Penang Forum’s letter to Unesco is to protect George Town’s heritage listing


Penang Forum has been targeted for writing a letter to Unesco about its concern about the threat to the heritage of George Town world heritage site caused by the proposed massive transport hub in the historical Sia Boey area.

But check this excerpt out from the Unesco website.

The States Parties to the Convention should inform the Committee as soon as possible about threats to their sites. On the other hand, private individuals, non-governmental organizations, or other groups may also draw the Committee’s attention to existing threats. So it is well within the right of NGOs to write to Unesco directly.

And this is Penang Forum’s response to the newspaper publicity:

Penang Forum’s letter to Unesco is to PROTECT George Town World Heritage Site NOT to delist it

Newspaper headlines reported that Dr Ang Ming Chee of George Town World Heritage Inc suggested that Penang is at risk of losing its Unesco World Heritage Site status because of a letter submitted by Penang Forum to Unesco over the Penang transport masterplan requesting an advisory mission and impact assessment of the proposed transport plan.

Nothing can be further from the truth. It is the proposed projects of building Light Rail Transit and monorail bordering the George Town heritage zone that may cause George Town (and therefore Malacca) to lose their status, NOT the alert to Unesco.

The purpose of Penang Forum’s letter to Unesco is to seek its help to take proactive steps to protect – not to delist – the site before it is too late.

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The Operational Guidelines (clause 172) of the World Heritage Convention clearly states that:

“The World Heritage Committee invites the State Parties to the Convention to inform the Committee, through the Secretariat, of their intention to undertake or to authorize in an area protected under the Convention major restorations or new constructions which may affect the Outstanding Universal Value of the property.” (emphasis added)

GTWHI as the state agency entrusted to protect and preserve the World Heritage Site should have contacted Unesco and brought to their attention the potential impact of the massive transport hub at Sia Boey, including the construction of LRT and monorails along the borders of the buffer zone of the George Town World Heritage site that could compromise or threaten its outstanding universal value.

Despite many months of NGOs highlighting potential risks to GTWHI, the Penang Development Corporation and the Penang state government, no action has been taken to ensure current planning poses no risks to our heritage site. NGO concerns have been dismissed and the potential impact to our historical city has been ignored.

In particular, the Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) organised a public forum on 24 April 2016 on this issue that was widely reported in the press. Dr Ang was present at that meeting but there was no follow up on this matter from her.

Since GTWHI had not contacted the Unesco, Penang Forum felt dutybound to do so. The objective of this action, far from risking Penang’s heritage status being taken away, was in fact to avoid the possibility of such an action.

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It is prudent to take proactive and preventive steps by requesting Unesco to:

  • send an advisory mission to Penang to conduct an inspection of the George Town inscribed property boundary
  • to help organise an independent impact assessment of the proposed Penang transport masterplan and how it might affect Penang’s outstanding universal value.

Surely if the above is carried out, and it is found that the proposed transport masterplan will have no negative impact, nothing is lost.

But on the other hand, if it is found that the construction of LRT and monorail lines and stations along the borders of Penang’s heritage and boundary zones would have a negative impact, then Penang Forum would have done the Penang state government a service by alerting them to the risk of losing its heritage status and to explore better alternatives.

Subsequent to the letter to Unesco, the Jabatan Warisan Negara met with Dr Lim, PHT, GTWHI and Jabatan Perancangan Bandar Negeri on 29 July 2016 to discuss the way forward.

It has been suggested that the NGOs should have waited till the archaeological work have been completed. That is pointedly unwise. Archaeological discoveries are a continuing process. If the Penang state government signs and awards the Penang transport masterplan, while archaeological discoveries are still ongoing, then issues of legality and compensation arise.

NGOs have worked tirelessly for almost 30 years, and will continue to work with all parties, national and international, to save the heritage of George Town.

Penang Forum steering committee
14 August 2016

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  1. I believe I see a a pack of wolves,
    Am I seeing the beginning of the end too
    Once I thought a ray of light I saw
    Now I am just feeling sad and sore

  2. Anil I am wondering how the PF’s letter to UNESCO has been leaked to the state government…is this an inside job by some in PF?

