jams burn more fuel and money and cause global warning. CAT basher going to scream at Trump who is going to go backwards on Paris climate change agreement? CAT basher just like Decaprio himself flying in private jet 5 times in a week. What a chameleon.

    • Trying to justify the three reclaimed islands for the inward migration of 12k people is a foolish argument. Even is all these people can afford super-luxury houses, should we destroy our heritage, flora and fauna for some rich migrants rather than the people who have been born and bred in Penang and in real need for a place to call of their own? I think the Penang govt has completely lost the plot here and has become a truly government of the rich for the rich.

      • Again another spin from a man working in Hong kong who is well aware there are always issue with settlement which is happening in HK cross boundary facilities. Even if land is reclaimed, it need some time to solidified. Time is money and you want poor people to wait for their houses? Buildings have to be piled. One need not to have economist. Even primary school kid thinks it will cost more for buildings to build on piles. Only dedak thinks reclaimed land is cheap and it is only meant for public housings. Try asking PJ to build PR1MA houses and why not ask why Kedah build the Dubai in the recent reclaimed land off Kedah without EIA. Better go and defend the Dubai and Chabad of Kedah.

      • Got to understand the youngsters (major voters to swing election) of today : enjoy now like no tomorrow, why bother with environmental matter when chasing after $$$ is more important now to upkeep bin chui (self esteem ego driving flashy cars with trendy gadgets)
        Doomsday everyone suffers rich or poor. Now need to $ustain bin chui first.

  10. Anil should take note if Huan or Patrick Ooi will be using his analysis as campaign tools. These mosquito parties can save on research budget by simply quoting Anil’s points, and Anil be sure they reimburse some of money into your public bank account. Otherwise, Anil can be regarded a fool ( with due respect).

  11. There are a lot more than these 6 issues. Let’s look into the case of loan. Why do the state needs to take a loan in the first place? They are using the reclaimed land to offset the cost of construction so why this loan is needed?

    Why this was not revealed when the PTMP was first mooted under the financial model? Does the CM even knows what he’s doing? There are so many U-turns and twists and turns that no one seems to know what exactly PTMP is, not even the CM or his clueless clown of the Exco member in charge of transport. Now they are not even telling us how much the loan amount is. This is probably because they even know.

    And what ever happened to the Penang Transport Council? After all the hype, the council is just a paper tiger and probably meant to silence the critics or serve as a fig leave of respectability to cover its massive shortcomings.

    What’s the point of having a transport council or even the State Assembly when the most expensive transport project in the Malaysian history (more than the MRT project) was not discussed, debated ?

    • First you need to know what is “Finance”, “Bridging Finance”. In fact, loan with low interest rate(lower than market rate) is good for Penang, if you have some knowledge on this, then you will never say this is a bad issue. In conclusion, we can earn from this loan, this is a very simple mathematic. Don’t twist the fact here. Lots of people will laugh at us/penang if we come out such a unprofessional and unknowledgeable statement.

      Furthermore, PTMP is not the most expensive transport project. The Sungai Buloh MRT line itself, one line costs more than 20billions.

      • Well, I know what is a bridging loan is so that’s why I was commenting. Do know assume you are the only person familiar with financial matters. Also whether it is a bridging loan or not, it is still a loan at the end of the day.

        First of all, the Penang government never spoke about such financial arrangements before all these years and all of a sudden they announce this deal and get the act passed (or more accurately rubber-stamped) in the State Assembly AFTER signing an agreement with the China bank.

        Also they did not reveal what is the rate for the loan and how much is it for? Why the secrecy unless they have something to hide? Where is the transparency in this?

        Furthermore, these highways and tunnels will NOT be free and we need to pay toll. So why are the state government is (allegedly) subsidizing the contractor financially ? Does it make sense to provide financial support to the contractor when they are also reaping billions in reclaimed lands? .. the contractors (could) get their profits before even building the highways and tunnel. So giving such a free ride and excessive profits to a private company at the expense of rakyat?

