Penang kicks off bicycle lanes plan


The MPPP has come up with a plan to introduce bicycle lanes on the island. The RM30m first phase will see a 12.5km dedicated bicycle lane along the east coast from Queensbay Mall to George Town scheduled for completion within two years.

bicycle lane plan
Penang’s bicycle lanes plan is now open for public feedback.

Of the 12.5km route, 9.6km will be along the coast, and the bulk of the cost of this section will be borne by five property developers with projects along the route. The remaining 2.9km of the route and a bridge across Sungai Pinang will be undertaken by the MPPP. The MPPP is also allocating RM5.3m in its budget every year for cycling amenities.

The plan is now open for public feedback. You can provide your feedback by going to the MPPP website here.

This is a commendable move and a good start.

But what about mainland Penang? MPSP, do come up with your own plan.

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  1. The most expensive option is cycle tracks or protected bike lanes — which are separated from traffic either by elevating the lane or separating the lane at road level with a median or bollards — that can cost around RM 3.2million per kilometre,
    That’s typically because they include a lot of traffic signal upgrades and the separation between the vehicle traffic and the bikes need some sort of infrastructure that costs a bit of money.

    But did lim guan eng built a protected bicycle lane? Lim Guan Eng administration only built a normal bicycle lane without any special protection for the cyclists.

  2. GEORGE TOWN: The Pakatan Rakyat state government was asked by a social activist to justify why it had spent a whopping RM30 million to build a mere 12.5km bicycle lane along the coastal road of Penang Island.

    Activist Ong Eu Soon told FMT that judging by the estimated cost of building a bicycle lane of similar length in America, it would have cost Malaysia at the most, only RM6 million based on a 60 per cent mark-up rate of RM2.25 million.

    Besides the mark-up, Ong said that the total cost would have included RM1.5 million for excavation and disposal, RM665,600 for asphalt, RM312,000 for aggregate base material and RM1.2 million for the sub-base layer.

    Based on these calculations, Ong remarked that Penang’s coastal cycle lane project should have cost only RM6 million and not RM30 million.

    Ong pointed out that DAP had always claimed to be able to construct infrastructure projects at a fraction of the project cost undertaken by the BN-led federal government but had failed to live up to its claims.

    He was upset that the state government had spent so much money building such a short lane.

    He stated, “The material cost is less than RM4 million.

    “How did the developers mark up the manpower and engineering fees to reach an exorbitant sum of RM30 million?”

    The coastal cycle route constitutes the first phase of the Bicycle Lane Masterplan which was launched in 2012. The plan includes a total 200km of bicycle lanes for both the island (120km) and the mainland (80km).

    The island’s cycle route includes a length of 38km linking Batu Maung in the southwest to Teluk Bahang in the northwest.

    The first phase of the 12.5km coastal cycling route linking Queensbay Mall in Bayan Lepas to Komtar in George Town started in October 2012 and is a collaboration between the council and developers, IJM Land, Tropicana Ivory, GSD Land, CP Landmark and Asia Green Group.

    The 9.6km stretch from Queensbay to Sungai Pinang will be built by the developers while the 2.9km route linking Sungai Pinang to Weld Quay and then to Komtar will be built by the council.

    Ong said the state government should come clean and clear the air on the exorbitant costs of the first phase of the planned bicycle route.

    He said, “The government must uphold its CAT principles of competency, accountability and transparency.

    “If Phase1 already costs such an exorbitant sum, what about the cost of subsequent phases?”