  3. if Sia Boey transport hub is wrong in the first place, how about komtar ? prangin mall ? first avenue ? arent these modern ‘monstrosities’ right beside UNESCO site wrong too ?
    why no noise when komtar was built in the 70s ? what are you going to do about these buildings now ? demolish them ?
    if a tram is considered more practical, why KL, Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo hadn’t adopted it ? would anyone want a slow moving coach with limited capacity, having to share the road with millions of cars and kapcais ?
    PF keeps on barking nonsense. the question is for who ?

    • You must be makan-ing too much dedak not to know the sequence of earlier state development in Komtar-Sia Boey area.
      Decades before the pursuit of UNESCO heritage status for George Town, Komtar Tower & the 3 phases were already in planning & then in execution by the then Gerakan gomen. Pranging Mall (by developer Goh Choon Lye) + First Avenue were part of the 3 phases.
      Then came the mission in the 90s to apply for UNESCO Heritage Status recognition for George Town by the previous state gomen (Madam Kee included) & enlightened NGOs. The success of such recognition was a gift to Penangites as well as all Malaysians.
      Now, if you are not a Malaysian, I can forgive you for your dedak passion cum misplaced historical knowledge.
      BTW, how really good is the taste of dedak-ing?

      • oh, how dare you insult your political master ! you havent had enough dedak ? go beg for more ! ha-ha !
        lets not forget how umno (via its Gelakan puppet) tried to develop Sia Boey as part of komtar in the past.
        so what did dedak hypocritic eunuchs like you do when Komtar was built ? busy makan dedak ?
        your IQ clealy shows how much you love the delicious taste of umno dedak. I need not argue/educate a dimwitted dedak addict. go have your dedak.
        with compliments from your political master.

      • C’mon. Don’t you salivate finger-licking-good dedak from Komtar Tower?
        Umno dedak tastes good according to your envy.
        Possibly or I assume Komtar Tower Dedak already in your taste buds taste better – Finger Licking Good! Also Paw Licking Good?
        Each day of your exhilarating + knee-jerk trolling earns you how much Komtar Tower Dedak?

      • Ask your venerable political master cum trader @ Komtar Tower who created the dedak contorversy?
        And don’t be too clever to gostan-cakap to retort others from your dedak tastes good insults+mischieves in order to enrage the BN folks again.
        What a dirty & lowly tactic learnt from your political master that’s skilled at gostan-cakap.
        BTW, how come you know exactly that dedak tastes good? Tasted the same dedak from Komtar Tower? What a hypocritical shame!

  4. We had been hearing about the Red Bean Army doing the dirty work of cyber warfare for DAP. It is clear from here that this Army is real. Their approach is always the same. When there is a negative news on DAP they will try to divert attention to some other news on their opponents. If that doesn’t work, they will attack the poster of the negative news in a coordinated fashion.

    • Jamal has now trademarked Red Army, to be rallied according to him by MCA and Gelakan to counter Yellow Ribbons!

      • MCA has made peace with Jamal during the Sg. Besar by-election where Jamal welcomed back the Chinese fishermen detained by Indonesia.

    • Penang Gerakan chairman Teng Chang Yeow has warned party veterans not to play him for a fool over the General Election candidature list for the party. He alleged certain quarters in the veterans wing tried to put in place their favoured candidates in the Jelutong parliamentary constituency when he was away on leave.

      Teng said these quarters had tried to influence Jelutong division members to accept their proposed names. He said the veterans only accepted the proposed nominees they favoured for the three state seats of Sungai Pinang, Datuk Keramat and Batu Lanchang, under the Jelutong parliamentary seat, and rejected other proposed candidates by the division.鄧章耀轟黨中央老前輩-趁我請假玩弄政治/

    • who is the zombie that does not response under self defense? you mean you only have all rights to inflict and opposing party a zombie?

  5. I am utterly shocked at this turn of events. This is clearly meant to bully and intimidate PF by the state government, or precisely the Tokong. This is the kind of tactics that an authoritarian regime uses to bully and browbeat dissent.

    It shows up PH’s double-face of being the defender of democracy and free speech when they are in the Opposition and then transform into the Big Bully when they are the ruling party.