      • You must be proud that pg Gomen inform you and not others that roads and crossing are not toll free. PJ was nervous as pg Gomen plans to build a toll free crossings. Further did PJ inform you in advance Chinese will be building the east coast rail and what happen to TRX and former sg. besi airbase? Also you want state Gomen to be dedak when China invite Malaysia No 1 but not singland no 1 for the one road and one belt initiative. Lucky you to have opportunity to work in HKand better chances to see how the Econ and finances can tap into Xi’s one road and one belt. So why not if it is win win situation for China and Penang if pg wants to borrow and China willing to lent. If it is a huge burden, being close to PJ are you smarter than PJ when they said pg Gomen can try to borrow from CHina. If still unhappy, one can stand for coming election and reverse the situation.

      • Did you read the news? That is an enabling act. No agreement and even no MoU at all. The state gov had just announced that they need to come out a 1billion Bridging Fund, they didn’t start to deal with the EXIM at all~~ Where is your info came from..!? They just know that EXIM will provide a lower interest rate, and that’s it.
        Do you really think that the state should use their 1.6billions of state reserves as bridging funds? if Yes, please say Yes here.
        Since you know bridging finance with interest rates that lower than market rate is good, then why we shouldn’t borrow from EXIM? Or you insist we need to pay the financial gap with our state reserves? If yes, then please say yes again.

  12. Anil, the federal government is not prepared to use taxpayer money to fund Penang infrastructure projects so it had to get funding from external sources hence China. The federal government is KL centric as if the other states do not pay taxes..

    • Hello, is anyone home up there ?

      Penang Bridges are not a Federal government project? Rapid Penang is not a Federal government project? The problem is not that the Feds don’t want to fund infra projects in Penang, it is the state govt that don’t want it.

      They want to control the project in terms of the project manager, winning bid, financial models and most importantly how the benefits from the projects are “distributed” downstream (I will leave it to your imagination on this aspect).

      As for a Rm50B for an infra project, how many states can or afford it? Even though Johor, Selangor and Sarawak have the population and financials, they are not foolish enough to embark on such wasteful and disastrous route.

      DAP as a part of Pakatan Harapan, supposed to demonstrate prudent in managing public money but the way PTMP is being handled, this is a masterclass in squandering billions of public fund.

      • Bridge is just a straight line so simple from A to B and PJ do not give free but collect toll. What transport master plan has PJ done since in power? Did PJ carried out any transport plan for different states snd cities? Of course PJ want to control everything unlike Australia where Canberra part money to state which do their planning like NSW gomen build and upgrade the pacific highway. We need not imagine but we can see how PJ has been distributing but if the other side distributing ACA will be hard on PG gomen as directed by By PJ. You want to boost about Rapid? You go and tell hong Kong how good is Rapid bus? Senior Malaysians pay half price but senior hong Kong pays about one ringgit for one unlimited distance anywhere. Go and tell Rapid for better stage bus stops and Apps on bus routes and time table since you have been working inHong Kong.

      • Even free bus service around the city the state gomen has to come out from its pocket and pay Rapid owned by kalvin bn gomen. No one can operate public bus but kalvin bn gomen has full right. So you are right to say about PTC and Anil and tung land only barks at the komtar and not PJ. Calvin why can’t federal gives free city bus service when all residents including foreign workers also pay taxers. Foreign workers also pay some state taxes and they get some goodies.

      • Why MCA transport minister has no say in public buses and issuing of licences? The right comes from most high no one department. The section has most operating money and Paul L is happy to work in that section.

      • Firstly stick to the core argument. I have shown that you were completely wrong in saying the Fed did not invest in any infra projects in Penang. That it is not free or not efficient enough is another matter. You can’t compare our buses and LRT/MRT with HK or SG as they are city states and been developing this for decades. Thanks to our former PM, we squandered billions on a white elephant called proton.

        BTW do you think the tunnel and the highways and LRT under PTMB will be free either? At least for the bridge the toll is on those people who use it. For the PMTP all of us have to pay in more than one way. We have to pay for the loan, reclaimed land, destruction of flora/fauna, increased traffic jams and worst of all, suffer even higher house prices.