  3. Lim Guan Eng administration built a 12.5km bicycle lane at a cost of RM30million. DAP claimed that it can build infrastructure at fraction of cost compared to BN.
    Let compare Lim Guan Eng administration with Obama administration to see who is more cost effective.
    The costs of building a 12.5km bicycle lane in US come from the following activities
    1)Excavation and disposal
    125000x2x20x0.3/12=12500Cubic meter=12500×1.3=16250cubic yards
    The price for excavations and disposal is US$30 per CY.
    The total cost for excavations and disposal is $487500
    2) Asphalt 4inch thickness
    The cost of asphalt per ton is $80.
    Total cost of asphalt=2600×80=$208000
    3) Agregate base 4in thickness
    The cost aggregate base is $30 per CY
    The total cost of aggregate base is $97500
    4) Aggregate subbase
    1 Agregate sub-base 12in thickness
    The cost aggregate sub-base is $30 per CY
    The total cost of aggregate sub- base is $380000
    The total material cost of 12.5km bicycle lane in US is $1173000 which is less than RM4million.
    How much do you charge and mark up for manpower and engineering fees to reach an exorbitant sum of RM30million?
    Lim Guan Eng should answer this question …
    How the west do mark up?
    Engineering fees 25%
    Performance bond 15%
    Contingency fees 20%

    This is how you give a quotation in US by itemized the jobs and show the actual cost, not like Lim Guan Eng just accept any figure without questioning. So much for competency, accountability and transparency.
    In Penang, you probably need to allocate RM20million for kenduri offerings to some strange tokong.
    Any extra is Heng! Ong! Huat!
    DAP can build at fraction of cost, my foot! No corruption just not competent, no transparency, no accountability.

  4. Anil

    Here is the latest update on Singapore’s national plan to promote cycling.

    Channel NewsAsia’s Saifulbahri Ismail examines the challenges of making cycling a more viable option and a way of life in Singapore:

    Singapore cyclists can soon find more reasons to hop on their bicycles for leisure, or as a means to commute to work in the future, with a national plan to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transport in the works. Central to that plan is an extensive network of cycling paths to be built across the island. But will this be enough to develop a cycling culture?

    • Why not create a proposal & present it to LGE or MPPP?
      Like what’s been done for Penang Street Food Museum (my initial text draft sent to MPPP & Pg Museum @ Macalister Road, no response yet).
      Or get Think City to part finance your proposal as a heritage-linked project.

      Time flies, and good ideas that don’t come to fruition will leave Penang losing all her talents to Singland like some Ori-Maestro making dreams come true in another islan

  5. Who is blind> You are so blind that U miss the bicycle lanes. U r A. Remeo buy to show off. If the developers can say whatever they want. It can be their sales strategy. But Gerakan K only wants housing estate cater for cars traffic and anyone comes to the estate must ber by cars – not shorts, singles, no walking or bicylce.

  6. 30 millions uncorrupted for a good cause of instilling health consciousness and protecting the environment is not stupid or blind.

    It`s the stupid and blind that are not able to see the billions being corruptly siphoned off unless this blind and corrupted has a hand in it.

    AMMO BN survived on these corrupts, untransparency, lies and deceit while DAP survives on honesty, competency and accountability.

    • PR DAP LGE is an all rounder. They look after the people unlike the UMNO Bn that is more interested in money by approving Lynas and Petrochemical that their own country Australia and Taiwan rejected. In reality we are accepting s…. that will endanger the health and environment. This is a really stupid and blind UMNO BN govt. Ooop not stupid but corrupted.

      On the other hand beside implementing project that is healthy and environment conscious, PR Dap LGE also implement low and low medium cost housing for the people despite the high price of land in the country such Johore, KL and Penang.

      With the grab and mismanagement by the BN UMNO in Perak, Perak Ipoh land which are supposed to be cheap has skyrocketed to almost the same level as Penang. Its 465 per sq ft. And land were given to the poor by PR Nizar but this was stop after the grab by the UMNO BN govt. And with their coffer almost empty, Perak will soon not be able to build any low or low medium houses for the people. And land will (probably) only be given to their cronies. This is a really stupid govt. oop sorry again not stupid but corrupted.

  7. Why my tax money wasted on this stupid project ??? Secondly, why so expensive ???

    Sub-con Sub-con Sub-con

    Commission Commission Commission

    Angel gomen kah ??? It is more like another QUICK RICH SCHEME !!!

    Imagine we can build the very first batch of low cost houses using that 30million ??? Why oh why ??? Bicycle lanes are more important than low cost houses ??? What a stupid DAP gomen !!!