    PF has been consistent in its stance since its formation in defending what I would call as the Penang’s Soul and Core Values. On the other hand, Tokong has been destroying these values and Penang’s own soul by his relentless pursuit of over development.

    What is strange is that even during the Gerakan’s time. the NGOs were not been bullied or made into public enemies as during the DAP’s rule. It is clear that any opposition of the state’s policy automatically makes one as an enemy of the state. Welcome to Penang – the North Korea of Malaysia.

    • why only bn cronies are appointed and no ngos when gelakan is in power? now ngos wants to bully pg gomen. if pf and bn draft the heritage, why pf did not write to putrajaya $$$ for tram lines but pg lang has to pay and not taxpayers in whole malaysia like kl or melaka?

      • The site and the neighbouring shop houses have been left abandoned for a long time with no greenery effort at all. Then suddenly the USM archaeologists made sudden appearance, coincidentally or a planned intervention?

    • Do you know animal cats can & do bully people?
      Go ask RSPCA! No need to pay a high fee tied to T&C for this secret of extreme cat behaviour.

  6. The core people in Penang Forum were instrumental in drafting and preparation of Working Papers for the application to UNESCO for recognition as Heritage Enclace since the day of the BN Government. The Pakatan Government’s introduction of huge physical Transport System would eventually tear down many heritage artifacts and deface the original heritage history.
    The Penang Transport Master Plan was already decided before the Penang Government starts to call and wanting to engage the NGOs. Isn’t this just for show?
    Their letter to UNESCO is to solicit a reminder from UNESCO to the Penang Government, who are hell bent stuck to their physical plan.
    The Penang Forum are above politics, and remain non political, in remaining the watchdog for Penang Values.
    Is the Pakatan Government serious about heritage preservation of Project Introduction?!!

    • master plan was there in the beginning and as you said decided. pf also from the onset trsm tram . how come the public do not know about the dispute of the master plan on the heritage? pf has top secret like srs document?
      former pm promised tram. why not write to putrajaya and warn them the consequences?
      will someone also think traffic jam in and aaround write to unesco traffic jams in and around heritage zone a threat too instead of transport hub? lagi best, walkabout in Lijiang unesco city but heavily traffic road at the border.

      • Penang Forum should visit Lijiang at Yunnan heritage town and invite Tunglang along to witness how modern day heritage preservation co exist with commercialism while external to its UNESCO boundary right after the main gates you get to witness modern cosmopolitan China.
        Travel, and see the present world otherwise people can easily know whether you are hermits through your comments.
        I don’t like tram or LRT, as Penang island is small and priority is to get pedestrians comfortable access to bus stands from home or office. More buses than less waiting time. Less private cars on road then public buses can run smoother and more punctual. More shady trees and even, safer constructive walkways leading from home to bus stands. More walking less obesity healthier lifestyle more money saved to enjoy kopi o!!!!
        Penang Forum and local gomen no squabble but learn from others else we the public will not bother to listen to either of you!

    • Q: Is the Pakatan Government serious about heritage preservation of Project Introduction?!!
      Since the advent of The Insidious CAT, the heritage status of Pulo Pinang seems to have been slowly threatened or put to slow death. One area of contention is the cultural aspect i.e. the exodus of local denizens & demise of local businesses of generation-old. The one-eye closed to massive purchases by foreigners of heritage houses (est. more than 180) by the rows has brought about super-high property prices & sky-high rentals exceeding in some case more than 300% of pre-308 affordable rentals. The recent CAT PR concern is but a sandiwara act of only-post Gentrification of George Town (phase 1?). What use is UNESCO heritage status when the overtly-gentrified city is but a mostly foreigner owned &comprised of more high-end lifestyle for the rich & famous sans the locals who breathed & lived the cultural-mix of uniquely Asian for more than 2 long centuries. The next to go are most likely the iconic trishaws which are already greatly affected by loss of businesses due to the gentrification process driving away genuine foreign tourists seeking only authentic Asian cultures.
      In a short span of 8 years, these have already threatened Penang’s Outstanding Universal Value which is the golden egg that in the first place brought about the UNESCO Heritage Status recognition of George Town.
      Definition: Outstanding Universal Value: OUV
      “Cultural and/or natural significance which is so exceptional as to transcend national boundaries and to be of common importance for present and future generations of all humanity.”
      As you can see, what has been Pg’s original OUV is now transforming into more slippery-plastic ‘make-over’ in the name of Komtar’s Penang Heritage Stewardship. What is a plastic? It has no life, no endearment & no long-lasting universal value.
      The eternal translation of Penang Local Plan is a hide + seek play-the-fool with Penangites most of whom has no idea what is becoming of our beloved Penang & especially Heritage George Town except with emerging “joss-sticks” of untouchable condos almost everywhere. A make-over more to sell Penang Government excellence?
      Time to drink my Kopi-O kau kau.

