The MPPP has come up with a plan to introduce bicycle lanes on the island. The RM30m first phase will see a 12.5km dedicated bicycle lane along the east coast from Queensbay Mall to George Town scheduled for completion within two years.

bicycle lane plan

Penang’s bicycle lanes plan is now open for public feedback.

Of the 12.5km route, 9.6km will be along the coast, and the bulk of the cost of this section will be borne by five property developers with projects along the route. The remaining 2.9km of the route and a bridge across Sungai Pinang will be undertaken by the MPPP. The MPPP is also allocating RM5.3m in its budget every year for cycling amenities.

The plan is now open for public feedback. You can provide your feedback by going to the MPPP website here.

This is a commendable move and a good start.

But what about mainland Penang? MPSP, do come up with your own plan.