    • Ya lo. If up to gerakan, penang will have low cost skyline. Such bicycle lane we gerakan will never support.

    • PR LGE is doing a good job by building bicycle land and ALSO planting of trees and plants along the road such as Datuk Keramat Road and Carnavon Street of which are 2 examples. Limiting plastic bags is also good in protecting the environment.

      One example of wasting money by the BN and previous Gerakan govt is the RM300k sore thumb in Udini roundabout. Remember that. !!!

      Yes this is not only STUPID but the price of RM300k show whether its corrupted or not. Let the people here guess.

  8. It sows bicycle lanes are very high class than the cheapo roads. Therefore more penang people should use it. Go and make full use of the high class bicycle lanes! In fact why go and join the jammed road and stress with heart attacks.

    • @king kong:

      what a pathetic comment by a blind supporter !!! Then you should shut up when the AG reports reporting the HIGH CLASS screwdrivers or HIGH CLASS repair services.

      DAP survives just because there are a lot of blind supporters like you !!! Shame on YOU, king kong !!!

      • Actually they survive because their opponents could not run a government efficiently for the past 20 years.

  9. Rm30 million for just 12.5km of bicycle lane, so expensive ah?
    How wide will be the super highway bicycle lane?
    Will it be paved in gold dust & anti-slip compound?
    What about rain shelter along the way?
    Or cooling trees (not Arabian palm trees)?

    The cost to me is ‘exorbitant’ as building a normal highway!

    • tunglang, I see two reasons for this. U must understand that 5 developers are building 80% of the track as part of their CSR. Even if it only costs only RM 5 million to build everything, they will surely tell you it RM 30 Million so that they look good in the eyes of the public. Now everyone will think that these developers are such nice angels who have contributed so much to the state and its people. That is part of doing business and is good A&P. Later on, they will erect a huge sign declaring their participation and contribution. Secondly, from the limited pictures and info on the website, I noticed there are parts which will be made into a coastal park. I am not certain as to the exact details but hopefully there is also a jogging track and like you said, large trees which provide sufficient shade. I hope it isn’t going to be merely a straight tarred road for bicycles. Do it to completion and do it right the first time. If all that is done, perhaps we will have a coastal park which rivals that of Sg’s East Coast Park which is almost 10km long. The link below shows how well designed their park is.

      • It seems this is the case, Bolehland(TM) cost mark up on public project. Bicycle lane cost way less compare to motor-ways, and much cheaper to maintain.

        HOWEVER. From KL motor-lanes experiences, there is no policies to MONITOR and PUNISH heavy vehicle owner that damaging the road. One bulldozer lane on the light lane, can damage the pavement in seconds,before carelessly landing the bulldozer shovel on the pavement.

        In addition, smart alecks municipal councils attempt to “beautify” (and again pocket some money) the lane, planting tree too close to the road, with NO root-barrier that prevent the tree root from making a bump on the road. Worst still, when planting the trees, they will employed contractor that use heavy machinery, run on top of the lane, damaging the lane further.

        In short, the bicycle lanes seems “small chicken deals”, but it took 1st class policies maker to come out with a sustainable plan, that foreseen the problem and prevent it from happening. And Bolehland (AKA Malaysia) has neglect 1st class policies making mentalities for 50+ years.

      • Kevin, that is lovely bicycle lane pic from SingLand.
        One can even ride with one eye closed or cycle backward!
        Just reminds me of old time Gurney Drive of the 60’s & 70’s.
        I am wondering whether they allow a bicycle 911 shop to operate for emergency or a bicycle rental service like the one in Shenzhen, China.
        Anybody selling a penny farthing?

      • Surely the a bicycling path along the shore line of Jelutong will include landscaping and the creation of a linear garden that will enhance the value of IJM & other projects along the coastline. I believe that’s where the RM30 million will go to.

      • Tunglang, the bicycle rental service is a good idea especially for ppl who are not regular cyclists.

        Wira, I hope what you think will turn out to be true. We will never know what their plans are because the full details have not been released. Merely the rough route it will take. And even when they provide artist’s impressions, the pictures seldom resemble the actual thing.


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