    • if pf is serious about heritage perservation then they should spend their time helping to make old buildings look good. many old buidings have been abandoned by owners and let it to rot. visitors will soon write to unesco pg is a slum heritage or renovate and white washed with lime paint

    • are you from Penang ? if yes, tell me that you prefer traffic jams 24/7.
      what is your … proof that “Pakatan Government’s introduction of huge physical Transport System would eventually tear down many heritage artifacts and deface the original heritage history” ? Sia Boey interchange ?
      if thats the case, dont you think prangin mall, komtar and first avenue should be torn down too ? arent these modern monstrosities higher than 18 metres as limited by UNESCO guidelines ?
      if the Transport Masterplan is wrong, what is your alternative ? the biased BCF where only the UNESCO zone gets trams, which would have to fight for road space ?
      or you just want to waste time in traffic jams ? if thats your wish, your problem. just dont drag 1.6 million other people along.

      • oh, so dont tell me BCF doesnt propose trams within the heritage area too ?
        in fact the trams would go all the way to the airport, yes ?
        tell us in detail how will you build the elevated trams, please. how is it in anyway feasible, doesnt damage the heritage zone, doesnt fight for space and still provide faster and higher capacity transport ?
        or is it just a pipe dream created by people with no engineering foresight ?

      • yes. go look up at the Halcrow ESTIMATES. and Oxford too, to find out the meaning of the term ‘estimate’.
        is Halcrow the only source you can trust ? have you done your homework ?

      • have you been in a cave, macai ? how about those public briefings ? let alone those meetings with the state government ?

        isnt ignorance a baffling thing ?

      • Cut down on dedak & take you precious time to read the Halcrow Transport Masterplan before making any assumption that makes all of us laugh!

      • dear tunglang,
        I shall not argue with a dedak eater who is desperate for more dedak from your political master.
        is Halcrow the only ‘Bible’ for you ? or umno constitution also ?
        pergilah makan dedak !
        heres your dedak. with compliments from your political master.

      • tunglang, saya difahamkan bahawa org spt awak tak faham bahasa England sepenuhnya.
        kalau awak nak terjemahan dalam BM, sila hubungi saya ya.

  7. At the press conference in Air Putih on Aug 14, LGE said, “This feels like we are being back-stabbed. Why no one says anything about the Malacca monorail project which is in the heritage zone? Why Penang’s proposed project which is not even in the heritage zone received this sort of action?”
    “If the NGO wants to go against the state, this is not the way. If they do not want the state government or if they want to sabotage the state, this is not the way. Do not oppose this way. If you do not want the Transport Master Plan, why put our UNESCO World Heritage status at risk?
    Lim added, “I hope the NGO will be fairer. I am very disappointed that there are Penangites who put the UNESCO heritage status at risk.”

    • It is the transport hub at Komtar which puts the heritage status at risk, not Penang Forum. PF is asking Unesco to carry out a heritage assessment of the proposed transport hub.

      • pf said 20 vols of srs report is top secret. how come pf can sent the some of thd material to paris? suddemly out of blue …

    • komtar is sticking like sore thumb with bus station below and yet unesco say semua okay?

      transport hub 60 stories high again?

    • Everybody has a price according to Cash Is King.
      Unfortunately I am beginning to suspect that Penang Forum could have compromised its original function. Possibly receive dedak to discredit the Penang government?

