Word has it the trees along Green Lane close to the Udini Road roundabout could come down on Monday at 9.00pm or in the days after.

Will they remove the trees at night, under the cover of darkness, so that fewer Penangites can see their shameful deed?

We need to make our views against the removal of trees clearly heard to put a stop to any further inclination to remove trees along other roads in the name of ‘road widening’. If we remain silent, expect more trees to be sacrificed in future in the name of ‘road widening’.

In this era of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, we need to stop pandering to car owners as they are ruining our quality of life and the environment and increasing congestion. The present model of road-widening prioritises the needs of motorists, ignores the needs of bicycle users, reduces space for pedestrian walkways and sacrifices trees.

Any political party that wants our votes in the coming general election must make a clear and unequivocal pledge to improve public transport, introduce real bicycle lanes all over Penang (as opposed to the farce of drawing white bicycles on the outer edges of the roads, which in itself is dangerous as it encourages cyclists to share the same space with motorists) and other states, and promote sustainable transport options.

We need to raise the profile of the public transport agenda so that all political parties sit up and take notice. Say no to more highways, tunnels (for cars) and other mega projects that promote car usage. Say yes to public transport and sustainable transport options.

The BN politicians capitalising on this issue are shameless and hypocritical. Demand that they ask their bosses in Putrajaya to relinquish control over public transport and hand it over to state/local jurisdiction so that real improvements can be made to serve the public interest instead of protecting vested interests (car manufacturers, toll concessionaires, petrol stations).

Write your messages to the MPPP, Penang state government, the BN politicians and their bosses in Putrajaya in the comments below.

Save the trees along Green Lane before it is too late.