      • “For the PMTP all of us have to pay in more than one way. We have to pay for the loan, reclaimed land, destruction of flora/fauna, increased traffic jams and worst of all, suffer even higher house prices.”
        Do you really understand your words?? What do you mean by increased traffic jams with the implementation of PTMP??
        In fact, all the current or future highways should impose toll charges, and keep the fares of LRT or buses as low as possible, lots of cities did these and it works well!
        And again, loan with low interest rate benefits Penang, we earn more money from this loan… Please calculate yourself.
        You will be too naive if you want Penang to pay the bridging finance 1billions with our state reserve.
        And please check for the term of TOD too. I mean not just the simple definition of TOD, but also economically.
        Guys, if you really read and understand the whole project of PTMP, no matter it is a tram, LRT, BRT or what so ever. For the sustainable of Public Transportation, TOD is the only way to make it work, profitable and also low fares.

    • You are totally wrong and spin around. If PJ can invest in gilakan time why not now? Forget about politics. The core is pg lang pays tax and since there is a national and state level and pg vote for a different party then you want to be like north Korea Kim to withheld funds? What are state leaders for?.
      What makes you think roads and tunnels under ptmp is not free? Try another spin. If hong Kong did not reclaim lands and build expressway’ airport and high speed rail to China, you will be not finding oneself going to Hong Kong but will land in Kelantan planting padi. Another twist and spin. If there is a road or LRT basic econs value if land goes up. Why ancient traders and Marco polo tried the silk road? Tell your HK company that China initiative on One belt one road is similar to PTMP. Owe debts, destruction of flora and fuana, high property prices and cost of living.
      HK private public buses for seniors are subsided by HK gomen. Go and tell to PJ seniors only pays one ringgit to travel anywhere. Why can’t compare?

  13. Take a good look at the satellite map provided. See Penang island is half brown but is surpassed by seberang on the right hand side. But if compare with singland the whole island if sing land is brown. Blame Malaysians settle and work below?

    • SingLand island has a shape of a crab. LKY started tree planting for greenery effect on the island from 9 Aug 1965, else it will become barren brown like a rotten crab, no good for Feng Shui, and the rest is history – SingDollar now 3x Ringgit. This is a classic tale told by tour guides to foreign tourists to SingLand.

  14. What are Grab and uber? Where do they come from? Natural growth like population? If profitable and reasonable income’ like proverbial monkey’ monkey see and monkey do.

    Cat Basher said’ invest in buying food trucks. Cat bashers buy second vehicles. They need 4wds to Ronda Ronda belum and atas valley. So they have 2 vehicles. But they also have vehicle for wife a mini and sporty for son.

  15. Anil had listed 6 reasons why he should stand for election to improve the well-beings of Penang for Penangites??????

  16. MP Tony Pua, you have in the past made apt, cutting remarks on cheaper alternatives to the MRT, electrified rails and highways that BN launched. The Penang gomen is going beserk, but we get only deafening silence from you.

    • Niao Kong: Tony, remember in Penang, everyone has to toe-the-line.
      Remember the proverbial 3 Monkeys?

    • D Silence because it is apple and orange. KL mrt paid by all malaysians and from resources like oil and palm oil. Pg LRT no federal response. You want to investee into PTMP? Can you get chip loans? Gamuda has to butter PJ and get ok to proceed. Can you get ok from PJ? You want to volunteer and borrow money and dump into this PTMP? Pg create value from the sea. Nothing into land and then people dream house and invest into property. How to buy land and have more pasar mlm?

      • Please tell the leader of the Red Bean Army to hire people with some basic English language writing skills, at least to the Form 3 level. Too many Chinese – educated Ah Bengs in the Red Bean Army now me think, looking at the standard displayed here.

    • Tony is no dummy, he knows better than to “lawan towkey”. Saying anything even remotely negative against the Dear Leader LGE or Dear Uncle LKS would automatically end your political career.


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