      If Penang Forum intends to protect heritage, then it should push for fewer vehicles in the George Town heritage zone, for example propose road pricing there. High car density befits heritage status? Penang Forum please explain this.

      Anyway I do not know why Penang Forum folks are so keen on having tram. How to have tram in the narrow roads in George Town when most people still prefer to drive their own cars? Obviosly Penang Forum has not thought hard enough, so suspiciously has own hidden agenda.

    • Do not know why PF could not be collaborative.
      Why must be confrontational?
      Penangites are ultimate loser, sadly.

      • The state govt is trying to bulldoze the RM46bn SRS proposal while keeping its 20 volumes top secret. That’s why.

      • you mean pf is opposing the 46bn project and not the transport hub like kl sentral but give excuses is the hub in komtar?

  8. How come PF never raise the effect of transport plan has an effect on the heritage until now not to pg lang but to Paris?
    Instead of writing to Paris which has been severely under attack terrorists, why not write to putrajaya to donate a tramline which was promised sometime ago?
    When there is CAT, there is DOG.

  9. simple. every must have guidelines. unesco must have guidelines for any development at the buffer and border. pf , all the times has been silence and sleep. suddenly pf bark and howl over the potential risk. mind you it is potential. cant pf be specific and not mumbo jumbo. if they are mumbo cha cha, then they should advise state gomen about the infringement. instead they shot first and talk later.
    unesco approve heritage when sua boey is buried under grd. pf mean with sia boey resurrected unesco will. change the status??
    what is the infringement?
    what happen when owners have no $$ ringgit to repair and many building become slum and eyesore, pf please tell us what is pf going to do? write to unesco and deregister the heritage status?

  10. Penang government feels betrayed over Unesco status issue
    Now, who is crying wolf, if not alley cat?
    Pls lah crawl back to 2008 since the advent of Mantra of 308 Promises & analyse what you as a state gomen has done according to your saliva-drenched original promises with regard to heritage assets & the environment.

    To put it in correct perspective (sans political bogeymen hunting), the Unesco status was a long & persistent effort of previous state gomen, Tourism Malaysia & NGOs to finally become a dream-come-true reality. And this status given to Penangites (only) should be taken care of if one has genuine respect for those who had done a good job of lobbying for Penang as a UNESCO Heritage Site & those who rely on it for a living, now & into the future.

    As a self-appointed, highly-claimed exemplary state gomen, the onus on you is to being a frank & honest steward of state assets, which are not ready pawns or swap dealing chips to be gambled away for whatever purpose frothing in your $$$$ brains consumed by Money Talks & Cement. We have seen more than enough of such cement developments at frenzied pace & more to come, which is not of our asking of original 308.

    Now, to cut it short. Who is actually the Betrayer of Penangites. Only Penangites knows the Liar.
    Karma is watching closely.

      • Why not ask why hard disks beginning to be replaced by Solid State Drive (SSD)? But many people are ignorant about the trend in data storage. Hopefully the Star can do its faithful readers a favour with a write-up on the emerging technology in consumer electronics and data storage.

      • Change of technology requires a change of location? You must be drinking too much Sg Pinang Black Tea! Is this called FDI Knee Jerks?

      • WD and Seagate no change of locations just consolidate production in one existing country deemed more cost effective and less racial political turbulence!
        Those who cannot let go the past still using floppy magnetic discs because of heritage values???

      • tun lang very generous he gets plenty. of donors. money no problem while others are worried about jobs and next meal. investors and companies willing to lose money or get peanits in their investment

      • Zoro. I am very generous to offer you a free trip to Belum Rainforest to meet the bunians.
        Why still no answer? Scared or bo-hoot?

    • Mdm Kee PC and her disciple penang-lang now rebooted to challenge legitimacy of post 308 heritage efforts?

  11. I wanted to comment on this letter that has been quietly sent to UNESCO. Frankly, Lim Hui, Khoo Salma and the others are shooting themselves in the foot.
    I could not care less if Georgetown loses it’s status, in fact it is people like above mentioned island elites which will be most affected , in fact, without the Heritage status, lots of old shop houses can finally be demolished to make the roads wider for the trams that you people are so in favor of.
    Do these Island Elites actually expect UNESCO to step in and stop the PTMP? If the heritage status is revoked, there might be less tourists for Ms Khoo to entertain, Good Riddance.

    Now Penang Forum is playing a slight of hand. First, they tried to pass off their sloppy BCF “Tram Catalog” as a “Master Plan”, now they have quietly written to UNESCO. Good Luck to them, Meanwhile, the Penang people have to continue to suffer for the next few years or decades, maybe.

    • Lihat lagi CM Lim Guan Eng dengan mengelog masuk ke Facebook
      Mesej Halaman ini, pelajari tentang acara akan datang dan lebih lagi. Jika and tidak mempunyai akaun Facebook, anda boleh cipta satu untuk lihat lagi Halaman ini.
      GTWHI urges Dr Lim Mah Hui and the Penang Forum to practice transparency and accountability by disclosing the full version of their letter to UNESCO World Heritage Centre dated 23 June 2016.
      Full text of letter sent by Dr Ang Ming Chee, General Manager of GTWHI (original text in English, with Mandarin translation) to Dr Lim Mah Hui (dated 15 August 2016)

      Dear Dr Lim,
      Re: George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site Status
      George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI) is shocked by your letter of complaint to UNESCO that puts at risk the status of the George Town World Heritage Site. Your letter of complaint poured doubts on the validity of the Outstanding Universal Values to George Town posed by the proposed siting of the Light Rail Transit station in “Sia Boey”, even though Sia Boey is outside the core and buffer zone of the World Heritage Site.
      We are unable to reconcile with the fact that you had surreptitiously filed a complaint letter to UNESCO against George Town without informing us. This is no different from being stabbed in the back because you are part of government being an appointed councilor with the Penang City Council, an appointed director of Penang Institute and also an appointed member of the Penang Transport Council. These positions were appointed by the Penang state government and we regret that you did not have the decency to inform us nor revealed the open transparent and accountable manner that the state government is conducting the public feedback for the Penang Transport Master Plan.
      We are further disappointed with Penang Forum Press Statement dated on 14 August 2016. We have expected a more constructive response from yourself and Penang Forum.
      We urge you and the Penang Forum to practice transparency and accountability by disclosing the full version of your letter to UNESCO World Heritage Centre dated 23 June 2016 on the subject of “Melaka and George Town World Heritage Property: Request for UNESCO Advisory Mission and Impact Assessment of Proposed Transport Master Plan in George Town, Penang”. Let the people read your claimed act of “protecting” George Town World Heritage Site. Let the people of Penang judge who is the party that has alerted UNESCO and put at risk the George Town World Heritage Site status.
      We also urge you and the Penang Forum Steering Committee to prove the following statement that,
      “despite many months of NGOs highlighting potential risks to GTWHI… no action has been taken to ensure current planning poses no risks to our heritage site. NGO concerns have been dismissed and the potential impact to our historical city has been ignored.”
      This is a false statement and has insulted the credibility of myself as the General Manager of GTWHI. No NGOs have approached me formally on the issue of the proposed Penang Transport Master Plan. Please provide concrete evidence in supporting such accusation. If you are able to do so, I will resign from all my official positions within the State Government of Penang for failing to deliver my duties efficiently.
      We also urge you to made a public announcement that yourself, as a Penang City Councilor, a member of the Penang Transport Council, and a director of Penang Institute, which are appointed directly by the State Government, have been given the full latitude to participate, consult and contribute your views in the proposed Penang Transport Master Plan project. Please stop toying Penang people with biased statements.
      We would also want to highlight here that myself and my colleagues in GTWHI have been proactive in delivering our duties and mandates. Me and my colleagues registered to attend the public forum hosted by Penang Heritage Trust on 24 April 2016 despite GTWHI having never received a formal invitation to this event.
      My office also has provided suggestions to the Penang Transport Master Plan Working Committee, and provided assistance to the Heritage Impact Assessments’ consultants to enhance their framework and methodology for the proposed Bayan Lepas LRT project. We also participated actively during the Focus Group Discussion for key stakeholders of the community within the vicinity of Komtar Phase V.
      GTWHI has done a lot to safeguard, conserve and preserve the valuable heritage of George Town. Therefore, stop pointing fingers at myself or my colleagues without understanding the full picture. Portray truth only after you have accumulated sufficient evidence, please do not push our society backwards with accusations and assumptions.
      Again, let us stress that although we might have differences in our views but we believe we can find a common ground at which we can both stand together to contribute for the betterment of Penang. However, putting the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site at risk to fulfil your personal grievances against the State Government is no different from holding hostage the people and all the hard work to promote, preserve and protect the heritage site of George Town. Coupled with your various positions in the State Government will give UNESCO a mistaken and prejudiced view that would jeopardize the programs that GTWHI and George Town World Heritage Site achieved since the inscription of the heritage status on 7 July 2008.
      We shall defend to the end the status of George Town as a World Heritage Site. We hope that you can work with us to preserve, protect and promote it instead of turning into an enemy of the people of Penang by jeopardizing its status. Finally, we urge you to withdraw the letter of complaint to UNESCO and not allow your personal grievances against the state government to take precedence against the interests of the people of Penang, who do not wish to see the World Heritage status of George Town being sabotaged by the very people who claim to defend it.

      • WA ! “Surreptitiously filed a complaint letter to UNESCO ?”
        Wow ! “Putting the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site at risk to fulfil your personal grievances against the State Government ?”

      • What a way to twist the whole saga of not doing their jobs @ GTWHI but crying foul like that CAT with an ARROGANT penchant for “choy nie gong koi”.
        Now, that is classic me-goodie-2-shoes!
        Time will tell who is LYING big time.

  12. Quote: “GTWHI as the state agency entrusted to protect and preserve the World Heritage Site should have contacted Unesco and brought to their attention the potential impact of the massive transport hub at Sia Boey, including the construction of LRT and monorails along the borders of the buffer zone of the George Town World Heritage site that could compromise or threaten its outstanding universal value.

    Despite many months of NGOs highlighting potential risks to GTWHI, the Penang Development Corporation and the Penang state government, no action has been taken to ensure current planning poses no risks to our heritage site. NGO concerns have been dismissed and the potential impact to our historical city has been ignored.”

    Q: What has GTWHI been doing? Is it an entity getting buta gaji?
    I suspect it has an indifference work culture of any typical GLC that tang-tong-tang-tong day in day out.
    GTWHI should thank the NGOs for their relentless effort of protecting Pulo Pinang’s fragile UNESCO heritage status quo.
    Q: Why have to wait for USM analysis of archaeological discoveries which is 4 months of ‘opportunities to bulldoze plan of transport hub in Sia Boey with all the whistles +bells of contract awards to whoever? By then, it is a replay of fear syndrome of issues of legality and compensation brandished in CAT fury!

    I suspect something is not right in the current stewardship of Pg’s UNESCO heritage status by those entrusted to do a good + clean job rather than playing the sandiwara blame game & fear syndrome (learnt from Niao Kong?)

  13. Never go to a gunfight with a pen knife. Congrats to PF for bringing in the heavy artillery. Finally. whilst not checkmate, the king of the chessboards is under check at the moment, let us see how the State responds. Excellent response btw. Congrats to Mah Hui for his testicular fortitude.

  14. Penang Forum is projecting its muscle?
    Gerakan and MCA in Penang must be very happy at the latest development.
    Expect The Star to provide more coverage for Penang Forum.

    • You are so innocent as to who is fighting who & being the mightier, which in this case is Pg Forum according to your undying sentiments for pitiful CAT.
      If you think of a pitiful political entity (on the surface) being sieged unfairly by mere NGOs, pls go drink more Kopi-O kau kau. The game of me-pitiful public perception has already begun.
      I would not want to comment further than who is actually the mightier in terms of cash, support cash & the networks of blah, blah, blah. You have to do your homework of investigation & analysis.

      • Remember Sarawak Report has alleged that PAS received RM90 million to leave Pakatan Rakyat. Same thing could have taken place in any NGO. Cash can rewire behavior.

      • Can I safely say why so many trolls now active in anilnetto,com?
        May I also assume you are one of them wired?
        No evidence but can assume mah!


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